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Teacher unions and anti-gun radicals use kids as cannon fodder

Over the past few weeks, we’ve observed a disturbing scenario unfold nationally and in West Virginia.

Teacher unions in West Virginia and the anti-gun crowd nationally use a despicable tactic notoriously employed by terrorists. They march and hide behind children, symbolically shouting, don’t dare to attack us; an attack on us is an attack upon children. Their drumbeat is always, “We’re doing this for the children!”

These tactics of using unwitting minors as instruments to further their anti-gun or any other agenda are contemptible. Indoctrinating the young and naïve into believing the talking points of tyrants is the foremost undertaking of unprincipled, leftwing fascists.

When the anti-gun vultures swoop down to feast on their favorite disaster, we must ask what malevolence these people have in their heart.  Every thinking person knows positively that banning guns in schools attract unhinged maniacs determined to kill children. Therefore, we should conclude that their narrative must be; more victims - more powerful argument for disarming Americans.

The same liberal morons that demand we leave children undefended and defenseless are the ones screaming the loudest when the obvious and inevitable occurs.

The truly amazing thing is nearly all mass killings, gang killings, and drug violence occur in neighborhoods, cities, and states controlled and administrated by Democrats. Moreover, all are areas with the strongest, most oppressive gun control laws in the nation.  Disarming people obviously cause more killings of innocent Americans because killers know in advance where the softest targets exist.

The reason liberals hate the Second Amendment is obvious; nearly everyone in their Covey is a liberal, and they can’t imagine such birdbrains owning or having access to guns. It naturally follows they think conservatives are total idiots, thus, even more dangerous.

If the teacher demonstrations and anti-constitution marches tell us anything, it’s that extortion, intimidation, and bullying works. It especially works when teacher union members accost, demean, harass, and verbally assault state delegates and senators. The professionalism of teachers engaging in this vile conduct must be questioned and their actions condemned. West Virginia teachers received pay increases at the expense of education and by sullying teacher reputations.

Schools and teachers involved in these protests over gun ownership and illegal strikes over wages are usually radicalized union comrades and members of the Marxist Democrat Party.

The Democrat Party is the biggest enemy of gun rights in our nation largely because they universally believe that American citizens have no right to self-defense or own guns. Passing anti-gun laws and nullifying the Second Amendment shows ignorance or contempt for the Bill of Rights.

Electing any Democrats to federal, state, or local offices increase the Party’s overall strength and can tip these controlling bodies to continue the fight to disarm Americans. Just one more Democrat in the House or Senate could make the difference between tyranny and liberty.

Even when a Democrat feigns support for gun rights, like Democrat Senator, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, he adds power to the anti-gun Democrat Party and lobby groups. Manchin thinks the Second Amendment is all about hunting. Manchin is worse than a wolf in sheep’s clothing; he’s a chameleon and a charlatan, able to change his appearance on issues based on the group he is regaling. He’s announced with great clarity when talking with liberals that the Second Amendment is on the table for discussion.

Placing signs at a school announcing hundreds of children are unprotected can result in nothing but temptation to a homicidal maniac. One would have to be devoid of any common sense to believe otherwise.  Would any of the lunatic-left post a sign in their yard or on their door announcing they are unprotected by guns?

Not long ago the anti-gun lobby went stark raving mad in a national crusade against hand guns. Now the point of their objection is assault weapons. The truth is that any weapon used to assault another person is an assault weapon. It can be a handgun, rifle, shotgun, knife, hammer, or an automobile. A defensive weapon is any weapon used in self-defense. It can be any of the same ones used as an assault weapon. A previous misguided ban on assault weapons was fruitless, except for the smug, self- righteous satisfaction liberal Democrats derived from the ban. 

Hanging on the cloud of liberal idealism makes progressives lose touch with reality. These disciples of disinformation and indoctrination are either blinded by the bright light of real solutions to violence or willing to allow higher death tolls to keep the gun-control issue alive and in the forefront of media and the leftwing establishment. Reality, even to these mental lightweights, tells them that gun control laws will not stop mass killings. Confiscation of firearms and elimination of the Second Amendment is their ultimate goal.

Do your part to protect gun rights. Join one of the following organizations or go to the list of gun rights organizations by Ron Paul.

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Comey Go Homey

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

comey-1.jpg?width=159So…it’s been an interesting week.

France, more than half a century after the end of WWII finally surrendered to Germany and President Trump finally fired FBI Director, James Comey.

The former has Islamists dancing on the Champs Elysées and Angela Merkel now running two countries without borders…while the latter has Hillary Clinton sweating like Britney Spears on Jeopardy.

Liberals, being the socialists that they are, are overjoyed at the prospect of an even more socialistic France crawling with assorted, but unvetted Islamists, but their heads are exploding over the firing of James Comey.

