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Calling a Spade a Spade,
Evil, Evil and
Sharia Law, Evil
                Those apparently few American voters who are both aware and sane got another slap to the side of the head last Wednesday when Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner revealed that the Obama administration planned to raise taxes on small business owners so that the size of government would not shrink . . . I kid you not. Mr. Geithner and Mr. Obama are clearly in denial of the fact that 64% of our new job creation comes from small business growth. 
This incredibly absurd stupidity is par for the course among the progressive** left in economic matters . . . but no one seems to be paying attention to their stances on feminism, human rights and freedom of religion and speech in this country which have become so convoluted that even the progressive left is finding it difficult to know which group deserves slander in the name of political correctness and which groups do not. I refer you to Sharia Law; Radical Islam; and teaching of Jihad to children with cartoon characters talking about the beauty of becoming a martyr for Allah and using phrases like “kill the Jewish monkeys.” Surely political correctness ends where simple and easily discoverable truth about EVIL begins, no?
According to the progressive left, Radical Islam is NOT to be criticized. Those who criticize the fruits of the Radical Jihadist Muslims as Bill O’Reilly did October 14th of last year on the ABC program “The View” . . . will earn the eternal scorn of the left for being “racists and extremists.” O’Reilly’s factual statement “It was Muslims who killed us on 9/11” was the stimulus for two of The View hosts, Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg to walk off the show’s set that day. Radical Islam under the cover of being moderate folk interested only in freedom of religion has already instituted Sharia Law in the United Kingdom and seeks to expand Sharia Law not only into this country, but into a dominant role in this country. They (the radical Jihadists) already have Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department supporting CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) in their suit against the state of Oklahoma because an Oklahoma Law prohibiting Sharia Law was voted in by an aware public. Truth, it seems doesn’t matter.
What exactly is Sharia Law: to begin with, its legal sanctions are what in the U.S. Constitution are called “cruel and unusual punishments”: beheading, public stoning, public whippings, public caning; cutting off hands; etc. ad nauseum. The crimes that bring these harsh punishments are beheading for apostasy (deserting Islam and converting to another religion); beheading for homosexuality; cutting of hands for thievery; stoning for adultery; caning for a woman guilty of public immodesty; and various types of death penalties may be meted out for blasphemy against Allah. The progressive left which has long championed human rights in the United States all those times when we so egregiously violate them; and specifically homosexual rights; abortion rights; and female rights calls all who disagree with them in any fashion “extremists,” racists,” fascists and Nazis” even when Sharia Law is being attacked by clear thinking patriotic Americans for violating human rights; homosexual rights; abortion rights, child or adult slavery or the rights of women. Supposedly there is no contradiction between allowing Muslims access to Sharia Law in the United States and the United States Constitution? And the many individual state constitutions?
The matter of public modesty legislated against women by forcing them to wear the burkha is utterly shocking. Where is the National Organization of Women (presumably NOW is right where they were during the Monica Lewinsky affair when they said not word one against the philandering sexual harasser Bill Clinton? Or when conservative women are abused in public discourse and even called “stupid c_nts” by liberal commentators) why do they say nothing against Sharia? The twisted laws emerging from the Quran (or Koran) are based upon the evil notion that a man is not responsible for his actions if he rapes an “immodest” woman. Indeed any woman, even one in a burkha, hoping to bring charges of rape must provide three MALE witnesses to be heard in court and have any chance of justice being done.
The Sharia laws on homosexuality are clear, unless homosexual rape is perpetrated upon a slave in a Muslim household . . . which is truly A-OK and all right, of course. Heterosexual rape of slave women is, naturally OK, too. These slave women are immodest, of course, required to be naked from the waist up . . . so that’s some understandable justification for rape, eh?  
The much ballyhooed “Arab Spring” that Barack Obama (who attended Muslim school for parts of five years and has a statue of himself at ten years old standing in his schoolyard in Jakarta ( has liberally praised on numerous occasions . . . in Egypt is all about burning Coptic Christian (10% of the population of the country) churches, killing their members; and quite righteously also yelling “Kill the Jews Kill the Jews” before liberal journalists who seldom or never translate what’s being chanted.   This was all predictable, to anyone who saw the shocking survey of Egyptians back in November that showed that Mubarak or no Mubarak 87% of Egyptians favored Sharia Law and 92% favored beheading for apostasy.   
