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Why we should object to an Article V convention, or Con-con.
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By Pulius Huldah
Lawyer, philosopher & logician.  Strict constructionist of the U.S. Constitution.  Passionate about The Federalist  Papers (Alexander Hamilton, James Madison & John Jay), restoring constitutional government, The Bible, the writings of Ayn Rand, & the following: There is no such thing as Jew & Greek, slave & freeman, male & female, black person & white person; for we are all one person in Christ Jesus.
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The constitution gives the states the power to reign in an out of control federal government; so why isn't it being done?

Ten states now have taken the first step toward limiting the power of the federal government. Officials from Arizona, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Dakota, South Carolina, Virginia and Wyoming have filed resolutions calling for a convention of states that would propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution with the express purpose of limiting the power and jurisdiction of the federal government. Governor Bobby Jindal has thrown in his support for an “Article V. Convention of States.

Article V. of our Constitution gives the states the power to call such a convention for the purpose of amendments by the states, and the constitution stays in place during the process.

“The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution, or, on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments, which, in either case, shall be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the legislatures of three fourths of the several states, or by conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other mode of ratification may be proposed by the Congress.”

Mark Meckler, president of Citizens for Self-Governance, co-founded CSG’s Convention of States Project, which is currently working to convince the necessary 34 state legislatures to pass bills calling for a convention of states.


Meckler said that, in addition to the 10 states that have already filed, he expects another 15 to 20 states to file resolutions for a convention in the next few weeks “We will have legislation introduced in enough states to get to 34,” Meckler said.


The need for the states to limit federal power did not suddenly arise overnight. A convention of states should have been held years ago. However people are only now beginning to understand the power that Article V. gives the states.
If the states can agree to have a convention, they should be able to agree on some amendments as well. Two things I would personally like the convention to do – impose term limits on all federal offices of all three branches, and give states the power to repeal federal laws by a majority of states; the number of states required to be established by the amendment, and last but not least reaffirm the requirement for an intrinsic backed currency system.

The FEC has ruled in favor of those who support and are working for an Article V. Convention of States to be called by the states.

Today we learned the FEC sided with our arguments. This is a huge victory for the Convention of States movement, and we’re thankful for the brilliant legal minds that helped make it happen.
An Article V. Convention of States is the remedy for the situation we find our country in today. Remember it is not a Federal con-con, it is called by the states for the purpose of amending the constitution to reign in an out of control Federal Government, and the feds have no part in it, it is wholly a states affair. Harold Pack.
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Fundamentalist Islamist's present a new challenge to the sovereign United States insofar as they desire – under the guise of religious fidelity – to “usurp” and not “assimilate”; “take” and not “contribute”; “bully” and not “champion.” In this respect, they are no different from anarchists, treason mongers and common thugs. Americans must either stand-up to protect our heritage and eradicate the enemy – as we have done in the past - or sit idly by with our thumbs in our 'ears,' watching the American dream collapse into the filthy, shivering, sliver of smirch, which bedecks radicals of every garish stripe and foul fanatical flavor.


We Americans (and the civilized West) have entered a new era where the enemy slinks through our open gates and tries to turn our generosity into weapons of mass destruction. This we cannot abide. Should we eventually chose to do the right thing, the history books will make heroes of our fearless leaders; patriots pitted against enemies encroaching as friends, thinly veiled behind psycho-philosophical dogma disguised as a “religion of peace”, although nothing could be so sickening nor further from the truth.


In the Testaments, the Jews and Christians are God's Chosen People and God instructs them about many things, including right and wrong behavior. The Qur’an attempts to mimic the Bible, except in the Qur’an, written hundreds of years after the Old and New Testaments (and, ironically, years after Muhammad’s death), Muslims are suddenly “Allah’s Chosen People”.


