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Texas is made up of 20 Education Service Centers. 19 of the Texas Education Service Centers (ESC) joined ranks and formed Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative (TESCCC) which owns Cscope. T

For reason's unknown at the time ESC #4 did not buy into the Collaborative.

Below you will find photos and information on the Board of Directors of TESCCC. Though TESCCC owns Cscope many other individuals are behind and supporting it. Texas has 2 RINO State Board of Education members that are in full support of Cscope, Thomas Ratliff and Patricia Hardy. 

Cscope is molded after Obama's Common Core Curriculum. Common Core Curriculum is promoted by Education adviser to Obama,Humanist Linda Darling Hammond who is also associated with Communist William (Bill) Ayers. Hammond is a frequent guest speaker at Cscope Conferences. Texas Associtation of School Adminstrators (TASA) is gearing up to attend the American Association of School Adminstrators (AASA) in California in Feb. to hear Linda Darling Hammond speak on the Common Core. 

TESCCC BOARD of DIRECTORS (Buisness organization filed with SOS)


Mr. Jack C. Damron
Education Service Center Region 1
1900 West Schunior
Edinburg, TX 78541-2234

(956) 984-6000
Fax: (956) 984-7655 

Region 1 Website



Dr. Linda Villarreal
Education Service Center Region 2
209 North Water Street
Corpus Christi, TX 78401-2599

(361) 561-8400
FAX: (361) 883-3442

Region 2 Website                       




Dr. Julius D. Cano
Education Service Center Region 3
1905 Leary Lane
Victoria, TX 77901-2899

(361) 573-0731
FAX: (361) 576-4804

Region 3 Website

(Need Photo)

Region 4 - Houston

Pam Wells
Education Service Center Region 4
7145 West Tidwell
Houston, TX 77092-2096

(713) 462-7708
FAX: (713) 744-6514

Region 4 Website



 Region 5 - Beaumont

Dr. Danny Lovett
Education Service Center Region 5
2295 Delaware Street
Beaumont, TX 77703-4299

(409) 838-5555
FAX: (409) 833-9755

Region 5 Website 



Region 6 - Huntsville

Mr. Thomas Poe
Education Service Center Region 6
3332 Montgomery Road
Huntsville, TX 77340-6499

(936) 435-8400
Fax: (936) 295-1447

Region 6 Website



Region 7 - Kilgore

Mrs. Elizabeth Abernethy
Education Service Center Region 7
1909 N. Longview Street
Kilgore, TX 75662-6827

(903) 988-6700
FAX: (903) 988-6708

Region 7 Website


Region 8 - Mount Pleasant

Dr. Ray Glynn
Education Service Center Region 8
P. O. Box 1894
Mt. Pleasant, TX 75456-1894
Location: 2230 N. Edwards, 75455

(903) 572-8551
FAX: (903) 575-2611

Region 8 Website


Region 9 - Wichita Falls

Ms. Anne Poplin
Education Service Center Region 9
301 Loop 11
Wichita Falls, TX 76306-3706

(940) 322-6928
FAX: (940) 767-3836

Region 9 Website


Region 10 - Richardson

Mr. Wilburn O. "Buddy" Echols, Jr.
Education Service Center Region 10
400 E. Spring Valley Road
Richardson, TX. 75081-5101

(972) 348-1700
FAX: (972) 231-3642

Region 10 Website


Region 11 - Fort Worth

Mr. Richard Ownby
Education Service Center

Region 11
3001 North Freeway
Fort Worth, TX 76106-6596

(817) 740-3600
FAX: (817) 740-7600

Region 11 Website


Region 12 - Waco

Dr. Jerry Maze
Education Service Center Region 12
P. O. Box 23409
Waco, TX 76702-3409
Location: 2101 W. Loop 340, 76712

(254) 297-1212
FAX: (254) 666-0823

Region 12 Website


Dr. Terry Smith
Education Service Center Region 13
5701 Springdale Road
Austin, TX 78723-3675

(512) 919-5313
FAX: (512) 919-5374

Region  13 Website


Region 14 - Abilene

Mr. Ronnie Kincaid
Education Service Center Region 14
1850 Highway 351
Abilene, TX 79601-4750

(325) 675-8600
FAX: (325) 675-8659

Region  14 Website


Region 15 - San Angelo

Mr. Scot Goen
Education Service Center Region 15
P. O. Box 5199
San Angelo, TX 76902-5199
Location: 612 South Irene Street, 76903

