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Anarchists and terrorists.........

So now anyone in the Tea Party is an "anarchist"..... And anyone who disbelieves what our government has told us about 9/11 is a "terrorist" (FBI said that yesterday, disseminated to all law enforcement nation-wide)

Does anyone see the parallels I am seeing?

In July 1996 TWA flight 800 "exploded" 12 minutes after takeoff killing all on-board off the NY coast. The WORLD was told it was a fuel tank explosion.... the shakedown was all aircraft manufacturers, owners and operators spent billions of dollars re-wiring all passenger and private aircraft to prevent this "tragedy" from happening again.....

Notable is the fact that there were a lot of eyewitness "bystanders" (200 of them) who all claimed they saw a streak of light (like a missile) arching from the ground to the plane, which then blew up...... The NTSB continued to claim (for 17 years) it was a fuel tank explosion....

In August of 2013 it FINALLY came out that a missile was the cause - not a fuel tank explosion and the eyewitnesses were right all along.... to date; no one has been charged with the murder of those passengers.... all 230 of them............

On September 11, 2001 we were told radical Islamist's flew planes into the Twin Towers in NYC. The world was told America had suffered a "terrorist" attack - this became the grounds and reason for the "war of terror" and the implementation of the "patriot act". More than 3,000 people died........

A "plane" also allegedly flew into the Pentagon as well, damaging it but not destroying it.... Notable is the fact that the day before 9/11; September 10, 2001, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld told the world there was $2.3 TRILLION dollars MISSING from the DOD budget..... The "aircraft" that hit the Pentagon "coincidentally" happened to strike the Pentagon at the EXACT location of the room that housed the computers and memory storage that the missing $2.3 trillion dollars might have been found (audit trail) - destroying all the computers and memory storage.... It is also notable that the hole found in the side of the Pentagon where this "aircraft" struck was a ROUND hole..... completely unlike the hole in a building one would expect to find from a passenger aircraft striking a building.... and the corresponding aircraft WINGS impacting the building...... and BTW; there was no engine or landing gear wreckage found..... (titanium and high carbon steel)

A group of 2,500 Architects, Engineers and Demolitions Experts have banded together and question the "findings" of the government about 9/11. (short version)

The essence of their proof lies with eyewitness testimony (Police, Firefighter's, civilians) and video's of the buildings themselves.... These folks demand an unbiased investigation.... there are a lot of points that the government explanation cannot explain.... JP8 (jet fuel) doesn't burn hot enough to melt steel - yet on the videos.... molten steel can clearly be seen pouring out of the sides of the buildings as they burn..... The building was designed and Engineered specifically with the thought in mind it might someday be hit by a jet aircraft - and it was designed to stand and remain in place should it ever be hit.... that didn't happen and they fell down....


The buildings fell in their own footprint - unlike the chaos that SHOULD have been the result of an uncontrolled fire in a building.... The buildings fell EXACTLY like you would expect them to fall - IN A CONTROLLED DEMOLITION!

There have been incidents where the government has been somehow involved... and people died as a result. Quite possibly what people call a "false flag".

The aurora shooting; The shooter had no knowledge or history or the availability of knowledge to obtain and wear all the ballistic gear he was wearing or the bombs he booby-trapped his apartment with..... A second identical gas mask to the one the shooter was wearing was found in the far end of the parking lot - and later ignored by MSM and the Police..... the shooter entered the theater from the back door, which locks on closing.... who let him in?

In Sandy Hook - DHS was running an "exercise" about an "active shooter" less than two miles from the Sandy Hook elementary school.... For months, claims were made the shooter used an AR-15 rifle - and to this date, the Police reports are unavailable to anyone....

In the Boston Bombing - DHS was running an "right-wing radical bomber" exercise during and within the Boston Marathon.... muslims blew up a pressure-cooker bomb and allegedly killed people - yet there are also eye witness accounts and video accounts of ACTORS who had already suffered amputations in the past... playing as if they had been injured in the "bombing".....

Folks - I think our nation is in desperate need of a "reset" to bring us back to a Constitutional Republic - and get us away from the police state and a corrupt government we appear to be headed into.... I am coming to the conclusion we are being played - and have been lied to far longer than simply the obama years.... I am beginning to question just what our government has been up to the past 40-50 years....... and who all was involved. And why.