Without taking any position (e.g., only observing), it is interesting to note the extremely close parallels between the Testaments and God's relationship with Jews and Christians, and the Qur'an and Allah's relationship with Muslims. The Qur'an expressly states that Muslims, Jews, and Christians worship the same God. On page after page after page, the Qur'an tells stories and directs behavior in a way that is strikingly similar to the Testaments. The biggest difference is the different "favored" people in each book, Jews, Christians and Muslims, respectively. Considering the statements contained in the Qur’an about non-believers and in the Old Testament about non-Jews, it is not surprising that such animosity exists.


The other major difference is that the Testaments carry a message of love and forgiveness and the Qur’an carries a message of war, domination, prejudice, and death.


Moreover, there is an enormous and irrefutable difference between the “God” of the “People of the Book” (as the Qur'an refers to Jews and Christians) and the Islamist's who adhere to the Qur’an. Most notable is the difference that in the Bible, God teaches His followers to “love thy neighbor”. In the Qur’an, Allah teaches the faithful adherents to Islam to force “unbelievers” to renounce their religions and become Muslims; or, pay a heavy fine to the Muslim authorities (jizya) and practice their chosen religion (Judaism or Christianity) in secret; or, be murdered on the spot; or, be captured to spend their lives in service to their Muslim superiors; spending the remainder of their days in slavery, with no human dignity, whatsoever. This presents no choice at all, in reality. It is a wicked ploy to swell the ranks of Muslims, while decimating the number of Jews and Christians. What is so remarkable is the huge number of Jews and Christians who took-up the heavy yoke being "offered" by the Muslim majority, and chose to remain steadfast to Judaism and Christianity, rather than to renounce their soul-felt beliefs. 


Allah’s reward is promised to Muslims who fight Allah’s jihad; their greatest triumph honor would be to be annihilated while fighting for Allah, which grants them automatic admittance to Allah’s paradise of flowing streams of milk, honey, and water, and beautiful maidens and handsome young men, "beautiful as pearls", to attend to their every whim and desire. We often hear that jihadists killed defending Allah were sent to a "special" paradise where their own 72 virgins would attend to their every whim, forever. However, I read the Qur'an, reread the Qur'an, and read it again, to be sure. Nowhere in the pages of the Qur'an is a reference to 72 virgins mentioned. Further research explained the controversy, apparently Muslim jihadists searching for young boys to recruit and strap-on homicide/suicide vests to wear into Israel, told the adolescent male children that they would be greeted by 72 beautiful virgins in paradise. Furthermore, these villainous recruiters promised that the boys family would forever be cared for by the recruiters. So what we have is a starving adolescent child reaching puberty, poor as dirt together with his family, offered a ticket to paradise where 72 virgins would attend to his every whim, his family would be fed and cared for from then on, and he would be a great martyr for having blown himself up to kingdom come (and hopefully taking many infidels with him. I ask you, how many adolescent boys, unable to read or write, could pass-up such a simple plan that would bring great honor to them and keep their mothers. fathers, sisters and brothers from continuing down a path of starvation and render them a great hero in the process? How do I know this is absolutely true? Fair enough. Several adolescent suicide/homicide bombers were apprehended by the Israeli's before their vest was detonated in a busy Israeli market. Different boys unaware of each other told the Israeli interrogators the exact, same story, from "72 virgins" to becoming a local hero in their Palestinian village. Frankly, that's all the proof I need to hear and see.


In fact, when they found the luggage of Mohamed Mohamed el-Amir Awad el-Sayed Atta, one of the 19 Saudi Arabian hijackers who piloted one of the 767 jet-fuel bombs into the World Trade Center, he had carefully packed his finest wedding outfit; he clearly planned on being married to a virgin (or virgins) when he reached Allah’s Paradise. (I can't help wondering how that worked-out for him.) (His wedding finery was carefully packed into his carry-on luggage, which the murderer was unceremoniously forced to leave behind at the gate when he entered the plane). Imagine his unbearable consternation upon reaching Allah's paradise absent a stitch of wedding garb! Of course, I’m sure Allah had contingency plans to rectify such unfortunate situations.


