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Mr. Biden, It’s Time For Your Pudding

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pudding-1.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710x“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

That is one of the most well-known sentences from arguably THE most famous document ever written. With those words, Thomas Jefferson ushered into being the greatest nation on Earth, and those words have echoed throughout the world to this day.

That document, our Declaration of Independence, and those words should be known by all Americans, and until recently, were taught in our schools.

In fact, anyone over the age of 35 is, or should be as familiar with that sentence as they are with their own names…


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Trump Under House Arrest?

Trump Under House Arrest?

( Here is the true realty

We elected president Trump but we have not elected those to our Congress that supports his agenda nor the will of the AMERICAN PEOPLE we just keep reelecting the same bozos  over and over again! The problem is with the Legislative the Judicial branches who oppose the will of the PEOPLE and our elected president

we have been invaded by illegals and Muslims, economy is a disaster, we our no longer safe in our own country race relations is in the Dumpster,we are being attack by black live, matter antifa while law enforce stand and watch we have Muslims who are killing us IN OUR HOME LAND and want to take over our country and enforce sharia on us!!    

All of this is because of a failed Congress and a corrupt judicial branch  who think they can make laws and do support the law of the land nor the AMERICAN PEOPLE!  

It's our to fault to for electing these people

  On Nov. 8th 2018 we can start to fix this by electing those who support the will of the American people and our elected president! We elected this president to fix the problems BUT we did not elect those who will work with president Trump! Trump cannot do this on his own he needs us to fight with him we elected him we must stand with him!!!!!! )

Principles foe a FREE SOCIETY   

Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow spoke to journalist Mike Cernovich on Breitbart News Daily this morning discussing the Trump presidency, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s influence, and the possibility of President Trump being held under “house arrest.”

Mike Cernovich appeared on Breitbart News Daily today to speak to Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow about issues surrounding the Trump Presidency. Cernovich has a running series of posts called ” Dispatches from Trumpland” that were at the center of their discussion. “There’s some pretty explosive stuff in your report,” said Alex Marlow referencing Cernovich’s recent Trump Dispatches, “and so I just wanted to unpack some of it with you, the first place where it starts in your dispatch is that Trump is on house arrest and you cite John Bolton who people thought was under consideration for National Security Advisor, for Secretary of State who can’t even have access to the President right now and this is a pretty big departure from campaign trail Trump.”

“Exactly, so I’d heard from people that Trump is on house arrest,” replied Mike Cernovich, “I thought ‘oh c’mon, the President of the United States, that’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard’, but I kept digging into it and I kept hearing the same thing over and over again and then, of course, John Bolton wrote his column for National Review and he’s begging people to retweet it, he said ‘this is the only way the President is gonna see it,’ and I’ll say Alex, I don’t really understand, how can Trump not see who he wants to see? This is something I don’t really fully comprehend within the White House. I have talked to a lot of people, it’s a very weird situation.”

Marlow agreed, “it is a very weird situation, and this is something that I’m afraid is systemic of something that’s happening inside, people that listen to the show know that I’m not a huge ‘Javanka’ fan,” referencing Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, “and I’m just seeing the numbers here Mike and the people inside the White House, you’ve got Kushner, you’ve got Ivanka Trump, Gary Cohn, Dinah Powell, H.R. McMaster, who I know you were really the first person to call him out as a big threat to the MAGA agenda. And it’s just overwhelming and now with no Bannon and with no Gorka, just where is the President getting information that can tie him, connect him to his own base?” (Read more from “Trump Under House Arrest?” HERE)

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Muslim Extremist Attacks Christian Street Preacher… Guess What Happened Next!


In this older video, watch as a radical Muslim extremists attacks a street preacher. Not only is he controversial and violent, but thanks to political correctness… the police are hesitant do to anything about it! As far as we can tell, the Christians were acting in a peaceful manner, while the Muslim was extraordinarily aggressive. Skip to the 4:40 to see the situation escalate into a physical confrontation.

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NPR111%rs Milita MO 1 Brigade

im glad to be here fellow patriots my new milita NPR111%rs MO 1 brigade were are new and apart of a large regualted MILITA FORCE!, (non hate,not radicals) most are military vets like myself! were looking for willing patriots to take a stand with us in Defense,protecting our given American FREEDOMS and perserve those same rights for future generations!! if anyone one here who will answer THE CALL OF DUTY!! email me or go to and apply today all are welcome 

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By John W. Lillpop

On the Dave Letterman show Tuesday night, President Barack Obama stated that the occupant of the Oval Office must "work for everyone, not just for some," a pathetic response to Mitt Romney’s “secret” video.