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Who is the American Anarchist

Who is the American Anarchist


Let’s take a look at the left side of the aisle with some hard facts. 

Janet “Big Sister” Napolitano testified before the people that make the laws for our nation that she has the right to choose which laws to enforce and which to ignore. She has unilaterally declared that the first and fourth amendments are null and void within one hundred miles of any border of the United States.  And she brags about it.  She has purchased enough ammunition to wage a war for twenty years and supply her agents with one thousand times the ammunition allocated to soldiers in a combat zone.  She has purchased armored vehicles to be used on American soil.  She has declared to congress that she will not answer any question she doesn’t want to answer about the operation of her department nor give any reason for her actions even to the senate oversight committee to which she is supposed to be answerable.

Barack H. Obama, Harry Reid , Nancy Pelosi, et al have stated that the government determining which, if any, arms the people may bear is not an ‘infringement’ of our second amendment rights.  West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has gone against his own position, stated repeatedly during his campaign, and actually sponsored a bill that would drastically reduce the power and effectiveness of the second amendment.  B. Obama demands that each person that owns or purchases or even borrows a gun of any nature submit to a background check to which he refuses to submit himself.

The Left has stated that they know a gun control law would not reduce crime, but they want the law abiding citizens disarmed anyway.  Of course the criminals will still ignore such a law leaving the law abiding citizens at their mercy.  One criminal called the police to complain that he was afraid the owner of the house he had broken into was armed with a gun!  It made the news folks. 

Harry Reid has stated publicly that an organization that has the stated purpose of defending and protecting the constitution of our country, The Tea Party, are a bunch of anarchists.

The only really amazing thing about all of these truths is the number of voters that still support these power hungry, constitutions destroying people.

It is my belief that we are headed for a bloody and life destroying civil war.  Well, If it must come I know which side I will avail myself of my second amendment right to support.  I once took an oath to uphold that constitution and I will until the day I die of am killed doing just that.

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"You Have Been Kicked Off Of This Site"---

After a fun-filled, information-packed hour with our friend David Toy on the RightWing Redneck Radio Rag on BlogTalkRadio, I decided to take a walk on the wild side, and go to Mitt Romney Radio on Blog Talk.  


As I was in the chat-room, I asked a few very simple, very polite questions of the various folks there, one being the HOST, starting with "When is Mitt going to address the very important issues before us, specifically, an undocumented foreigner in the White House who has surrounded himself with Communists, Marxists, Islamofacists and anarchists?"  

I was asked "Why?  We'll have to wait until after the Primary."

I responded "Now why would I do that?  This needs to be talked about now..."

Not a word-for-word transcription, but you get my drift.

Next thing I know, the big blue box pops up with the words "You Have Been Kicked Off This Site."

Really.   Just so I understand things clearly, there can be no mention whatsoever of the most important issues facing us as a nation, and a people of the Rule of Law...and a man who presents himself as a candidate for the office of President refuses to answer a simple question as to the Rule Of Constitutional Law...and I get kicked from the site for ASKING a question...

The simple fact that everything done by this usurper is null-and-void, and of no consequence, doesn't matter now ....


Is there still any question in anyone's mind as to what the real problem is in this country?

When I observe and experience the uncomfortable feelings held by many concerning the various candidates for the Presidency this time around, it is no small wonder that many believe we have been HAD.

I never could really put my finger on the sense of unease I had concerning Romney, until tonight.

Now all caveats have been removed, all questions are now moot and irrelevant.

And I suspect, the same thing will happen when I go to Newts' site, Santorum's, and Paul's.  


Hope you enjoy the game, if you're really up to it.  

Me...?  It's no game.  It's time to clean House & Senate right down to the pencil-sharpeners, and every empty cell in this country needs to be filled with the likes of those that are removed...up to and including that Kenyan usurper/Indonesioan Islamofacist currently desecrating our White House.  

Just when you think you've had the last straw, there seems to be another bale placed at your feet.

Join us on Tea Party Radio Network for Tea Party Radio with Dale Robertson, and Founder's Quest: The Seigfreid-Toepfer Hour with co-host Peggy Burgess.   We're just getting warmed up...

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