Arab Spring is just a way to claim Democracies are arising . . . when in truth: jihadocracies are the fruits of Arab Spring.  By the way recently an Egyptian high official opined that the reason that the economy hadn’t exploded into prosperity since strongman Mubarak was ousted, was that “raiding” had pretty much ceased. He was talking about raiding Black Africa and all around the world to obtain slaves for sale which is one of the most lucrative occupations in Egypt and the Islamic world. Of course the presence of one or more slaves in a Muslim household is the easiest and surest way to improve the family’s standard of living.
“What in the hell,” you are probably thinking is the motive for this stunning alignment with Islamic terrorists; Sharia Law; and just plain evil by the progressive left? In case you missed it, the much-discussed “Revolution” is underway. During “THE Revolution” the enemy of my enemy (capitalism; the U.S. Constitution; and American freedom and power and wealth) is my friend . . . as you’ll soon see when the lamestream-mainstream media; Code Pink; Bill Ayers; Bernadette Dorne; George Soros; and the Unions all come to the support of the radical Islamic 2nd “Freedom Flotilla” which will in a few weeks try to run the Israeli arms blockades again this year.   These (the progressive left) are the people who are controlling our country right now and most Americans are too lazy, or too ignorant, or too stupid to see EVIL right in front of their noses. Or . . . nowadays is it just politically INcorrect to bring the matter of EVIL to anyone’s attention?
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
** Progressivism is the doctrine that we must “progress” beyond the ‘ill-conceived and outdated U.S. Constitution’ if we are to ever make “progress” toward an earthly Utopia. You’ll recognize the direct influence of Communist theorist Karl Marx in those words, no doubt. American Progressivism is an offshoot of Britain’s Fabian Socialist movement. They named themselves after the Roman general Fabius who eventually defeated Hannibal of Carthage (remember him crossing the Alps with war elephants?) after a nearly twelve-year war of attrition. Here’s the Fabian Socialists’ infamous stained glass window from the London School of Economics: note the wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing society emblem of the Fabians; and the stack of socialist reading material:
Rajjpuut thinks of progressives this way:  at least half an hour every week they make some public pronouncement that amounts to “praying for” their fellow man. The other 167 ½ hours of the week they’re busy “preying upon” their fellow man.

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Key Things You Should Know about
‘Arab Springers’
Before We Arm and Legitimize Them
          All the kool-aid drinkers among Washington, D.C.’s progressives have been echoing the party line first expressed by President Obama about all those wondrous events going on in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Bahrain, and Yemen which they have called “Democratic Uprisings” and collectively labeled “Arab Spring.”   The United States is now embroiled in four wars in the Middle East:  Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya (in the order of our involvement – we’ve been fighting in Yemen covertly for over two years now) and seems in each and every case to be supporting the rebel forces in every case with absolutely no idea who these people actually are. Americans don’t know enough about the language, culture and customs of these lands to make an intelligent decision as to what line of action or inaction would be in America’s best interest . . . but knowledge be damned, between Libya and Yemen we’ve already expended over $1.1 billion dollars in the last three months. Here are some key facts you should know about the still-mired- in-the-7th-Century-Islamic cultures we’re dealing with . . . . 
1.        A survey in Egypt 2-3 months before the “democratic revolution” there found that 87% of Egyptians favored Sharia Islamic Law including such items as beheading apostates (Muslims who convert to other religions); public stoning of adulterers; cutting off of thieves’ hands; and forced wearing of the burkha for females even though these things had long been banned under dictator Mubarak as Egypt modernized.
2.      Egypt’s new revolutionary interim government leaders this week has refused to ban public calls for the destruction of Egypt, behavior that strongman Mubarak banned for over thirty years.
3.       Media in Egypt this week published claims which blamed the country’s abysmally poor economy on the recent cessation of “raids.”
4.      One way to up your standard of living in Egypt; Kuwait; Tunisia and other parts of the Arab world is to make raids into foreign lands and cultures and bring back slaves.
5.      These slaves will bring you a pretty penny in the marketplace (gotta love those enterprising Egyptian capitalists, eh?).
6.      Male slaves, especially young ones are appropriate for helping out around the house.
7.      While a wife requires a marriage contract; and must be covered from head to foot much of the time; the female slaves are only dressed between the belly-button and the toes.
