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From Out of the Darkness…

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

At noon today…it is over.OVER-1.jpg?width=196

The community agitator from the gun-free, target-rich zone known as Chicago is finished, short of his goal of full-on socialism. He will roll up his last prayer rug, pack away the last of the Mao holiday tree ornaments and look longingly, one last time, at his own grinning reflection in the knife he has used to repeatedly stab Israel in the back.

Our 8 year national nightmare will finally come to an end, but the damage is done, the treason, the spooning with our Islamist enemies, his disdain for all things innately American, like our exceptionalism and our Constitution will linger like the stench in an outhouse.

The end of an error…


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Why we should object to an Article V convention, or Con-con.
32 min.
By Pulius Huldah
Lawyer, philosopher & logician.  Strict constructionist of the U.S. Constitution.  Passionate about The Federalist  Papers (Alexander Hamilton, James Madison & John Jay), restoring constitutional government, The Bible, the writings of Ayn Rand, & the following: There is no such thing as Jew & Greek, slave & freeman, male & female, black person & white person; for we are all one person in Christ Jesus.
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Are we an ism, a cracy or an archy?

You know, back when I was at the National Training Center in California (NTC - if you've been there you know exactly what I'm talking about) - we were told that if we harmed a desert tortoise that we would be charged (and here the figures varied) right around $50,000. Of course I myself did not see any desert tortoise, I don't know of anyone else who actually saw a desert tortoise, but the threat was still there. So, if indeed the BLM did damage the desert tortoise home, then the BLM should be charged (after a full and complete investigation including armed guards for those during the investigation, a full clean tent enclosure, multiple specialists on the desert tortoise, etc.) for each and every desert tortoise that was in any way harmed by the BLM.

Okay, obviously that's just silly, but look at what the federal government is trying to do in this case. What we have is a federal versus state land dispute. If indeed the BLM did damage that farmer's property and kill his cows then the government of the United States (which would be our tax dollars by the way) should be fully financially responsible for any damage that was done to the farmer's assets. The federal government should actually watch the news - oh wait, never mind this type of news is not reported on any of the big 3 networks. Okay then, the feds should watch Fox news or go to some of the independent news sites and actually see what Americans are doing in the face of this type of nearly fascist (Full Definition of FASCISM: 1 - often capitalized :  a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition. 2 -  a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control <early instances of army fascism and brutality — J. W. Aldridge>) administration.

Now those may seem like very extreme words, and something that may be in some people's point of view a little over-the-top, to call our current administration names like totalitarian, aristocracy, autarchy, autocracy, bureaucracy (government by civil servants), foolocracy, hyperarchy, kakistocracy, kleptocracy, snobocracy, squatterarchy, despotocracy, but it is sad that such terminology can even be thought of with the office of the president of the United States in mind.

Rather than those terms wouldn't it be great to look at the United States government and think terms like: aristarchy, capelocracy, democracy, ergatocracy, heroarchy, idiocracy, merocracy, mesocracy, nomocracy, psephocracy (minus the voter fraud), theatrocracy? We are a democratic representative republic, the problem is those who represent us are taking their own interest to heart before ours. Vote for me, and let's start down the road to real recovery towards reclaiming American exceptionalism!

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Woe;The Dawn Of a New Nation