Today, we are witnessing a demonstrative move within the international Muslim community to seek the establishment of a Global Islamist Caliphate, packaged and disguised in a million different costumes, so that the caliphate will be wrenched into place with hardly a shot being fired. The signs are all around us and are being taken far too lightly by the authorities. Europe has been largely invaded already, by immigrating Muslims, who, at first, were welcomed to the many countries of the EU. However, as soon as the balance of power began to tip in the Muslim’s favor, they immediately ceased being amicable neighbors, opting instead to be the power that rules and insisting that sharia law be observed. Unfortunately, in several well-known countries in the EU they have been far too successful.


Now President Obama – facilitated by Secretary of State John Kerry's vision-less stupidity, is allowing Iran to make fake treatise, giving them time to gain strength and to nuclearize. Iran can hardly contain it’s incredulous attitude at the disingenuous bravado of Secretary Kerry bolstered by the taqiyya of the President.


Make no mistake. This blueprint is the plan for the takeover of the United States; maybe not today, or tomorrow, but Islam consists of a patient people and they have decided that they want the United States. With President Obama’s assistance, it is a goal they could one day realize in the not too distant future, unless patriotic Americans awaken and put a stop to this blatant assault on their homeland; an assault facilitated by American progressives who have no idea that they are dancing with the devil.


President Obama has already loaded his cabinet with those closely affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, and our former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has had a devout Muslim, Huma Abedin, in tow for decades (Abedin's two brothers are big wigs in the Muslim Brotherhood, and her mother is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood; her father is a professor; a Qur’anic scholar, teaching the Qur’an at various universities in the Mideast). When Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann (R-MN), and four of her congressional colleagues asked to see a copy of Abedin’s application for top security clearance when she was Hillary's top aide , they were staunchly ridiculed not by Democrats, but by John Boehner (R-OH), and Mitch McConnell (R-KY), and essentially told to “mind their own business.” Last time I checked, the ferreting-out of potential enemy spies to very high positions in the US Government is Bachmann’s business! The ones we should be investigating (aside from Abedin) are Boehner, McConnell and other enemy facilitators holding high offices in President Obama’s regime. For example, old horse-face, John Kerry, who may one day prove himself to be the dullest tool in the drawer. It seems Obama has learned that by surrounding himself with morons, he doesn't appear to be nearly as stupid as he really is!


This is not a joke and it is time for patriotic Americans to get involved. Obama has made a mockery of the Constitution he swore to uphold and protect. He spent his first two years in office twisting the arms of Democrats to vote for Obamacare. It was not uncommon to hear him tell Democrat Congressmen, “You may lose your office and not get re-elected, but at least Obamacare will pass.” How true that was as the Democrats took the worst “shellacking” ever in 2010 (just wait for 2014). As a matter of fact, Obama’s “then” Chief of Staff, Rahm “dead fish” Emanuel, quit his job because he thought Obama was wasting far too much time on Obamacare when the economy and lack of jobs should have been his priority. Let me repeat that, Rahm Emanuel QUIT working as Obama's Chief of Staff because he thought Obama was wasting far too much time on ObamaCare. When the liberals start abandoning the ship of a liberal President - that should have rocked the presses. Yet the MSM barely mentioned Emanuel's jumping ship and went into their mega-congratulations mode because Obama managed to ram ObamaCare down America's gullet. And even though Obama knew his 3 great claims: 1. That you could keep your own doctor; 2. That you could keep your own insurance company; and 3. The average American family would SAVE $2,500.00 dollars in premiums, were nothing but massive lies, he and Team-Obama made a conscious decision in 2010 not to tell the voters until after the election in 2012, because they knew the truth would cause Obama to lose in a landslide. However, our crafty "acorn" presidente didn't stop there; no, he began a yearlong campaign (NOT putting Americans back to work) but organizing a small army of volunteers to go out and force people to sign-up for Food Stamps. Even people who didn't need food stamps, with a wink and a nod.