8.     Many Arab women are keen on the idea of the female slaves as they not only handle a few of the kitchen chores; but they are the only way for a husband or a brother or son to free themselves of their constant “urges” without violating Q’ranic covenants.
9.      The “higher standard of living” mentioned earlier is not just for the capitalist slave-sellers, but also obviously found in the households benefitting from the new slaves.
10.The Egyptian equivalents of Sesame Street are found in numerous programs for children featuring cartoon characters and puppets inspiring the children to read the Q’ran; be willing to kill the Jews; honor their noble duty of Jihad; and, of course the glories of martyrdom. Adolf Hitler had nothing nearly so powerful working for him.
11.   The Muslim Brotherhood, terrorist organization which had been banned in Egypt the home of its birth for a dozen years before their founder, first and most famous martyr, Sayyid Qutb was executed in 1966, has now changed its name in Egypt to the Peace and Freedom Party in accord with laws in Egypt saying that all political parties must be open to all religions.
12.  Since the “democratic revolution,” Coptic Christians (10% of the Egyptian population) have been stoned, burned and otherwise attacked in the streets of Cairo and several churches burned down, activities that Mubarak had eliminated from the land’s calendar.
13.  Despite our ongoing recession, Egypt’s interim government has been awarded $2 Billion by the Obama administration, apparently without Congressional oversight or approval. Nice reward for a land where the two biggest and most organized political parties are Al Qaeda and the Muslim Bro-   ooops, the Peace and Freedom Party.
14.   The link at the top of the page takes the reader to an expose of the Arab child kidnapping industry written last week. The mildest offense to be found in the article is an update of a 2004 HBO documentary on child kidnappings and outright purchases so that 6,000 children can be trained as camel jockeys for racing. The children are deliberately malnourished to keep their weight down, beaten, often sexually abused and often chained at night to prevent their escape from their depraved environment. The most surprising is that Arabs still kidnap Black African children and sell and trade them. This activity called the “basket trade” relies upon camel or motorized caravans and huge baskets into which the bound and gagged Black children are stored for safe-keeping. By the way, the Q’ran apparently has different rules for sexual treatment of slaves than for free women or boys. Homosexuality, which is considered an “abomination” in most Muslim eyes even if consensual; is fine if it’s pedophiliac treatment of a boy slave. “This trade in children is so extensive in Egypt, organizations are “employing brokers, and even operating their own web sites,” according to the article. The leftwing media which is championing “Arab Spring” and which delights in talk about American Conservatives wanting to return to slavery, or Jim Crow or other wild talk of “racism” among patriot Americans, seems to have no compunction about praising the fine people of the Middle East who are now aligning themselves around the world with leftist movements.
15.  The most dangerous terrorists threatening the west seem to have all had one single defining experience. Somewhere in a “decadent” town in the Middle East or America or Europe they’ve found themselves getting involved in activities strictly prohibited by the Q’ran (typically involvement with prostitutes – Bin Laden,  Awlaki, and numerous others) and condemned Western Culture and called for the salvation of the world via the Q’ran and a return to healthy Islamic culture. You can judge from reading these 15 items how corrupt repressive societies and repressed individuals can be.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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NY Times:   The Covert American War in Yemen
Now Sees Intensified Drone and Fighter Jet Attacks
            Sometimes it’s difficult to understand the logic of Barack Obama. In the last week he’s variously talked about “headwinds,” “bumps in the road” “nasty challenges,” “rugged terrain” and “blips” upsetting the nation’s “ongoing recovery.”  He’s labeled some of those headwinds** as:  the crisis in Japan, high oil prices, the impending debt limit crisis and instability in the Middle East. Of course, Mr. Obama gets much of the blame for the high oil prices since he’s taken to banning oil drilling in the Gulf region and virtually everywhere offshore and inland; and he and the Democratic Party get most all the blame for the debt limit crisis since they’ve raised the nation’s debt over $5 Trillion virtually all by themselves; but the big surprise is his comment about instability in the Middle East. 
Rather than pouring calming oil on the waters, it seems our Nobel Peace Prize “earning” president has almost single-handedly done everything imaginable to ratchet up the tension in the ever-volatile Middle East and other Islamic lands. It seems now that all Mr. Obama’s rah-rah-siss-boom-bah for the so-called “Arab Spring” has backfired in Yemen.