Ronald Gores
Saturday 07 of May, 2005
BY Ronald Gores

The attitude of hypocrites is it alive today? Who do we wish to hear our
prayers when we pray? If we pray for men to hear the words that we say, our only reward will be
is that men have heard us pray. I pray that we repent from this in our churches today, for the
ears of God are the only ones that need to hear us pray.
Knowledge, when unhindered, flows freely. The reins of hindrance lead to
ignorance. Unlatch hindrance for freedom's swift reins, and by the hand of liberty knowledge
spreads in abundance.
American, American How great it feels to be
American, American We’ll fight till victory
The room fills with conversation, the multitude mingles, Voices from
every angle echo in my ears, as though they were walls closing in, the voices blend until they
become one voice garbled and confusing; so I block out the noise and confusion from my mind, it
is then I can find that precious Silence In The Crowd.
It looks so easy to get a grip on, but that is an illusion to hide its potent,
invisible power. its wintry camouflage with a yellowish tint. How can it ruin me? Look at it, its
nothing. Control me, how can it control me? So all of my wondering led me to taste it, that bitter flavor craved by many, and I wondered why. I pulverized the crystalline shape and breathed its particles; It tingles and I feel it, it feels good I get numb ;I feel the surge, the sensation, its a rush, like standing up too fast, but then as soon as I love it, its gone. Self-respect takes a back seat to a rock. Is this the one that hooked me? was I wrong? I did another just to see, only to find that that to was part of its seductive trap; the answer was Yes! I'm such a fooling eve and gullible.
They flee into the mountains, but their refuge is spoiled. The blast and falling rock
seal their fate in their own place; the caves in which they thought secure, crumbles down.
Munitions stored in hopes of a future use are useless, and out of the chaos two coalitions form
the final war.
My country has to be the police over seas For all to see. Your planes dash
thru the sky fighting fast low and high to bring peace by and by For all to see. they fight to keep us free many died for liberty For all to see. So remember them that died pray for those which survived and for peace to be revived For all to see. Soon the whole world will be a place where all are free For all to see. I know that wars shall end and peace it will ascend when our Lord shall descend For all to see. He shall dry all our tears and remove all our fears break the bow and spear For all to see.
A LIFE TIME.we're here and then we're gone
we don't stay here too long
we're here and then we're gone
seventy years isn't that long
Seventy years to eternity
is just a drop of water to the sea
be sure you be all you can be
we're here and then we're gone
we don't stay here too long
we're here and then we're gone
seventy years isn't that long.
We will never forget,neither shall we give in,
For it was a malicious crime and an ungodly sin;
those terrorist attacks which killed our countrymen.
We will never forget our towers that stood high in the sky.
We will never forget the thousands in the towers that died.
We will never forget the men in their attempts to try,
Those valiant men of flight ninety three in their efforts died.
We will never forget their voices so grim and full of gloom.
We will never forget the terrorist that brought them to their doom.
We will never forget our nation shattered in disbelief.
We will never forget those who gave comfort and relief.
We will never forget the place we now call Ground-zero.
We will never forget the rescuers for they are our heroes.
From the people saving people amongst the chaos and turmoil,
to the one who planned the attacks for a prey,and a spoil-We will never forget!
Where is our minds today ?,they're're no different
than the minds of ancient men,even they had hate and war.The same as today
with no dramatic change notable,given the time which has elapsed
from the beginning til now,between knowledge known and knowledge
used;our technology,which many take pride in decays,such as the
viruses which infiltrates our systems;rotting from the inside like the flesh of a dead animal.
When will we change?,when man and machine at war become mangled
by battle into a graveyard of flesh and steel?
Or will we use our knowledge to its fullest? Stretching to the limit the
elastic realm of reality.Hindrances that is what you are,Like an infectious
cancer with its malignant cells inflaming our society with ignorance.
That Awful Day.
A man from the middle east
shall be the one to break the peace.
with one religion against the other
he will make you war against your brother.
he will shake the Earth's very foundations,
and spread his war across the nations.
He is with the eighth who is part of the Seven
the one who lost the war in Heaven
and he will rage his war upon the earth.
God pity those who have to give birth
to a child in such harsh conditions
until God rids the earth of the son of perdition
Thru Christ who rules with an iron rod
and under his foot Satan will be trod.
After death, and resurrection the judgment is at hand
Before the almighty God we all must stand.
To touch her body
to feel her warmth
to know her thoughts
to crave her love
To show my interest is what I must do
to gain her trust
to show I care
to give her loyalty
to give her me
All of this is what I must do
to be always confident
to be always secure
to be able to talk
to be able to listen
To be myself is what I must do
Control.I get angry and I say things that I don't mean,
And often times the words I say are obscene.
most times I hold my composure with out a scene
by holding my tongue and keeping my mouth clean.
Oh! the tongue,as small as it may be
