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Sheriff Clarke is Right

Your liberties rest not upon things written upon paper, they depend upon yourselves, and upon maintaining your property, your knowledge, and your virtue”Y. Samuel Williams 1794.

Less than a week ago I read a column that was written by Sheriff David Clarke on Townhall that made me think over what I have seen in politics over these past few years. Being a retired military veteran I have followed Sheriff Clarke for a while now, and I can honestly say it is this man who speaks for me. And from the following that Sheriff Clarke has amassed, it would appear that others follow him as well. The reason are varied I am sure, but the truth that Sheriff Clarke speaks should be a starting point for all patriots and conservatives in this country.

In his column, Sheriff Clarke speaks of an organized ground level force of conservatives who speak the truth and fight back against what the progressive socialists have done to our country. This is a war that is being forced upon our country by progressive socialists who want nothing more than to destroy our way of life, our moral underpinnings that have shaped our country and the very country itself. These conservative fighters can only come from patriots who are willing to help our duly elected President put an end to the progressive socialist lies of the mainstream media and the leftists in our government that would like nothing more than to impeach the only man who can stop the destruction they have started.

The rules governing our politics have changed. Lies, innuendo, and the constant threat of violence from these progressive socialists are all they have to offer. When talking to one of these George Soros funded fascists I always ask the same question. What are you proposing to have as a policy that will help the citizens of this country move forward? The answer is always to call me a racist ( a word that has lost all meaning because of the demeaning way the progressive socialists use it, I mean is there anything that isn’t racist these days?) and to attack by any means possible, usually in a mob to protect themselves.

The propaganda and lies permeating everything that these animals have in store for the country is everywhere, from the mainstream media to our children’s education, to entertainment, and every other facet of our daily lives that they can infiltrate. They have every intention of making violence an aspect of the conservatives everyday lives. We must understand that it has gone far past having disagreements of policies and that with groups like Antifa, Media Matters, and even some in the mainstream media, all funded by the globalist agenda that both parties adhere to, resorting to public displays of intimidation and violence, it is up to us to fight back. One by one, or in groups, it will come down to clearing our streets of this vermin.

The higher ideals that conservatives pride themselves on will not work against the rage that is becoming an everyday occurrence. Progressive socialists don’t understand that the self-ingrained thoughts of them being superior and therefore have a right to demand that we follow the rules they proclaim will no longer work. They use such phrases as “white privilege, microaggressions, safe spaces, and systemic racism are the buzzwords of no meaning that they attempt to use to shut down debate. I will not allow the loud voices or the mob rule to control what I say or do or think. Once they shut down all debate it will only be a short step to total dominance against those who disagree. I will o longer apologize to those who attempt to force the opinions that I know are wrong, no matter who they are. Whether a government entity who assists them, or the mob in the street who attempt to intimidate people wearing a MAGA hat, or an official who is only doing the job they were elected to do. Keep in mind, the rabble who look to overthrow our government and way of life are a minority of maybe 10%. But the violence, and shouting, and following the path set out for them by the globalists in charge, they appear on the mainstream media regularly.

Just a few months ago, we should remember that the puppets on CNN were comparing Antifa to the battle of Normandy. So call me what you want. Racist, homophobe or any other phrase you think will make a difference, It won’t. I know better because I am better than that and I realize most of the people in this country are. So take your paid for politicians, and you corporatists’ puppet masters and slink away.

Your agenda for destroying those patriots who will fight and fight harder than you with courage and patriotism in our hearts will never give in, will never stop beating back the global socialism you think we deserve whether you are just a stupid self-centered teenager who thinks you are making a difference, to the boardrooms and meeting places of the globalist and political elite. We know who you are, where you are and what you have planned.