It’s the difference between Moulin le Boom…


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Old Timers

Old Timers
            According to ‘Old Timer’s’ you are not an ‘Old Timer’ unless you are their age.  That also means that you do not have bragging rights until you are that magical age.  That age is when you have earned the badge of life the hard way.
            Now this is all relative.  Those that are close to a hundred will say those that are eighty are babies.  Those that are eighty will say the babies are in their fifties. I am fast approaching fifty and think all those under me are kids and babies.  One thing I hear all these groups add is to be careful not to hang with old folks; those that are old in spirit.  The best advice that has been given by all those older than me is to remain young in spirit.
            A lady I was checking out, at my job when I was sixteen, set me straight once.  I told her, “Don’t you think you ought to slow down.”  She had just gotten back from Europe and was going golfing.
            “Honey dear, if I slow down. I just might find something wrong.” replied a spry white haired lady in her late seventies dressed ready to golf.
            That has always made me stop and think.  Now when I feel sad as I approach fifty, I think of her and Lyle.
            Lyle came into the pharmacy and said, “Hurry Sandy! I have to go to work. I mow yards. I work for an old man.”
            I had to ask how old the man was.  Lyle was in his late eighties.  As it turned out the old man was in his late nineties.  So, according to the ‘Old timers’ we are not old unless we are their age, have lived through and shared the ‘Old timer’s’ hardships.
All rights reserved
By Ollamok

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Person thinks she is Queen on Linkedin Group Wants to Control Internet

Project Search, Transition, Employment for Disabled Youth

Sandra Adcock
Health/Ed/Bus Innov Plans to start 2 Social Entrepreneurships,run http://reframingresources,com & coauthor autism book.

Project Search Part II
My thoughts are because of the cost juggling the expense of “Project Search(see ,” and following mandates; there are other effective ways to provide jobs for young adults and youth in Oklahoma. I c...
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Sandra Adcock
Sandra Adcock
Health/Ed/Bus Innov Plans to start 2 Social Entrepreneurships,run http://reframingresources,com & coauthor autism book.

I doubt they take this comment serious. I have no idea what political clout you have. But put your education where your mouth is. And educated person with doctorate degree wouldn't provide facts and examples.

You act like the very children on the playground that call names and bully. Calling names because they have no emotional maturity. Why should we believe this because you say it is so.

Again what makes you the Queen of the world? I welcome civil discourse that brings about innovative change. I do not welcome people that state things without backing them up. If you could have you should have.
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Sandra Adcock
Sandra Adcock
Health/Ed/Bus Innov Plans to start 2 Social Entrepreneurships,run http://reframingresources,com & coauthor autism book.
How come as an administrator you allow name calling without substantiation?
I am highly disappointed. She calls me unprofessional but only name calls and such
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Sandra Adcock
Sandra Adcock
Health/Ed/Bus Innov Plans to start 2 Social Entrepreneurships,run http://reframingresources,com & coauthor autism book.

Tell me how it is inaccurate then. How is it unprofessional. Misleading. State the facts
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Sandra Adcock
Sandra Adcock
Health/Ed/Bus Innov Plans to start 2 Social Entrepreneurships,run http://reframingresources,com & coauthor autism book.

Because you say so doesn't mean it. I have a son that I care about. You say something but without stating where or what is unprofessional. Leads me to believe you can't back what you say. Which is at the crux of what people are doing all along the way. If you can prove it is wrong then do so. I am calling you on the carpet so to speak.
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Sandra Adcock
Sandra Adcock
Health/Ed/Bus Innov Plans to start 2 Social Entrepreneurships,run http://reframingresources,com & coauthor autism book.
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Jacqueline Ward, EdD
Jacqueline Ward, EdD
Educational Compliance Manager

Some of us have careers and are not on this site every day. I offered you the specifics when I closed your hate speech in the other forum.

Your comments in my personal inbox show that your is an opinion that is fueled by hate. Your blog is riddled with nothing but attack for anyone who opposes your views.

My knowledge of Project SEARCH is deep as I ram a site in St Louis, there is no cost sharing; only opportunities for students to convert to intern status in their final year of high school as they are immersed in opportunities to benefit from being full time in the business site rehearsing the soft skills that most often impede young adults with autism or other IDEA addressed issues from being successful in the workplace. The partnerships with local community resources, the families and the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation are instrumental in preparing kids for life after IEPs.

I now ask you to cease and desist and i see any further comments such as these attacking me on this forum, or any other, including your blog, or any other format, I will report to the authorities and cite your for Cyber bullying as it will not be tolerated.
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In the midst of foreign enemy pitched firefights, IED’s and rocket barrages, the Ohio military service men and women are now being targeted by an enemy at home as well. Obama presidential campaign officials, with the apparent go ahead from the commander-in-chief is suing to eliminate the legal voting rights of Ohio military soldiers. Millions in Ohio and across the nation may regard this as an unthinkable act of unbelievable disservice to soldiers who place themselves in harm’s way daily. Of course, they would be correct.