Perhaps Mr. Obama’s ineptitude as our first ineligible “President” was best summed up by Rep. Nancy Pelosi (P-CA), in December 2010, on the eve of Obamacare being shoved down the throats of the American citizenry, when she stated (with a straight face), “I guess we’ll have to pass Obamacare if we ever want to know what’s in it.” The funniest thing is that to this day, as far as I can ascertain, the overwhelming number of Congressional Representatives, still have not read the Bill, but rely on their army of underlings to bring any potentially contentious provisions to their attention. After all, when you are a United States’ Senator or member of the House, you are expected to know the contents of Bills, particularly if you have already cast your vote “for” or “against” such legislation. Now we are finding-out that virtually no bill is ever read before our illustrious leaders cast their votes. They are only concerned with which lobbyist will be pleased if they vote for the lobbyist's Bill and how that will translate into cold, hard, cash in their coffers. 


However, when that Bill is part of a scheme to fundamentally change the guiding principles of the country, as laid out end to end in the Constitution, which could easily be the most important piece of legislation to EVER cross the desk of any and all legislatures taking stock of the situation, it's high time for the PEOPLE to take America back from the Executive. Legislative, and Judicial Branch which has abandoned us.

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Hopefully, some of you already know about the recent book by Mark Levin, The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic.  Some might have watched Levin's interview on "Hannity" on Fox News. I watched, and I had that "Eureka"! moment when I realized that it might still be possible to save our Constitution and America from being swallowed by the "One World Government" intended by the UN and publicized in its book or DVD "Agenda 21." I've been a Conservative activist for more than six years, and I didn't know that true Americans might have a chance to prevent the current corrupt Washington politicians from destroying all of what has made us "the shining city on the hill."

Please read the following blog that was on Tea Party, and if you will, go to that conservative website and look for the blog: "Mark Levin might have something here." There is a 30 min. video of Levin discussing this possibility, and we need every state to join this States' Convention to do its part to save our freedoms and prevent this Islamist or Communist takeover. The last time I checked 26 States had already joined the battle, and we only need 2/3 of the States to call for a Constitutional Convention, and 3/4 (or 40) of the States to approve of any of the proposed Amendments for them to be added to our Constitution. The Founding Fathers gave the States this power in Article V of the Constitution, and there is nothing that the Federal government can do to stop it. Some of the most important Amendments would be to:  (1) create Term Limits of two or three terms in office for every politician and judge in the country--from local townships to the Federal government (including all Supreme Courts), with no more than six months of pensions or insurance or golden parachutes (ending the reign of all career politicians); (2) a replacement of the IRS with the Flat tax or Fair tax, whichever one gives politicians the fewest politicians with the least control; (3) returning election of all Senators back to the States' control instead of Washington, DC control, to remind them that they report to the people, just as the House of Representatives do; (4) getting rid of the many corrupt alphabet Agencies and Departments, such as the EPA, the NSA, the FCC, the Federal Depts. of Education and Energy, the Clean Water agency and many more. And first on the list should be the repeal of ObamaCare and a new start on affordable health insurance that includes investigations of every party involved, as well as portable health insurance between states and jobs, Tort Reform, coverage for pre-existing conditions, and a cap on profits for all new drugs as well as current treatments.


The solutions will not come from the Federal Government and most likely not the Courts. The solution will come from WE THE PEOPLE through our State Legislatures. Virginia is now in the R column, which I think is now number 33, and we need 38 to get the 14th, 16th, and 17th amendments revoked, thus restoring the Original Constitutional Republic; and the Federal government would be placed back under the Article I section 8 enumerated powers. 

Now, as to the importance of the removal of Obama with any candidate and to regain the Senate is as follows: The congress can be pressured to start a process of restoring the ORIGINAL CONSTITUTION by defining what the words meant and what the Founders  actually wrote. The usurpers have attacked the true meaning by changing the definitions of words and by modernizing the Constitution to serve the new demands of the Progressive movement. 

Yes, they have used the court to alter the actual meaning of the Constitution, as the Founders made clear could not be done without using the methods they created to allow adjustments--as required over the decades and centuries. The Founders wrote the Constitution in very simple straightforward language, using everyday words that all people of the times could read and understand. They then gave us the Article V amendment process so we could make changes if necessary and we have used it 17 times since the bill of rights [first ten amendments] and one of those was to revoke a previous mistaken amendment.