(325) 658-6571
FAX: (325) 658-6571

Region 15 Website


Region 16 - Amarillo

Mr. John Bass
Education Service Center Region 16
5800 Bell Street
Amarillo, TX 79109-6230

(806) 677-5000
FAX: (806) 677-5001

Region 16 Website


Region 17 - Lubbock

Dr. Kyle Wargo
Education Service Center Region 17
1111 West Loop 289
Lubbock, TX 79416-5029

(806) 792-4000
FAX: (806) 792-1523

Region 17 Website



Region 18 - Midland

Mr. John Thomas
Education Service Center Region 18
P. O. Box 60580
Midland, TX 79711-0580
Location: 2811 LaForce Blvd., 79711

(432) 563-2380
FAX: (432) 567-3290

Region 18 Website


Region 19 - El Paso

Dr. James R. Vasquez
Education Service Center Region 19
P. O. Box 971127
El Paso, TX 79997-1127
Location: 6611 Boeing Drive, 79925

(915) 780-1919
FAX: (915) 780-6537

Region 19 Website


Region 20 - San Antonio

Dr. Ronald L. Beard
Education Service Center Region 20
1314 Hines Avenue
San Antonio, TX 78208-1899

(210) 370-5200
FAX: (210) 370-5750

Region 20 Website


Additional information on Cscope. 



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Bill Ayers, Ghostwriter for

Obama’s ‘Dreams from My Father,’

Still Angry with Obama and MSM

Well over a year ago the long-suspected fact that Bill^^ Ayers, the Weather Underground bomb planter, edited; and also wrote great portions of Obama’s first autobiography, “Dreams from My Father,” was made official in a book by Christopher Anderson, “Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage.” It was also revealed at that time that Bill Ayers was angry with Obama for not forwarding his share of the royalties and not acknowledging his efforts; and ultra-angry with the mainstream media (MSM) for not giving him coverage for his “well-deserved” anger.

The same Obama-praising and Obama-protecting media which has long refused to cover stories harmful to the president or his administration has, a year later, still not covered the tiff between Ayers and Obama; not reported on Ayers’ authorship of the book; barely covered the existence of the book at all; and certainly not vetted the book which strongly hints at Barak (no ‘c’) Hussein Obama, Sr.’s (his father’s) vehement communism and how it got him thrown out of Kenya’s socialistic government as a radical. Naturally they MSM has not hinted that in the matter of “Dreams from My Father,” the Dreams from our president’s father clearly included 100% taxation, confiscation of foreign businesses by Kenya, confiscation of private property, redistribution of wealth from Kenya’s White and Asian populace to their Blacks, frced governmental control of key businesses, etc., etc., ad nauseum . . . .

Anderson confirmed the fact that Ayers gave Obama “considerable help” in writing; and actually edited “Dreams from My Father.” “Michelle asked Ayers, a family friend, to help Barack with the book after first telling Barack he needed to get Ayers’ help,” according to Anderson’s best-seller. The close relationship between Ayers and Barack came up in several places in the book which also revealed a few times when Barack’s ambition seemed on the verge of destroying the marriage; how Michelle decided it must be Sotomayor nominated for the Supreme Court; Michelle’s extreme jealousy related to a female campaign worker; and that with deadline looming, Ayers received a bit of “finished writing” a huge compilation of notes and tape recorded material and taped interviews of African relatives, and several sections of partial manuscript . . . in short a mess . . . which he than rather expertly turned into the President’s first autobiography.

Anderson, who’s written books on the Bush Family, the Kennedy’s and other polical notables said that Obama took his wife’s advice and got Ayers’ help “. . . they were friends and had worked on various projects together, it was no secret.”

Ayers, who helped in the first effort at bombing a statue in Chicago (for the purpose of “inflicting police casulties”) has, after a long initial silence on the matter told several media people, “Yes, I wrote “Dreams from My Father, I ghostwrote the the whole thing. I met with (Obama) three or four times and then I wrote the entire book. And now I would like the royalties.” That complaint is still heard from Ayers today and still ignored by the MSM.