            Besides initiating actions shaking the confidence of our only strong and predictable Middle East ally (Israel) for roughly twenty-seven consecutive months now high-li ‘er low-lighted by his speech at the end of May, Mr. Obama has been leading the cheerleading for the ill-named Arab Spring “democratic revolutions,” going so far as to label the Tunisian man set afire after dousing himself with gasoline as “another Rosa Parks.” Mr. Obama has been openly rooting for the mobs in the streets rather than for the peacekeepers long in office. Since in Egypt, long regarded as the most advanced of the Muslim states, a November, 2009 poll found that 87% of the populace favored Sharia Law; beheading of apostates; lopping off a thief’s hand; stoning of adulterers; and the requirement of the burkha and other huge restrictions on female behavior; it seems that so-called democracy and real freedom do not and will not co-exist.  In other words, it’s highly likely that the changes Mr. Obama is spurring on will NOT include freedom or economic improvement for the people of these countries but will include the installation of more Jihadocracies such as Iran (the world’s #1 exporter of terrorism).
            Now besides the open wars in Afghanistan and Iran; thanks to the New York Times we now know that our government has involved us in covert wars in Libya and Yemen. In Libya (actually our War #4, and NOT #3 since the covert war in Yemen started two years earlier and outranks Libya “in seniority” as War #3) Obama has continued the air strikes and no longer bothers to deny the reports of American “boots on the ground” there as we’re now entering into the fourth week since the War Powers act on that involvement expired, with nary an official sentence from the Oval Office to Congress. Moammar Gaddafi in Libya is easily the third worst national leader in the area behind #1 President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran and  #2 Dictator Assad in Syria.   So none of the “strongmen” in power in these Middle Eastern countries are wonderful, but they all did keep peace; respect the lives and rights and religion of minority Jews and Christians and other faiths in their lands; and leave Israel alone – since the most popular chant in Egypt now is “Kill the Jews, Kill the Jews,” one might conjecture that Obama got his wish and now we’re all going to suffer.
In Yemen, according to the latest information generated by the Times, we have been waging a covert war since 2009 with American “boots on the ground” for virtually the entire time. But in recent weeks the use of drone attacks and jet fighter attacks has intensified markedly according to the paper.   Up until now and the Times’ revelations, the large extent of the war in Yemen had been the single most successful and closely-guarded secret of the Obama administration.
While the senior leadership of Al Qaeda has lost arguably its two top leaders in six weeks and is lying low all over Pakistan: Yemen has, of course, been the prime source of the Al Qaeda Middle Eastern operations aimed at America for the last few years. The ex-American Anwar Awlaki who inspired the failed “air cargo attack,” “the underwear bomber,” and “Times Square bomber” and the successful attacks on Ft. Hood, Texas and upon an Arkansas Army recruiting station^^ has been the target for at least two unsuccessful drone strikes in the last year. The infamous Arab Spring “democratic revolution” and growing power vacuum in Yemen has allowed militants to consolidate as they’ve advanced in the south and Yemeni soldiers have retreated toward their Capitol in Sana. 
The Times initially learned about the covert war in Yemen after details came out following the successful jet-fighter strike last Friday which killed Abu Ali al-Harithi, a mid-level Qaeda operative, and several other militant suspects in a strike in southern Yemen.  Weeks earlier, following the killing of Usama Bin Laden and capture of information at his compound in Pakistan, drone aircraft fired missiles aimed at Anwar al-Awlaki, the radical American-born cleric whom the United States government has tried to kill for roughly the last fifteen months. Strikes had been paused for at least half a year because of several bungled attacks blamed upon faulty information. CIA operatives in Yemen have now more openly championed American involvement against Al Qaeda leaders among the rebels as a way to keep Al Qaeda from consolidating itself as the eventual rebel leaders. The Times report also informed us:
 “Officials in Washington said that the American and Saudi spy services had been receiving more information — from electronic eavesdropping and informants — about the possible locations of militants. A senior Pentagon official, speaking only on condition of anonymity, said on Wednesday that using force against militants in Yemen was further complicated by the fact that Qaeda operatives have mingled with other rebels and antigovernment militants, making it harder for the United States to attack without the appearance of picking sides.