has started many good and bad things thru-out out history.
Its like a ship,a mighty sailing ship with its little rudder
it changes your course with every word you utter,
but on them mighty sailing ships you'll find there is a captain
who turns the wheel that moves the rudder and keeps his course
And like the ship and its captain the tongue has the brain
higher than it is the Lord,and God is at the top of the chain.
The Still Small Voice.
In the silence of my mind there is a calm and
lingering presence, unnoticed for the most part
lost or muffled by our noisy unsettled lives
And only when we are quiet and settled can we hear
The still small voice
Many times I've thought What if ?,
or I wonder how it would be if ?,I wish. All these
things swirling in my brain my head is like the seas,many oceans
in one some calm and quiet others wild and raging thoughts of this,and
thoughts of thatlike theanalogy both calm and raging.
Wars and rumors of war the threshold nearing to cross
time and space equals money are problems to-wards this
end, And when I see the moon I wonder why on earth are we here?
My fingers glide across the universe of knowledge
A click,and a spark, I find what I am searching for
The light,It enters my eyes ,with its shape words are formed
I search rampantly,I cannot find it,I
know its here and yet I know not where,so close but still
so far away, I stretch farther and farther looking
where I have not looked before,hoping to find
exactlywhat I am looking for.
As I face my enemy head to head I can only
wonder if he sees things as I do,only to realize
that he does,The enemy.
The north hides the Arabian knight;that chief
prince and his bands shall gather together,Gog
and Magog to battle against you O Israel.
Like snakes seeking a prey,they slither about you.
They strike with their deadly poisonous venom.
They build their pits amongst your children,
hiding and waiting like the stalking serpents they
are, For they follow the path of that old serpent
the fallen one ,the father of hate,greed,and deceit.
I am not worthy of love I am nothing but a vile and ugly man.
but, it was me who brought that unworthiness upon myself thru the
actions of my hands.
and yet in my just sorrow for my sin, the Lord God almighty
gracefully forgives.
for my just punishment will be on the earth, and at God's will;I
deserve what he gives.
but I pray dear Lord, though I be unworthy and vile that you will
have mercy on me.
change me dear Lord,my mind,my body,my actions and recreate me Lord
the way you want me to be.
Oh! God I fear my loneliness will consume me and I have no son to
carry on my name.
I pray dear Lord that my fears will diminish
for they themselves are partly to blame.
But fear is not the blame for all of my life's loses,for I am a
vile and ugly man.
and the greatest shame of my life was brought thru the actions of
my hands.
I beg for your forgiveness dear God and plead for your blessings on
my mind,body,and soul
and render unto me,if it be your will,the virtue I need and that is
self control.
My thoughts run a hundred miles an hour expanding and blooming like
a flower.
because I learn, and I learn because knowledge is power.
power under control is the power that I seek
the power that rules the earth and it is meek
lets not confuse ourselves its certainly not weak
Jesus said that they shall inherit the earth
God thought of this before the foundation of the earth
even then our souls in mind he created our re-birth
in that our souls,from the beginning, with blood were bought
for this reason a war in heaven was fought and Satan has sought to
that thought.
LONELY MAN.another Paige in my life has turned
and another bridge has been burned
ever since you left me I have learned
when you play with fire you'll get burned
my heart is chaffed with loves fiery flame
but I have no one but me to blame
it was I who exposed my heart to that flame
I don't condemn all women for the acts of one dame
so I search and search but to what ad ue??
Oh! what I wonder can a lonely man do?
my loneliness burns me thru and thru
Oh! where is there a love that is true?
TRANSITION.Just before the final war
up in the skies we shall soar
in a craft which was made
to prep us all for the space age
but all must fly from place to place
before we venture into outer space
this is a step that needs to be
then we all can sail the ethereal sea
If you read your bible you'll know
that this is the way we need to go
in Genesis is where it is at
if you decipher the earthly fact
word to the wise,here is a clue
read earth written in Hebrew.
Because we have pride in our buildings being so high
lets rebuild our tall and mighty towers back up in the sky
Or, maybe we should build only one and put it in the clouds
to prove that we're a mighty nation, strong,just,and proud.
Because the world looks upon the United States like a beacon in the
I know deep down in my heart that we can do that which is right.
lets not forget them who fought and died that we could live free.
I say we rebuild tall to memorialize freedom for the world to see.
My country is to me the land of the brave,and free
where freedom reins
No gates or wall are there
A place where the people care
though evil brought despair
Still freedom reins.
My nation shall rise back
from those evil attacks
and rebuild our great towers back
show our resolve is that
Freedom shall rein.
so lets unite one and all
rebuild strong and tall
because divided we'll surely fall
and end freedoms rein.
Oh! say can we be like the rescuers in the night
those who had to behold the site.
and those that did stay on such a tragic day
should prove to the world we shall survive that awful day
it says our great spirit still raves
in the land of liberty and the home of the brave.
oh God please hear the prayers of America,be with her
and comfort her in her hour of need.