Anderson in his book said, “in the end Ayers’ contribution . . . would be significant . . . so much that the book’s language, oddly specific references, literary devices and themes would bear a jarring similarity to Ayers’ own writing.” Certainly the subtle but never absent connection to Barak Obama, Sr.’s love of communism which cost him his cushy job in the Kenyan bureaucracy “because he could not keep his mouth shut” according to Barak, Jr.’s half sister . . . is a constant Ayers’ theme.

While his own communistic leanings continue today, Ayers’ who co-authored the book “Prairie Fire” in 1973 (dedicated to over 200 persons from the great Harriet Tubman; convicted Robert Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan; “and all political prisoners in the United States”) with several other members of the Weather Underground and wrote and published “Fugitive Days: a Memoir,” has a distinctive style that is little changed over the three decades since his first book. However, the two books strike completely different tones: the first book defiant; the latter one more thoughtful and even apologetic when describing his days with the “Greenwich Village Bomb-makers.”

Columnist Cashill on the American Thinker website complained about the liberal mainstream media’s desire to shield Barak Obama from all suggestion of problem activities and acquaintanceships. Americans, for example, got a five-minute story on the disgrace and resignation of Obama's "Green Jobs Czar" communist Van Jones where something similar in the Bush Administration would have surely garnered two or even three weeks worth of coverage. Cashill said, "There is no more stunning example of this than the reporting on Christopher Andersen's new best seller. Every major news outlet in the English-speaking world felt compelled to review the book," Cashill wrote, "Yet not a single reviewer, as far as I could tell, dared mention the book's most newsworthy revelation, namely that Bill Ayers substantially aided Barack Obama in the writing of his 1995 memoir, 'Dreams From My Father.'"

Only one oblique media reference mentioned Ayers’ part in creating the book, noting that a conservative blog connected Ayers to Obama’s first book and their Hyde Park (Chicago) friendship contained video of Ayers’ admission, but that “Ayers was joking, of course” without explaining how they had established Ayers’ frame of mind and lack of sincerity. As far as the “conservative blog” in question by Anne Leary in the Backyard Conservative website describing her interview with Ayers the blog was mentioned and discredited (and that was that) without any evidence for doing so by all the liberal media.

So, Weatherman Underground bomber Bill Ayers wrote Barak Obama’s first book and is angry that he’s not received his royalties; and with the liberal MSM who won’t give him coverage to express his ire . . . it’s enough to make any radical furious.

Every time, it seems, Obama has sought to distance himself from someone like Jeremiah Wright, Van Jones, and Bill Ayers (on several occasions) and other unsavory types the media has obligingly dropped the matter immediately . . . apparently only patriotic conservatives need to be “followed up on” by the newshounds and extreme leftist presidents are presumed innocent forever. So much for the integrity of the American MSM and the once great "fourth estate."

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


^^ Today, by the way, the NY Times ran an extraordinarily sympathetic article on PFC Bradley Manning and the torments of his growing up “a geek” and gay to boot. Too bad that won’t stop any of the U.S. Military or Afghan deaths caused byManning’s willful leaking of 160,000 secret and top secret documents. Rajjpuut remembers a similar compassionate NY Times article on Bill Ayers that even showed understanding for Ayers’ bomb-planting . . . it ran on the morning of September 11, 2001 --- OOOOPS!

** dare we use the phrase “JournOList”???

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Government of “We the People”

NOT “You the Dictator,” Mr. Obama
This statue featuring US President Barack Obama when he was 10 years old was placed in Taman Menteng in Jakarta, Indonesia. Two months later on December 10, 2009 after much local controversy, it was removed to be permanently situated at the Muslim private school he attended for parts of five years. Much more below . . . .
How many Americans would have voted for Barack Obama if they knew the truth about this communist candidate for Kenyan president and then about the Muslim reign of violence he used to get close to power when voting wouldn't work for him? Much more below . . . .

We, the citizens of the United States, are in a world of HURT. As we quickly slide toward moving control over half of the economy under the federal government, let Rajjpuut say one thing very clear: Mr. Obama was raised a communist, is a communist, and the very best case scenario we will get out of him, if he’s stopped immediately will be the semi-socialist state that Obamacare has brought us to (its evils won’t be fully revealed until 2014). This is a sorry state of affairs. In the information age, 54% of the people were duped because they saw the glitz and heard the fine-sounding rhetoric but knew absolutely nothing about the character of the man they elected. The media and the Democratic Party shafted us by willfully keeping us in the dark . . . .