It is past time to wring our hands and sob about what is happening to our country. If we want to keep our culture, our way of life and even our country and the sovereignty that is ours it is time to fight back. We can not allow the morality that has made this great nation the powerhouse it is today to falter. We must demand not only of ourselves but of those that surround us that everyone take responsibility for their own actions. It is not the responsibility to cover your face and attack people or destroy businesses or attempt to bully your way into the accepting your faulty way of life. It is not responsible to attack the values or individual rights of others, nor is it right to use the power of government to move socialist systems forward and force the American people to live by a system that has never worked in the past and in our country will only lead to civil war. The American people will never accept a reincarnation of the old Communist Party before its collapse nor the propaganda of those in the media, academics, and entertainment who have little or no knowledge of the drivel that they espouse.

It is over. No longer will conservatives, the religious, and those that value our way of life willing to just sit back and allow these animals to control our government, our culture, even our very lives. The pushback is here through countless millions who agree that this can no longer be allowed to grow and bastardize the light that this country has become. Can any of there dim bubs explain to me that if our country is so bad, why are millions of migrants and illegal aliens wanting to come here?

It will take all of us to turn this around. It will take someone jumping up on the table at CNN, MSNBC, and any other media that label us as racist and hold a panel discussion with four liberals and one conservative and get in their faces and shout them down. We need to stop allowing the media to call classless acts such as Jennifer Rubin, and Ana Navarro Republicans. They aren’t any more Republican that all the other Never Trumpers who accede to whatever it is their liberal masters want.

It is over, we will listen no more, we will no longer stand by and let you trash our nation and those of us who hold the virtues that this country has shown the world as righteous. Have there been mistakes? Of course. No country, as well as no one person, is perfect. But be advised, the war is coming to you socialists, whether in the streets or in the boardrooms, one on one or in a mob, the truth will find you, and will vanquish you.

The American people are incensed with low information mobs making themselves feel good by attacking anyone who disagrees with them. If it is a war that you want, you now have it. Voices will be raised against you, and if necessary arms as well. Be careful what you wish for you may well get it.

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Once again, the left has attempted to show outrage over the rights of the American people being used to have credible debate. Our political class, along with the violent protest groups that they support have attempted to serve notice that those of us who believe in the American way must be silenced, and must be forced to keep our opinions and beliefs to ourselves. Between the progressives/ socialists dinosaurs called the Democrats, the socialists throughout our academia and the media, and the basement dwellers creating chaos in the country, it is going to get worse before it gets better.

Berkeley shows us that the idea of conservatives allowing to present views that are different from those of REVCOM and other socialist entities will not be tolerated. They call themselves “antifa” presumably because they are opposed to the fascism of our country while using fascistic ideology to close down anyone who dissents.

By calling dissenters viewpoints “hate speech” they plan these riots in advance, when the shouting is no longer working they move to violence to squelch those who disagree. The roots of this have been shown in the past as Marxism and Anarcho-Communism and being used today by the organizing founders of this anarchy such as Workers Dignity, Black Live Matter, the Central Labor Council, BAMN, The local unions such as UAW Local 737 and even something called the Woman’s March Movement. It is time to target all these groups on a Federal Level as being domestic terrorist groups and start arresting and jailing the leaders of these groups who are found to be calling for the overthrow of our country.

Law enforcement and local governments all over the country must pass laws that make this illegal. If you are too much of a coward to show your face and confront those you disagree with. These terrorist, along with illegal aliens, and those living on the government will do the best they can to collapse the government in classic Cloward-Piven strategy to bring down those who know the rights and the responsibility that this nation confers upon its people.

Politics plays a large part in the domestic violence we are experiencing. In Berkeley, the police were told to stand down, and with over  $100,000 dollars in damage, only one person was arrested. The stand down order is believed to have come from the Berkeley mayor, Jesse Arreguin. It has since been proven that the Mayor sided with those causing the violence. Of course, he tried to blame the chief of Police, but overall responsibility belongs to the Mayor. Could the police be so cowardly as to not protect the people they are sworn to serve. He is also a member of “By any Means Necessary” a violent Marxist group pledging a violent over throw of the country.