For a calculating politician who had just visited the Buckeye State, just scant days before, one would surmise that this callous act would not have occurred. Well it has occurred and it is clear from the Obama administration’s undertaking to openly deceive and divide the voting public with deceptive attention diverting advertising ploys against Mitt Romney, their end game is to win this key battleground state.

What drives this desperate move to disarm Ohio’s military voters is possibly tied to the Wednesday Gallup Poll numbers that were released, showing Obama’s approval poll numbers stalling at 46 percent in Ohio. If these underperforming approval ratings worsen as the campaign heads into the post Memorial Day election battlefield, Obama and his administration will be decommissioned by the voters of Ohio.

Enter the Obama campaign’s clumsy effort to outflank the one area of the Ohio voter base that can unseat the president: the military vote. This is important, because in the 2008 presidential election, approximately 1.7 million votes or close to 30 percent of Ohio’s vote total were cast through absentee ballots. With the military vote making up a large chunk of the votes cast and most military votes are supposedly typically cast for the republican presidential candidate, you can do the math. Eliminate the military early voting right and you eliminate a probably Obama presidential re-election loss.

What appears unfathomable to a majority of Americans in the heartland, is how can a president of the United States fight to protect the rights of millions of illegal aliens who engage in an ongoing criminal activity, i.e. residing in the United States by breaking federal and state laws of entry. Meanwhile soldiers under President Obama’s command are being undermined by this same commander-in-chief who is fighting in the courts to destroy the valuable voting rights of military servicemen and women protecting this nation.

Righteous outrage is the first phrase that comes to mind and former decorated military officer and now Florida congressman, Allen West is outraged by this dishonorable practice by Obama and his presidential campaign. Congressmen West stated, "To have the Commander in Chief make our US Servicemen and Women the target of a political attack to benefit his reelection actions is reprehensible.”

Yes, indeed and when you think about your family members who have been noble in their performance of duty and service to this nation it indeed leaves one with a deep sense of betrayal by Obama and his administration. On one hand as Obama’s campaign fights to take soldier’s early voter rights, the other Obama hand fights to increase and fast track jobs, education, housing for illegal aliens. His administration also is in court fighting to weaken state voter ID laws which will increase illegal alien illegal voting.

Soldiers who wear the uniform of the United States' military are not going to take this laying down. In fact, while the president’s men are sniping at our soldiers’ voter rights, military organizations have entered the field of battle. AMVETS, the Association of the U.S. Army, The National Guard Association of the Unites States and many others are rallying to the cause in a concerted effort to force dismissal of the Obama’s sanctioned lawsuit against soldiers.

Americans all over this nation, who have loved ones in the military, have been in the military or who simply love and support the military should let the Obama administration know your feelings.

Write to this page… and let your feelings as well as your support be known!

Write to your congressional representative. Write the White House. Stand with the soldiers and with Congressmen Allen West who says with a noble heart, “As a Combat Veteran, for this President to unleash his campaign cronies against our Military is unconscionable… Barack Obama is undeserving of the title Commander-in-Chief."

Ohio’s military knows it; Now America must know it…Forward to November when American military soldiers can give President Obama his separation from service papers for dishonorable conduct. This is a change that America can believe in.


Let me know what you think:

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A Gross Distortion of Truth

4063506521?profile=originalSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid says to pass a budget at this stage is foolish. At this stage, government spending out of control, Reid’s statement says bankrupting America is the right thing to do. Half of America’s voters agree with Reid. For this group of voters, equal distribution of wealth is the right way to go, which is not what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote America’s Constitution. 

By bankrupting America, Reid and following get to put their ideas into effect.  History records that Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama deserve more because they are leaders. Their following deserves more.  Those who don’t agree deserve to die.  Death to infidels agrees with the Koran. It does not matter what they say.  It is what they do!  Include Reid and company. The individual is no consideration.  Destroying one’s self to eliminate opposition gets you to Paradise.  It goes with Reid and his following’s territory. Anything for the cause!

Of God, no man can think. God created man to be good, to think no evil, Barack Obama’s idea.  Proof of this is in the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden.  It was man’s temptation that brought evil into our world. A fake god is responsible for Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and following’s distorted ideas. It’s one for all and all for one—Big Labor’s boot-licking lackeys, Obama, Reid, and Pelosi. Is this picture not what the above mentioned frauds cause?

The other half of America’s voters agree with the Founding Fathers: power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. In my estimation, the truth of the matter is that man was created to know good and evil. America’s Constitution, my Constitution says President Obama, and all who think like him, are deceiving themselves. Jesus advised us to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing and hypocrites.  

God gave us reason and logic, the means of knowing good and evil, the means to know the Higher Law, the law of all times.  Why change a good thing? Notwithstanding democracy’s self-serving distortions, and the same for religion’s misguided doctrines and dogmas, my book,  In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012, about to be published, brings us, universally, to accept Jesus as man’s true teacher.  We are born for justice. Long live liberty, and freedom, and independence.  Peace be with you. I’m Aquarius, the water-bearer, bringing water to a famished world. God Bless Republican candidate Romney. God bless my America.

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