Strengthen her people oh Lord,and her leaders dear God
be with them that their faith may not recede.
For the time of war is at hand;we Americans
have been attacked, and lost many lives.
The only way that America will win this war
is when America's spirit is revived.
I see that it has started,when terrorist struck
our land,I saw our once dead faith come alive.
So I pray dear God that you will strengthen our faith,
and give us the courage,and endurance for the battle at hand
because terrorist are scattered across our world and we shall
be fighting in the air,at sea,and on land.
Be with us dear Lord as we use our forces to advance
on all fronts,in the air,on the ground,and at sea.
I pray dear God that you will be with us and the alliance
to assure us of our destined victory.AMEN!!
fires break out in the American south west.
A man found dead from a gunshot to the chest.
Thousands of students fail their achievement test.
Stock market falls there is panic on wall street.
Temperatures hit record high,five dead from the heat.
Lady finds a rape victim that was severely beat.
Another war breaks out in the middle east.
_our nation's life is suspended
with the fall of our mighty towers
our nation's life is suspended
by the acts of an evil power
our nation's life is suspended
all of our lives are torn apart
our nation's life is suspended
there is agony in our hearts
THE ROAD TO HAMMONGOG.I see the holy land alone in the world with gog,
and Magog raging;land for peace,peace for land each
saying to the other "give unto me first then I to you,
or else;Palestine wanting a Palestine,Israel wanting to
keep Israel and the terror grows swelling their hordes
and bands;still lurking in the north lyes the head of
the serpent waiting silently,hidden,coiled ready to strike.
The stars and planets spin,and revolve around
the sun like pendulums in a clock,as though they
were counting down the depth's of time its self.
CALAMITY AND UNITY.Let us not be afraid America let us not be afraid at all
to rebuild our nation's skyline proud,strong,and tall;
holding on to our memories of yesteryear while building a better tomorrow
even though our nation at this time is full of hate,and sorrow.
fires flash in the midst of the sky,
its bright yellow,and red colors striking
like lightening and then its roaring rumble
shakes the ground and I tremble.
Carried by wings of angels on high
flying on to victory
the arms of men that soar in the sky
crossing the mighty sea
Your paths are set high and straight
in the prophecies I see
Your enemies you shall annihilate
and multitudes shall flee
they shall gather with their affiliates
north of the dead sea
and there will be many,a great and mighty band
but here is their misery
as they unite to fight against the holy land
It is there the world shall see
the power of the great almighty God
in his wrath exceedingly
and upon the holy lands mountain sod
God will slay his enemies that is the fate of that ancient empire
written for all to see
they shall be eaten by beasts and burned with fire
lost for eternity.
HE SAW NINE ELVEN.Gog and Magog are stories of old
in Ezekiel is where the story is told
of all the events in modern date
even the attack on the United States.
One mans evil thought brought suffering and pain
he preyed on the innocent,and took life for a gain.
The prophets prophesied that terrorist's evil thought
but his own demise is what he has utterly begot.
On the mountains of Israel his armies will be slain
for perverting the name of God thru ill-gotten gain.
he has brought terror to our soil,I fear they are in our land
they drove a car three thousand miles, with plans in hand ?
God only knows the evils they have placed in such a vast span,
But the sleeping giant is now awake and standing on his feet;
Still Gog and Magog shall cloud Israel with their mighty fleet,
and in the mountains of Israel God will deliver us their defeat.
ALL TO WAR.A time of mourning has come to our land
for the death of many comes thru a terrorist's hand,
and a awift retribution is what America demands.
If war is the resolve than war it must be
for we must preserve that which is ours in the land of the free,
and protect our country's cities from to shinning sea.
So lets take the fight to our enemy where ever they may be.
For the right must unite against that which is wrong
because divided we are weak,but united we are strong,
and thru the grace of almighty God we shall carry on.
Even though our towers are torn and mangled the pillar still stand,
and upon those pillars we must rebuild our mighty towers again
because with God we stand on solid,not on sinking sand.
I pray for the day in which all hatred will finally cease
on that day our love and concern as a whole shall increase,
but now we must fight so we can insure the future peace.
In wake of our tragedy our spirit though wounded must endure
so we can rise to the tasks ahead with confidence asured.
MY PLACE.I sat down one day and read
a book unlike I've ever read
and as I read a voice I heard
that spoke to me these sweet words
"For I so loved" he said to me
" I gave my son for you to be
an advocate between you and me"
and then I fell upon my face
" Oh praise the Lord for his saving grace
I thank you Lord for taking my place
and forgiving me for my disgrace.
I stare at the lunar glow
the changing tide begins to flow
like it did so many years ago
when men sailed the seas to and fro
ancient vessels which crossed the sea
their maps dotted in the etheral sea
which sailors on their journeys
perfecting their knowledge of sky and sea.
AN IDEA.It came to me one day
and in an instant went away
it came again and I caught it
with pen and paper I wrote it
An Idea.
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Blagojevich Semi-Clean?
Rahm Emmanuel Totally Dirty?