The police not attempting to quell the violence is concerning. Since the election of Trump we have seen conservative speakers shut down, rioters blocking roads and airport terminals, causing violence and damage of colleges and the terrorizing of individuals, even in their own homes. They loot businesses, smash car windows of innocent people, and set fires while the police are told to watch but do nothing. The administrations and colleges do nothing to curtail this activity unless it impacts the college profit making ability. Americans have started waking up to the fact that these riots and domestic violence is happening precisely because the progressives socialist in these local government and unfortunately, some in the law enforcement community upper echelons actually sympathize with these terrorists and have no interest in stopping the violence.

Loud whining, rioting, and violence about racism has made our law enforcement and other authorities hesitant to call for calm. If Black Lives Matter blocks a major freeway at rush hours why are people not arrested and thrown in jail? Because that are in charge are afraid of being called racist, and stifling the right of free speech. They are afraid of coming down on rioters because shutting them down may cause more violence and some of these rioters may get hurt. It is my opinion that if you are creating domestic violence and damaging the property and people around you, you deserve whatever happens to you. I have always believed that you have rights in this country, but you also have responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is to follow the rule of law. If you don’t all rules are off.

The 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade was cancelled after receiving an e mail, of course from a cowardly unnamed source, that these domestic terrorists  intend to dominate America through acts of violence. The e-mail said

                “You have seen how much power we have downtown and the police can not stop us from shutting down roads so please consider your decision wisely”


In this country we the people have rights. The first Amendment gives us free speech, but over the past eight years we have been deluged with political correctness and told that we must watch what we say, or even think. One thought that must be kept in the minds of American patriots must be that no one, NO ONE, has the right to tell us what speech that consider appropriate. There is no such thing as “hate speech”. It is just speech that the progressive/socialist and their rabble rousers disagree with. They talk loudly of diversity of thought, much like Mao did, but they only mean thoughts and speech that they agree with, again, much like Mao. The idea of critical thinking, of listening and debating in our colleges and universities have been shut down. Indoctrination in the past has lead to where we are now. Student-terrorist think that socialism is the answer, and will continue to praise Venezuela while the people there are starving, and Bernice Sanders who owns three half a million dollar homes tells them how downtrodden they are.

There is no exchange of conflicting ideas, no debate, it is no longer allowed to express your real feelings on a university campus. There are free speech zones routinely watched by the campus police, and if you should try to do something treasonous like hand out a copy of the Constitution, can get you arrested and thrown out of school.

Schools must be made to be responsible for what our children are being taught. This goes from elementary school . where they want to teach homosexuality to children as early as first grade, to universities where they continue the indoctrination into the fabrication of progressive/socialism that we see today. This indoctrination in the past has lead us to where we are today.

Funds must not be made available if they continue to indoctrinate our children into socialism, to the detriment of our own country. When our children are being taught, as they have been for many years now that capitalism is what fuels the inequality in this country and the only one and truly “fair” concept is socialism they should not have taxpayer funding available to teach treason. Parents also need to be more involved, to borrow a phrase, “If you see something, say something”. Let other parents know what brainwashing is being force-fed to our children and fight it.

Faculty and administrators that allow the indoctrination of our children, and the violence that they teach our students to achieve the “fundamental transformation” is acceptable must be fired. The subversion that academia has poured into our young students minds have created the rabble rousers and persistent victims we now see. It is responsible, along with the media, and the progressive/socialist that have attempted to transform our country.

It will be the people of this country that will stop these left wing mobs. Will it come to a civil war, that is a question that only those on the socialist left can answer. They are bolstered when told by the professors they go to class with that a small handful of determined animals can change history. These losers are not Bolsheviks and whether they are willing to stifle those in this country they will not succeed. The American people will not put up with much more. They put an end to transformation of our country with this last election, and the progressives will soon be a part of the past in this country. They riot and cause massive amounts of chaos because they do care about any election in the past or future, but only care about creating their socialist utopia that will never exist.

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