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We are the hope and America’s future.

By: Juan Reynoso, activist  -     STAND FOR AMERICA

"Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."

Seek the truth and let the people know. America will never be destroy from the outside; it will be destroy from within. The love for money is evil. The evil factors-Corporate greed bribes and corrupts our government. If we falter, and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves by ignorance and apathy.

We are the hope and America’s future.

Fellow Americans this is the truth; our government is evil, they are traitors that betray our trust and faith on our system of government. They trashed our constitution and God’s law, which is the base of our constitution.

Fellow Americans united in faith we will rebuild our nation base in God’s law. I Belief that love each other is a commandment of God and the necessary practice of it by the believers that are saved by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is God’s law “Love you neighbor as yourself, this is Jesus commandment”, meaning that we are all equals and what you do to another must be done to you. The Bible and the Koran are also connected to each other and Jesus is viewed as a Prophet by the Muslim world. We belief in the absolute Divine inspiration of the Holy Scriptures and that the Holy Spirit come from the Father and from the Son to convert the world of sin, show us justice and wisdom, to sanctify, comfort, regenerate and know those who believe in Jesus Christ, granting and empowering the believers with spiritual gifts to lead our nation to freedom and liberty as the fathers of our country intended to be. The fathers of our great nation give us the US constitution that confirms our God’s given natural rights to freedom and liberty. Fellow patriots we must defend our constitution and never compromise it for any reason; nothing matters but our constitution and our sovereignty. Our freedom is non-negotiable.  

Wars are evil manifestation of man hate and greed for power and control. We know that man is totally sinful and master of deception and that to justified wars he fabricated motives to convince us to be part of their aggression toward others and start wars. Today the world is in a crisis created by greed for power and money and we are the main actors of this world crisis because we made a pact with the devil to create the new world order, one government that will control everything and our freedom.

Fellow patriots, we are the hope of America. We should not continue being neither the world police force nor the protectors of the multinational corporations or the Banking financial system. We must direct our attention to the needs of the American people. No more wars by the will of the president, war must be declare and finance by congress vote and approval. We have a president with limited authority, not a dictator or King.

2014 and 2016 elections will be the turning point to re-claim our constitution, our God given rights and the rule of law, ”God’s law not man law”. We must elect politicians that will not sell out to this Washington system of corruption and believers of our constitution, our laws that are in agreement with our constitution and be willing to re-peal any laws that demise our freedom, control our economic and exclusive are for the benefit of especial interest or corporations.

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Please take the time to learn the truth; the truth will free you from this system of government.

The demise of our country

Fiat Empire-Violates the US constitution

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This is a copy of an e-mail I received tonight from American' :

I voted for myself to be President! Nyuh! Nyuh! Nyuh!Nyuh! Woop! Woop! Woop! Woop!

Dear Mark,                                                                                                           May 18, 2012

There is a desire among Delegates and millions of Americans who have supported Americans Elect to see a credible candidate emerge from this process.

However, the rules, as developed in consultation with the Americans Elect Delegates, are clear. As of this week, no candidate achieved the national support threshold required to enter the Americans Elect Online Convention in June. The primary process for the Americans Elect nomination has come to an end.

Americans Elect, from the outset, has been a rules-based process, with the rules publicly available and open to debate by the Delegates. Our key priorities have been to: 1) honor the trust Americans Elect has built with the Delegates and American public; 2) require candidates to earn the nomination by building support among the Americans Elect Delegate community and American voters; and 3) create a basis for a solid future for the Americans Elect movement.

This decision honors these priorities.

Through the efforts of thousands of staffers, volunteers, and leadership, Americans Elect has achieved its operational goals, including:

Creating a pathway for nationwide ballot access for a balanced presidential ticket unaffiliated with the nominating process of either major party to compete in the 2012 race;
Building the technological platform for the first nonpartisan secure national online primary at;
Attracting a significant base of more than 4 million supporters, including Delegates, petition signers and volunteers;
Educating the national and local media on the Americans Elect mission; and
Finishing an extensive candidate briefing program involving more than 100 potential candidates.

As always, we thank everyone who has helped build this organization and are grateful for the work, efforts, and trust so many people have placed in Americans Elect. We are continuing the Americans Elect mission of creating more choice in our political system, giving candidates unaffiliated with the nominating process of either major party an authentic way to run for office and giving the American people a greater voice in our political process.

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