“Slimy” may be the only way to put it. Who would have thought a year ago that you’d be hearing “disgraced” Illinois ex-Governor Rob Blagojevich saying, “When I’m governor again . . .” and “. . . Sam, when I’m vindicated, I’ll be back in politics again, I’ll be riding high . . . one honest person against a corrupt system . . .” Whoah! Are Rajjpuut’s ears deceiving him? Blago’s corruption trial starts next week. But Ol' Rajjpuut has a hunch that Barack Obama may soon find himself relieved to be discussing the Gulf Oil Leak rather than . . . other things like a disturbing pattern of illegal interferences and virtual bribes in the election process, you'll remember you heard that comment here first, won't you?
Pennsylvania Representative, Joe Sestak, you’ll remember, openly said he received an offer of a job-bribe to drop out of the senate primary race against a long-term senate veteran and sort-of Democratic incumbent Arlen Specter (a turncoat from the Republican Party) but refused the offer. Sestak was angry at the time, you’ll remember, but calm now. What started out as a carefully orchestrated press release by the White House dropped on the wires late in the afternoon of a Friday, before a major holiday now may well hold in it the seed of a major scandal right in the heart of the Obama administration. It appears to all be part of a network of Democratic corruption that sends chills up the spine.
Blagojevich, you’ll remember, sought to subpoena Barack Obama for his corruption trial. Blagojevich, you’ll remember, sought to have permission to use 100% of the phone taping by the FBI in his defense and implying that White House conversations are part of the package.
Obama, you’ll remember, was very clever about getting his 60th senate
seat back in the early days of his administration, by seeking to appoint two Republicans to jobs in his administration (he was only successful getting one to take him up on it). Rahm Emanuel, you’ll remember, is Obama’s hatchet man, notorious for assaulting congressmen in the shower while swearing like a marine gunnery sargeant. Emanuel was also associated with Bill Clinton's administration, you'll remember.
The White House and Harry Reid, you’ll also remember, were infamous for bribettes associated with votes on Obamacare to various senators such as Ben Nelson’s “Corn Husker Kickback,” the mysterious case of Medicare Advantage beneficiaries in Pennsylvania, Florida and New York all winning protection for beneficiaries for a program that is being cut elsewhere nationwide, Bernie Sanders’ $10 Billion “Sweetheart Funding” for health care centers, Ben Nelson and Carl Levin’s “Non-profit Insurance Exemption” for Nebraska and Michigan, Bernie Sanders’ and Patrick Leahy’s “Special Medicaid Fundings,” and Mary Landrieu’s unconsionable “Louisiana Purchase.”
In the so-called Sestak scandal, the Obama administration, you’ll remember, talked about PLURAL “discussions” (notice so far we have only one discussion REVEALED with Bill Clinton playing a role -- which now seem to be felony discussions akin to bribes) with ex-president Bill Clinton in one of these discussions conveying a message from Rahm Emanuel trying to get Pennsylvania Representative (and ex-admiral) Joe Sestak to drop out of the senate race against Arlen Specter -- a clear felony. Howsomever, the hits keep coming, it appears that here in Colorado where Rajjpuut lives, one Jim Messina, Obama’s deputy chief of staff under, who else, Rahm Emanuel initiated conversation with Andrew Romanoff (even before the Sestak attempt) offering him a bribe-job in the administration according to the Denver Post which referenced several high-ranking Colorado Democrats who asked for “anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter.” Romanoff, like Sestak refused the request to drop-out of his senate primary race against (like Sestak) a Democratic incumbent. Unlike Sestak, Romanoff is refusing to discuss the matter with the press. The key ingredient in a whole lot of this including Blagojevich’s involvement? The U.S. senate where Barack Obama has been mighty concerned about getting or keeping or regaining his 60-vote filisbuster-proof senate majority.
Blagojevich, you’ll remember, was accused of trying to sell Barack Obama’s vacated seat . . . Blagojevich, you’ll remember, has intimated that he was pressured to give the seat to someone he didn’t want to, by the Obama administration. Blagojevich, you’ll remember has felt himself stonewalled out by the administration when seeking information and testimony from Obama and the White House, he says will help clear him. Blagojevich was even turned down by the U.S. Supreme Court this week when the White House let Justice Stevens know that they're opposed to allowing Blagojevich a delay for further evidence gathering. Blagojevich, you’ll remember, faces his corruption trial next week.
All this is quite problematical for Sestak and Romanoff. They’ve both run as anti-Washington type-fellows well above the cheap fray and all corruption possibilities. And now in both cases . . . Sestak with his “there was nothing wrong” comment and Romanoff by stonewalling . . . in both cases they appear to be showing themselves as “good team players.” Romanoff’s case is particularly curious as he not only refuses to answer questions about the offer, but he even refuses to refuse to answer. His aides are delegated to saying for him, “Andy doesn’t want to comment on that” ten times a day. Obama’s hardball down and dirty Chicago-Style operation is also in direct opposition to the squeaky clean transparency he promised – wow, imagine that: Obama told a lie? Don’t bet the questions will stop any time soon, you’ll lose your money.
Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,
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