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At 10:00 AM on July 28, 2014, the Hampton B. Allen Library in Wadesboro, NC  28170 will receive a 24” X 34” wood framed ‘Tribute to Arthur W. Newkirk, Jr.’ in Commemoration of Arthur W. Newkirk, Jr’s “Baseball Basics” never-forgotten teaching and coaching instructions and standards at the former Burnsville High School, Route 2, Polkton, NC 28135 and Anson High School, 96 Anson High Road, Wadesboro, NC 28170; both components of the Anson County, NC School System.


The public is invited to attend.


Hampton B. Allen Library is located at 120 South Greene Street, Wadesboro, NC  28170


Should you have any questions, please feel free to call 704-269-4590 or E-mail:

Baseball Basics as instructed by Arthur W. Newkirk, Jr.


Own an exact original!  Coach Arthur W. Newkirk, Jr. was a winner each and every year in each sport he taught.  On at least one Baseball season, Coach Newkirk had a perfect winning record.


In Commemoration of Arthur W. Newkirk, Jr. – July 28, 2014 at Hampton B. Allen Library, Wadesboro, NC.

Presenting and remembering ‘Baseball Basics’ as instructed by Coach Arthur W. Newkirk, Jr. and remembered by Oscar Y. Harward.

Pictures of Arthur W. Newkirk, Jr., a World War II Veteran as a US Marine, his College, and his Anson County High Schools.

Arthur W. Newkirk, Jr.’s winning teachings in the classroom!

A natural leader and well-trained instructor.

Teaching methods leaving students yearning for more knowledge.

Teaching from your own information, wisdom, and humor.

No division between baseball smarts, classroom smarts, and life skill smarts.

Adjusting yourself both physically and mentally on and off the field.

Maintaining a positive attitude in continuing to be the best we could be.

Arthur W. Newkirk, Jr.’s winning teachings on Baseball!

Newkirk on Offense

Newkirk on Hitting

Newkirk on Defense!

Newkirk for Pitchers!

Newkirk for Catchers!

Newkirk for Fielders!

Newkirk’s Baseball Physiology!

Instructions on winning in Baseball! Newkirk had a great record for winning; at least with one year undefeated.

A 24” X 34” Pictorial and written summary on Arthur W. Newkirk, Jr.’s disciplined winning teachings with an original ‘Program’.

Price: Contract --------------- $190.00

S&H – Insured – UPS --------- 40.00

Total Price: -------------------- $230.00

Cash, Check, Money Order, or Pay Pal:

Oscar Y. Harward
819 North Central Avenue
Locust, NC 28097


Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

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The Tea Party isn’t the only group of Americans being targeted by the IRS.  Listed below are 52 individuals who were convicted or charged by the Department of Justice for preparing fraudulent tax returns.  I believe the IRS is guilty of targeting black and Hispanic tax preparers while turning a blind eye to corporate giants.  My research showed that H&R Block didn’t have a single conviction even though they employ 100,000 tax preparers.    


Williesteina J

Detrick T

Joan L

Lakesia M

Hector R

James E

Natashia T

Keisha S

Russell B

Latasha F

Markey G

Derrick R

Kavivah B

Melissa A

Kenya H

Chatonda K

Eumora R

Leslie B

Margaret B

Irene S

Ishmael K

Amadou S

Saichelle M

Cynthia H

Irene S

Greene S

Amadou S

Francis S

Cynthia H

Stacy M

Sabrina L

Chandra H

Jessica G

Matthew A

George J

Carlos C

Rulon S

Acosta H

John H

Grady S

Nataki D

Clarence B

Carmen M

Barbara G

Stephanie E

Joseph B

Oswaldo D

Ann W

Noemi B

Sharon R

Joseph T

Shawanda N

Jeffrey A



DOJ Failed to Investigate IRS Fraud Charges

Last December I filed fraud charges against the Whistleblower Office for failing to investigate multi-million tax preparer fraud.  The Department of Justice refused to even acknowledge my complaint.  I finally asked Senator Flake to intervene on my behalf after 8 months.  In just days I received a letter from the DOJ informing me that they lacked jurisdiction to investigate violations of federal tax laws.  The DOJ said the decision to investigate tax fraud is vested solely with the IRS.


IRS Handpicks Tax Preparers to Face DOJ Conviction

The DOJ prosecuted 60+ tax preparers during the last 12 months. The DOJ gets their leads from the IRS. This means that the IRS handpicks tax preparers who face a DOJ conviction rate of 94%.  If the IRS is going to target small businessman for millions in fraud, then doesn’t the government have a fiduciary duty to taxpayers to hold large corporations accountable for causing the US Treasury to lose billions?


Racial Profiling Violates Civil Liberties

In 1996 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in U.S. v Armstrong that racial profiling is constitutional in the absence of data that similarly situated defendants of another race were disparately treated.  I’ve asked Senator Rubio and Congressman Issa to subpoena the IRS and demand all records regarding selection protocal that results in DOJ convictions.  Congress needs to identify what criteria the IRS utilized in selecting tax preparers for DOJ prosecution.


Tea Party Scandal is Small Potatoes Compared to IRS Racial Profiling

The news media is quick to criticize and toss Tea Party members under the bus.  Every American should embrace the fact that a massive IRS corruption was uncovered. The IRS was created to oversee tax collection and compliance.  However, the IRS has morphed into a powerful agency that lacks transparency, honesty and integrity.  They terrorize taxpayers of lower economic means who simply don’t have the money to hire a CPA or tax attorney to represent them from IRS mayhem.  My research shows over 75% of the tax preparers the IRS handed over to the DOJ for convictions were minorities. 


The bottom line is simple, if the Internal Revenue Service is going prosecute black and Hispanic tax preparers who’ve engaged in tax fraud, than they have a duty to prosecute white tax preparers committing tax fraud based on professional shortcomings instead of race.     


If Senator Rubio and Congressman Issa find that the IRS is guilty of profiling minorities then it’s time the Internal Revenue Service faces the same fate the government bestowed upon Arthur Andersen for the Enron debacle.  I’ve been a CPA over 30 years and I watched in amazement as 100,000 outstanding Arthur Andersen professionals lost their jobs as the result of a few bad apples.  In contrast, having closely worked with multiple layers of the IRS in the last three years, I will attest that the IRS has cases of bad apples sitting on pallets that would require multiple railroad cars to move. I believe it’s time for the IRS to go by the wayside just like vinyl records and VHS recorders. The best use for the IRS is to become an answer to a trivial pursuit question.

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