Obama outright stole the election from Hillary Clinton (by machine politics and thuggery and illegal bussing of out of staters across borders that won him 13 of the 14 caucus states . . . Clinton dominated in easily in the voting states) and the media and Democratic Party saw that and ignored that. His thuggery has expanded to the halls of congress. To say his actions, words and efforts “spit on the Constitution” is to call an aquatic bird that waddles, quacks and flies, GASP: a duck.

Barack Obama was the most mysterious presidential candidate in our nation’s history. The left-leaning media has never properly vetted him. We know a hundred times more about the background of the ill-fated John-John Kennedy than we do of Barack Obama’s. He is a communist. His birth-father was a communist who lost his government job in Kenya, for unceasing communist rants. Here from a relatively left-leaning source, his opinion is forever memorialized about the advisibility of 100% tax and here he names his favorite political-economic system “scientific-socialism” which he immediately clears up by saying “communism.” Read for yourself:

Barack’s first autobiography (we all need at least two, don’t you know) “Dreams From My Father” has never been properly vetted by the media. The material (pictures, interviews and other recordings and some documents) were compiled by Obama. Large pieces of the writing were done by Bill Ayers (bomb-making Weather Underground avowed communist from the late 60’s . . . now a “respected" educator) and it’s as close to truth as Obama has ever gotten. He doesn’t mention “communism” by name but when he talks about "Dreams from My Father" (and grandfather and mother) he means dreams of communism.

Here’s some of what the left-leaning media didn’t choose to investigate: like Barack himself, his mother’s family attended a very controversial church. It was called the “Little Red Church” because the message most frequently heard there had nothing to do with anyone’s sacred book, but rather with “Das Kapital.” Karl Marx’s work. The family had been uprooted from Kansas so they might attend that church and so that his mother Stanley Ann Dunham could attend a communist-leaning Mercer Island prep school near Seattle, Washington, where she proved to be among the most adamantly radical of its students constantly holding forth in a segment of the hall called “Anarchy Alley” and there created the much discussed “Yirka Movement” (ten-years ahead of its time these were loosely-laid plans for a commune for fellow travellers, a.k.a. communists, away from the mainstream of American civilization) at the high school. “Free-love” in the H.G. Wells notion of it, was part of its allure and certainly no capitalism was allowed. In her defense, she was clearly a rebel and yet a lot of us have had some pretty wild notions whenwe were teens . . . one of the chief positive attributes of the Yirka commune would be its welcoming on equal terms of Indians, Blacks and people of all races as equal partners in the endeavor.

Although, Barack’s grandfather Stanley Armour Dunham, could have sold furniture anywhere, he chose that place, that church and most importantly, that school for his little girl. Later he would move to the newly established 50th state, Hawaii. Why? Because Hawaii U. at that time was the most tolerant campus for communist ideas in the country and Ann, as she was now finally calling herself, expected to fit right in. Barack was raised in that communist household by his communist mother and communist grandfather, Stanley Ann Dunham and Stanley Armour Dunham respectively. After her second marriage failed, his mother abandoned him to be raised by his communist grandfather. Because the boy was half-Black, Stanley Armour Dunham brought a mentor into the household for Barak, the Black communist poet Frank Marshall Davis whose stories about Chicago impressed Barack greatly. One thing Frank (his full name was never mentioned in “Dreams From My Father”) told Barack was to be circumspect around all Whites, even his grandparents, “they’ll never fully understand."

After she graduated from Mercer H.S. in 1960, there is great confusion about the beginning of Stanley Ann’s university career. Some documents definitely show she began in Washington but the family always maintained she was never ever there but in Hawaii all along. This could be important because there seems to be no existing record of the marriage by Ann and Barak (without a ‘c’) Hussein Obama, Sr. whom she definitely met at Hawaii U. The whole matter of fatherhood is somewhat problematical due to some indication that she might have had sexual relations with a Nation of Islam administrator when Malcolm X came to speak in Seattle that fall. Ann was definitely ahead of her time in race relations, so it’s possible, but no more than a possibility. Certainly she was a normal-sized woman and Barak Sr. was a normal-sized man five to six inches shorter than “his” son. Short of DNA testing for parenthood, we’ll never know. Some rightwing bloggers have said unequivocally (without proof, of course), that Obama is Malcolm X’s son, but besides everything else being very “iffy” Malcolm X was NOT a communist but, in fact, very much in favor of Black’s exploiting free markets to create businesses to advance themselves. Frankly, the rightwing blogs only have Malcolm X’s 6' 2" height as a factor on their sides. ‘nuff said. We’ll never know. We only know for sure that Ann Dunham was quite radical for her day.