So, clearly the Amendment process was set in place to protect the PEOPLE and allow them to make corrections to limit the usurping of a oppressive tyrannical central government. This gave us the State convention option in the Article V method to permit the States to take action when the Congress refuses to make amendments to correct usurpation and to send them to the many States for ratifying. The States can directly make amendments and force them on the Central Federal government without debate by having 38 States [3/4] create an amendment that revokes the 14th, 16th and 17th Amendments - then present it to Congress to send out for ratification by the 38 States [3/4] - Congress cannot refuse and if they do, then the State  38 LEGISLATURES CAN RATIFY THE AMENDMENT[S] and present the ratified amendment to Congress as law of the land. The Congress and the Courts have no ability to refuse or even consider, for it is done. This option is clearly in article V and there is no prohibiting language, as the Founders intended this to be the last option before rebellion.

The Republic can be kept and we can do our duty as Franklin would have instructed.


I am spending every available moment working to get my state of Nevada to pressure the State Legislature to join this project. Instead of talking to the choir as most of us are doing here, Google your State government website, make a list of all members of your legislature along with their phone nos., emails, and addresses and contact them personally--either by phone or by making an appointment for a personal visit. Most of the websites will have a script available for you to discuss the Convention of States and to persuade each member to talk to the others and join the project. Don't just sit and complain!! Stand up for our freedoms and those of our children and grandchildren.



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Tuesday, December 3rd. 2013

  • CkUsr6b1mSA.png
    HISTORY MAKING “STATE LEGISLATIVE SEMINAR” - Article V “Conference Call” for State Legislators Tuesday, December 3, 2013 - 9 PM est
  • K6_TY47YS3x.png


    Charles Kacprowicz will be hosting this Legislative Seminar for the benefit of State Legislators only. Charles is America’s leading Article V Constitutional scholar with over 40 years experience advancing Article V Amendments through Congress and Conventions. 

    TITLE: State Legislators must not abdicate their Article V Sovereignty. Delegates are Ambassadors of their State Legislatures – they are not free agents. How the “SOVEREIGNTY AND STATES RIGHTS AMENDMENT” and “DELEGATE RESOLUTION” will allow State Legislatures reclaim our Constitutional Heritage safely, predictably and successfully! 

    We will be discussing the fact that our Constitutional Republic hangs in the balance and the State Legislatures alone have the authority to reclaim our heritage. State Legislatures are the final arbiters in “ALL” Constitutional matters. You will learn how the SOVEREIGNTY AND STATES RIGHTS AMENDMENT will empower the Legislators to Countermand and Rescind Federal laws and regulations when they are onerous to the States. 

    Topics for discussion will include:

    1. Constitutional sovereignty
    2. National sovereignty
    3. State sovereignty
    4. Delegate Resolutions (duties and obligations of delegates at the Convention)
    5. The dangers of Martial law 
    6. Protecting Article IV, 4 privacy rights
    7. Countermands and Rescissions of Federal Laws and Regulatory Rulings that are onerous to the States (current and retroactive)
    8. State enforcement provisions in the Amendment for State Legislatures (violators of the Amendment can be prosecuted under State laws in the absence of Federal action)


    Day: Tuesday Evening
    Date: December 3, 2013 
    Time 9:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time 
    Dial in Number (712) 432 1500 
    Access Code: 685816#

    Citizen Initiatives 
    Single Amendment Conventions
    P.O. Box 523
    Spruce Pine, NC 28777-0523
    (828) 783 0599 



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Mark Levin has just published his much-anticipated book The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American RepublicThree of his eleven proposed Constitutional amendments appear below, and a Sean Hannity interview of Levin appears at the bottom of this post.