“The American campaign in Yemen is led by the Pentagon’s Joint Special Operations Command, and is closely coordinated with the Central Intelligence Agency. Teams of American military and intelligence operatives have acommand post in Sana, the Yemeni capital, to track intelligence about militants in Yemen and plot future strikes.
“Concerned that support for the campaign could wane if the government of Yemen’s authoritarian president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, were to fall, the United States ambassador in Yemen has met recently with leaders of the opposition, partly to make the case for continuing American operations. Officials in Washington said that opposition leaders have told the ambassador, Gerald M. Feierstein, that operations against Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula should continue regardless of who wins the power struggle in Sana.
            The Yemeni President Saleh incurred severe wounds from a rocket attack upon the presidential compound last week and was evacuated to a Saudi hospital. News of the evacuation inspired great rebel celebrations and an upswing in military action.   Saleh’s military have retreated to better protect the Capitol and the intensification of American strikes upon Al Qaeda targets have coincided. American CIA operatives have expressed two major worries amid the action boiling over in Yemen: 1) Their attacks upon Al Qaeda will be misconstrued as support for Saleh and 2) The information pipeline could get “corrupted” by Saleh so that attacks meant to be pinpointed upon Al Qaeda could be called in against purely rebel targets or against Saleh’s military . . . and as a result of either of these situations, the appearance of “taking sides” might be created. In any cases, for the war-mongers among us, these are truly halcyon days.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
** Headwinds hurting the economy?? Probably because the nation’s caught between his atrocious policies that SUCK; and his and his administration’s utter incompetence that totally BLOWS . . . .
^^  The 2009 Little Rock recruiting office shooting on June 1, 2009, when a Muslim convert Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad opened fire with a rifle in a drive-by shooting on soldiers in front of a U.S. Army and military recruiting office.   The Obama administration, as in the Fort Hood shooting, kept almost totally out of the news that this was a Jihad attack by a Muslim in contact with Al Qaeda in Yemen and Awlaki.  The homegrown terroris killed Private William Long, and wounded Private Quinton Ezeagwula.  After arrest, Muhammad freely acknowledged shooting the men; that he had intended to kill as many Army personnel as possible as well as Jews if he could have found any.  According to Wikipedia, an SKS rifle, a Mossberg International 702 rifle, two handguns, 562 rounds of ammunition, and military books were in his car when arrested. The attack was justified he said according to Islamic Laws and the Islamic Religion. Jihad—to fight those who wage war on Islam and Muslims.  He had recently returned from 16 months in Yemen, and it was the first of two gunfire attacks in 2009 on US military facilities by Muslims with links to radical clerics in Yemen, who were upset at U.S. military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan.
       Muhammad is charged with capital murder and attempted capital murder, 10 counts of unlawful discharge of a weapon, 15 counts of engaging in a terrorist act.  Muhammad also was to be tried for three counts of initiating violence while in jail.  The trial scheduled for February 23, 2011 is now set for July 10, 2011.
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Muslim World Makes Mein Kampf a Best-Seller,
America Sends $2Billion to Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood
Street book peddler selling Mein Kampf
                A few weeks ago in one of these Rajjpuut Folly blogs, I mentioned that Ayn Rand’s two so-called masterpiece novels (her novella Anthem and her shorter non-fiction stuff are excellent and far better) Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead were the biggest “enduring best-sellers” other than the Bible since 1960. Well, one of the main character of my novel-in-progress:   A Member in Good Standing, seems to have struck a similar resonant chord among the populace of the Middle East, yep, you guessed it, Adolf Hitler’s genocidal and war-mongering recipe book Mein Kampf ("My Struggle") is being sold in low-cost editions all over the Muslim world and has become a best-seller there 86 years after it first saw the light of day in Germany. 