Ms. Dunham a few years later divorced Barack Sr. when she found out he was already married (Barak Sr. had permission from his first wife to marry again -- polygamy is part of the tribal tradition for prosperous men in the area of Kenya where they lived) but not told her of the first marriage until much later, she claimed. Given her extreme radicalism, we can't be sure that conversation never happened either. She was not a conventional girl.

That bronze statue of ten-year old Barack in Jakarta, Indonesia is quite something, eh? . . . not many ten year old boys leave such an impression. The next-to-last area of vetting where the mainstream media and the Democratic Party appeared to drop the ball is Obama’s Muslim connection. “I have never practiced Islam.” “I have always been a Christian.” Those are two of his most quoted statements right up there alongside, "I am NOT a socialist, I'm NOT." But the statue of young Barak (without a ‘c’) Obama in Indonesia where he attended Muslim school and was considered a “prize pupil” strongly suggest otherwise. It suggests that he was a practicing Muslim as a boy from 1967 - 1971 when he attended the school, which in itself is NO BIG DEAL because his mother’s second husband was a prosperous Muslim oil company executive. Young Barack attended school as Barry Soetero (his new father’s name). While Rajjpuut doesn’t enjoy being lied to (“I have never practiced Islam.”) normally a man’s religion is his own business. However, the Muslim connection does rear it’s head in a very ugly manner when it comes to Raila Odinga. If there is one piece of evidence about who is the true Barack Obama, Rajjpuut suggests . . . his dealings with Raila Odinaga reveal the character as clearly as anything ever could.

In 2006 and again in 2007 while already involved in his own presidential campaign Senator Barack Obama, using U.S. tax dollars for the trip, took time off to visit Kenya and campaign on behalf of Raila Odinga (a cousin?) the communist candidate for Kenya’s presidency. The mainstream media have totally ignored the easily discoverable facts of this trip, but have chosen not to. In fact, the mainstream media has been Barak Obama's chief enabler all along.

While in Kenya, on two different occasions Barack appeared and spoke in typical Muslim attire. He appeared all in all at over a dozen events wearing conventional shirt and tie most times. Let's talk about Odinga. He was university educated in East Berlin well before the fall of the Berlin Wall and favors “scientific socialism” a.k.a. communism. He is a Muslim. Muslim’s make up about 10% of the Kenyan populace. The largest religious group in Kenya are Christians at 45%. Despite these facts, most infamously Raila Odinga signed a document of “understanding” with Muslim leaders that he would impose “sharia” if elected. When it was revealed within weeks of its signing, the document seemingly cost Odinga all chance of winning the presidency. He quickly came out with a new document that had none of the first one’s provisions . . . .

Odinga, according to the first document of understanding, would have named Islam as the official religion of Kenya. It would have banned missionary work by other religions. It would have banned religious programming on radio or TV by other religions. You get the picture . . . but more information is available:

When Odinga lost the election badly, he claimed he was defrauded. The Muslim tribes* started a terror campaign in which many people died, much arson and violence was committed including rapes and wanton killing. The largest group among all the victims were Kenyan Christians and their churches. To pacify the Muslims, Odinga was named by the President as his Prime minister. Odinga never apologized for his part in creating the violent and intolerant atmosphere. Obama has not acknowledged campaigning for a communist, wearing Muslim garb, or speaking to Muslim groups. Or any part of the election in Kenya at all.

None of the facts discussed here are state secrets, if they’d have been true of John McCain, you bet the press would have covered it and the Democrats would have revealed it. If they’d have been true of Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton her chief campaigner, we’d have found out about it courtesy of the press’ unabashed prefence for Barack Obama. Obama is 100% communist, he wants to transform America into an all-powerful federal government: a communist state. Socialism would be a best-case scenario . . . but we’re well past that now.

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,

* there is an e-mail purportedly from Obama suggesting this course of action for Odinga "call the election fraudulent and start a campaign of violence" etc. but Rajjpuut has been unable to verify it with a second reputable source . . . if the reader finds more info either confirming or refuting this story, please send it to:
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