Levin’s book is centered around the Constitution’s Article V (aka “Article 5″). That article specifies two methods for amending the Constitution. Just briefly –

  1. In the first method of creating amendments, Congress proposes and the States dispose.
  2. In the second method of creating amendments, the States propose and the States dispose.

Liberty AmendmentsThe second method has never been used successfully, although there have been many attempts.  It is that second method that the Founders provided as a remedy for an overreaching federal government.

In the second method, neither Congress, nor the President, nor the Supreme Court have any voting or veto authority whatsoever.  The states are in full control. Period. It is, by design, the ultimate override for an over-spending, over-taxing, over-regulating, and increasingly dictatorial and lawless federal government. Clearly, its time has come.

In that second method, Congress has at most a mere ministerial role.  Of course Congress is very protective of its power, and could, through delay and inaction, attempt to convert their mere ministerial role into a de facto veto power, halting any attempt for a state-driven amendment action.

Apparently Congress has done exactly that many times, acting in bad faith and contrary to the Framers’ spirit and intent for Article V which is clearly expressed in the Federalist Papers. Legal scholars have been trying to find a way around the federal government’s intransigence, so far with little success.

Now more than ever, it is time for We the People to bring the power of Article V to the center ring of American politics. That starts with awareness, and Levin’s book will bring more Americans than ever to the fight for a Constitutionally limited federal government.

Three of Levin’s proposed amendments appear below.  As you read these, imagine what just these three alone could do to break up the ruling-class cliques in Washington that have driven us, our children, and our grandchildren so deeply into debt.

An Amendment to Establish Term Limits for Members of Congress

SECTION 1: No person may serve more than twelve years as a member of Congress, whether such service is exclusively in the House or the Senate or combined in both Houses.

SECTION 2: Upon ratification of this Article, any incumbent member of Congress whose term exceeds the twelve-year limit shall complete the current term, but thereafter shall be ineligible for further service as a member of Congress.

Two Amendments to Limit Federal Spending and Taxing


SECTION 1: Congress shall adopt a preliminary fiscal year budget no later than the first Monday in May for the following fiscal year, and submit said budget to the President for consideration.

SECTION 2: Shall Congress fail to adopt a final fiscal year budget prior to the start of each fiscal year, which shall commence on October 1 of each year , and shall the President fail to sign said budget into law , an automatic, across-the-board, 5 percent reduction in expenditures from the prior year’s fiscal budget shall be imposed for the fiscal year in which a budget has not been adopted.

US_ConstitutionSECTION 3: Total outlays of the federal government for any fiscal year shall not exceed its receipts for that fiscal year.

SECTION 4: Total outlays of the federal government for each fiscal year shall not exceed 17.5 percent of the Nation’s gross domestic product for the previous calendar year.

SECTION 5: Total receipts shall include all receipts of the United States Government but shall not include those derived from borrowing. Total outlays shall include all outlays of the United States Government except those for the repayment of debt principal.

SECTION 6: Congress may provide for a one-year suspension of one or more of the preceding sections in this Article by a three-fifths vote of both Houses of Congress, provided the vote is conducted by roll call and sets forth the specific excess of outlays over receipts or outlays over 17.5 percent of the Nation’s gross domestic product.

SECTION 7: The limit on the debt of the United States held by the public shall not be increased unless three-fifths of both Houses of Congress shall provide for such an increase by roll call vote.

SECTION 8: This Amendment shall take effect in the fourth fiscal year after its ratification.


SECTION 1: Congress shall not collect more than 15 percent of a person’s annual income, from whatever source derived. “Person” shall include natural and legal persons.

SECTION 2: The deadline for filing federal income tax returns shall be the day before the date set for elections to federal office.

SECTION 3: Congress shall not collect tax on a decedent’s estate.

SECTION 4: Congress shall not institute a value-added tax or national sales tax or any other tax in kind or form.

SECTION 5: This Amendment shall take effect in the fourth fiscal year after its ratification.