            Who, what and where, exactly are we talking about?  We are talking about poor countries, countries where reading usually takes a back seat to just plain survival.   For a long time, the least expensive books to be found anywhere among them were pirated western paperback novels and copies of famous old non-fiction western paperbacks  hawked by young street hustlers hoping to eke out a living.   Now the face of Adolf Hitler is once again being seen everywhere across the Middle East and South Asia on the cover of Mein Kampf.  The population of the Muslim World is variously estimated at between 1.22 and 1.57 billion people; roughly 1.1 billion of them are adherents of Islam. Three of the most heavily populated Islamic countries,Bangladesh, Turkey, and Egypt have already made Mein Kampf a best-seller in the last two months.  Tiny Tunisia has also been unable to resist Der Fuehrer’s charming rants. In Bangladesh the book has been a steady big-seller since it first topped their charts in December, 2009. In Egypt and Tunisia the toppling of the strongmen dictators Mubarak and Ben Ali has seen renewed street agitation whose most popular chant these days is “Kill the Jews.” 
In Egypt, some Coptic Christians (a full 10% of the nation’s population) have found themselves stoned and even killed and about a dozen churches have been burned. But the most popular target for righteous Jihad-craving indignation these days in Cairo anyway . . . has been the thirty-plus year peace with Israel that Mubarak enforced . . . hence the newfound popularity of Mein Kampf. The book was outlawed until Mubarak’s fall and the strongman was well-known for burning banned books captured in police raids. Who would have thought Rajjpuut would ever harken back fondly to days of yore when book burning was practiced?
For those of you who just haven’t been paying attention . . . the “scene” is this: led by American Union leaders and funded by the American supposedly anti-war feminine progressive organization Code Pink; and given strategic instruction and tactical marching orders from 70’s bomb-makers and bomb-planters Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadette Dohrn (she spells the last name six different ways and often calls herself “Bernadine;” Barack calls them “friends;” and Bill ghostwrote Barack’s first book Dreams from My Father) for roughly fourteen months now the radical left and the Jihad-seeking Muslim world have been seriously cooperating to bring down American Capitalism and America and the Western Way of Life: ignore this at your peril and mine. 
Their first official collaborative act was the so-called “Freedom Flotilla” seeking to run the Israeli naval blockade thirteen months ago . . . a second such flotilla has been scheduled and postponed and rescheduled several time but is now set for early July, 2011. The so-called “Muslim-Spring” uprising beginning in January in Tunisia and followed all over the Middle East and patterned upon the Islamic-nationalist revolt of the Ayatollah Khomeini in 1978-79 in which American embassy personnel were taken hostage for 444 days were their next actions. This so-called Arab-Spring “grassroots democracy movement” even struck at the regime of the much-hated Moammar Khadafy and ended up getting America involved in a third war in an Islamic nation.
Though the lamestream mainstream media outlets in this country pooh-poohed the obvious truth, Mr. Obama’s recent speech about peace in the Middle East through the nation of Israel beneath the bus by insisting that the right place to start in peace “negotiations” was for Israel to make itself defenseless. 
Obama, would recoil at this suggestion and argue till he’s blue in the face but our first “post-racial” president, he who spent the formative years of his life attending Muslim school in Indonesia, is clearly an anti-Semite.   Let’s repeat that, in case you weren’t paying attention, Barack Obama is an anti-Semite, no doubt about it. By the way, despite heavy and consistent evidence that the revolts have been staged by the terrorist groups Muslim Brotherhood; Hamas; and Al Qaeda; Obama continues to praise the “democratic” uprisings in the Arab world. Besides bombing Khadafy’s troops with our tax dollars and violating the War Powers Act; Mr. Obama has recently sent the new anti-Semitic and anti-Christian leaders in Egypt $2 billion more dollars of our tax money. Did we mention that every single one of his actions and speeches as seen by the Islamic world regarding Israel since taking office in January, 2009, could be accurately described as anti-Jew?
The philosophers have long wondered how a supposedly advanced nation like 1930’s Germany could come under the spell of the genocidal Hitler . . . well with the cooperation of the lamestream mainstream we-worship-Obama press in this country, Barack Obama will soon show us, “it really ain’t so hard after all.”
You will hear “the anointed one” talk a good game about the “unbreakable bonds between America and Israel” but 100% of his  eighteen presidential actions and his public speeches (where the Muslim world has easy access to them) have laid out a clear course: the Destruction of Israel. Again, disbelieve this at the world’s peril. When he speaks before Jewish groups in America, the fools still applaud him  and even give him standing ovations . . . one would have thought that Hitler’s death camps would have along with all the innocent children he killed – have eliminated all the foolish and gullible genes among the Jewish populace of the world, apparently NOT so.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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