US-constitution2The remaining eight amendments have the following titles (see the book for details):

An Amendment to Restore the Senate

An Amendment to Establish Term Limits for the Supreme Court Justices and Super-Majority Legislative Override

An Amendment to Limit the Federal Bureaucracy

An Amendment to Promote Free Enterprise

An Amendment to Protect Private Property

An Amendment to Grant the States Authority to Directly Amend the Constitution

An Amendment to Grant the States Authority to Check Congress

An Amendment to Protect the Vote


We've all been fighting alligators for a very long time. Maybe this is the way to start draining the swamp!

If a video post does not appear below, go to

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Many Tea party Patriots agree that changes must be made if we are to return our country to the constitutional republic created by the framers and implemented by our founders.  Our system of government was designed to be complicated and cumbersome so as to protect the rights of the people and the individual states.  It is the expansion of federal power by ignoring and circumventing the intended checks and balances provided by our constitution in all branches of our federal government that has eroded our individual and states’ rights.  The list of things that need to be corrected, repealed, overturned or nullified in order to put things right is a long one, and I would not presume to dictate either the content of such a list or the order of importance.  I do suggest that this list of issues requiring redress includes action items for every branch of our government.  Some things should be legislated, some corrected by the Executive branch and some require further judicial action if we intend to affect these changes within the boundaries of our legal government.  Herein lays the problem since the people who are in control, or who are likely to be in control, of our government are no longer responsive to the people who they are supposed to represent. 


We have a very important election coming up and one would like to think that if we change the players they will do the right things and set our country back on the correct path.  History shows us that result is unlikely since it is dependent upon those who hold the power and control the means of wealth to voluntarily reduce their own power and relinquish some of that control as part of making the requisite changes.  We all hope the election will stop the bleeding by terminating the reign of the present administration, but I believe we should have a plan B just in case.


There is another way in which we can return power to the states and the people, a way that is totally within the legal boundaries established by our constitution.  This method is cumbersome by design and requires active participation of at least 37 of the states acting together to force these changes on those elected and appointed representatives that refuse to comply with the wishes of the electorate.  I refer to an Article V amendment convention as requested by application of two-thirds of the individual states.  This proposition would not be easily accomplished and I do not suggest we abandon other means available for seeking redress of these critical issues.  I am suggesting that our elected officials will need some incentive to step up and make the changes we demand.  I am suggesting this incentive take the form of a committee (or a group of committees) formed by representatives from all the states for the purpose of creating and prioritizing our list of issues that must be addressed soon.


Tea Party groups in every state are working to elect better representatives for both state and federal offices.  That is absolutely the correct first step and the preferred approach.  I hope that the ranks of Tea Party Patriots now include some of those elected to State offices and others influential in State government.  If we can assemble a group comprised of three to five motivated patriots from each state into a virtual committee of the whole we might be able to make real change happen in our lifetimes.  This group could segment itself into smaller committees tasked with bringing recommendations to the whole body to be considered for inclusion in a list of issues that would be approved by a majority of states and targeted for action to the appropriate branch of the federal government or to the states for individual but coordinated resolution.  Some issues might require the Article V amendment convention and it is this possibility backed by tacit agreement of at least 37 states that will provide the incentive for our elected representatives to do the right thing for our country for a change.  In addition, this group of states working together can effectively nullify any law or dictate from our federal government, and this does not require an amendment to the constitution.


This working group would not be a constitutional convention but would be focused on determining the most critical issues to be resolved in order to restore our constitutional republic as created by the framers and implemented by our founders.  However, if an Article V amendment convention is required we will already have a consensus among a majority of the individual states regarding what topics such a convention should address.  Such a group of States, all in agreement, is authorized by our constitution to make amendments to our constitution without the approval of Congress, the President or the Judiciary.  The realization that a cohesive group of states is ready to take such action may turn out to be a source of powerful persuasion with our elected federal representatives. 


I welcome your comments and suggestions regarding this bottom up approach.  If you agree and would like to participate please indicate that in your response.  I am hoping the Tea Party groups from each state can convince the right people to participate in such an endeavor.  My sense is we will need to work with both the state legislatures and the state Attorneys General to generate maximum effectiveness.

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