However, Obama’s record over the past four years indicates that there are several groups of Americans whom the president does not care about, or work for.

Those Obama does not appear to work for include, but are not limited to:

( )Those who earn more than $250,000 a year;
( )Those involved in the coal industry;
( )Religious institutions denied First Amendment rights as a result of ObamaCare mandates:
( )US Border patrol agents and their families;
( )Male Caucasians;
( )Pro-life activists;
( )Stay- at- home moms;
( )Tea Party members;
( )Evangelicals;
( )The City and people of Las Vegas;
( )Gun rights advocates;
( )Opponents of same-sex marriage;
( )Supply-side economists;
( )Balanced budget advocates;
( )Pro-Israel activists;
( )FOX News;
( )Americans for legal immigration:
( )US Chamber of Commerce;
( )People and businesses that pay taxes;
( )Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump, and Clint Eastwood, and
( )Governors of Red States.

The big question: Does the number of voters in the above categories exceed the 47 percent in the tank for our failed president?

Pray to God that the answer is a resounding YES!

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The ten commandments have been credited with being the basis of the concepts that the founding fathers incoerated into he laws of the land.  In reviewing those commandments, the common thread is love and respect your fellow man. God gave each of us talents and traits unique to each, he created a diversity in his mentering of the life experiences of each of us as an individual, hence the diversity in opinions and actions.  THE COMMON THREAD IN EACH INDIVIDUALS EVOLVMENT INTO THAT WHICH EACH OF US HAS BECOME IS THE BASIS OF THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. Various excerpts from the that have a familiar ring,  love thy neihgbor as thyself, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you , Thou shalt not covet, etc etc.  These are the connecting threads to the basis of the ten commandments.  Many years ago, Jesus taught me to reject hatred and jealousy it has not always been easy, but the strength of my faith enabled me to prevail in that regard over the ong run.

Another saying within the Bible which is commonly ignored Do not udge lest yee aqlso be judged, Jesus displayed this vikrtue when he defnded the lady who the townspeople consideed to be a harlot,  "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" 

It appears as though our curent political establishmet has ignored the corner stone tenants of God's teaching, the division of the masses, the hatred and the deliberate disrespect of the rights given ALL by our creator tht have been created by this current crop of political figures have not shown much of the basic tenants of our faith  It has been a dificult task to keep ourselves from being dragged down to the levels that many of our political figures have fallen,  our display of our faith is the manner in which we conduct ourselves individually even when we disagree on things.  These indeed are dificult times for the true christians to remain committed to our faith. We must open our hearts to Gods strength and rely on His guidance to properly exert that strength.

We must remember that none of us has the right to ridicule or deny any of us of those inalieble rights

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Dee adds a very unique and tangible perspective to our endeavors here, and I for one am quite grateful for her hard work and obvious grasp of our situations.  Her topic of discussion "Why Are We All Here?" soundly mirrors what we see and hear, feel and think on a minute-by-minute, day-by-day basis.

As Dee points out, the change in the rhetoric of the Left bears paying attention to.  They have made it abundantly clear what they intend to do, even if they refuse to describe how they will do it in many instances.  Apparently, they fail to recognize that actions speak louder than words...or perhaps they are just blinded by their stunning intellectual superiority.  You can hear it in their voices and condescending tones when you talk to them.  It literally DRIPS off the page when they correspond with you...if that's what you'd like to call it.

The answer to the question is quite simple for me: We are all here because we have been called into the fight against absolute, totalitarian AGE-OLD fight, not unique to us only, but certainly unique to this Nation, particularly because of our Founding Principles and history.  Consider that this is the longest-surviving Constitution in the history of the world.  This is the greatest experiment in liberty in the history of the world, which asks the question "Is man capable of governing himself?"  The question remains at this hour unresolved...we are in the same battle now as our Founders were in their day.  I believe the case could be made that it is arguably WORSE.  Marx & Engles didn't pen "The Communist Manifesto" until 1848, for example.

We have our share of trolls on Tea Party Radio and Founder's Quest.  On Wednesday of last week, March 14, (check it out in the archived shows @ we had Miki Booth with us as our guest.  Miki was followed by a group of trolls who were in the chat-room and also had called in.  It was rather entertaining.  One caller in particular would be a good case in point; After sentence 2, where he was "we're really REALLY  big fans of yours!", I caught on.  You just can't miss the simpering condescension and hatred lurking behind the facade.  He was trying to bait Miki and then intimidate her (once he was exposed on-air) into making some kind of terrible admission that "they" would use to file some lawsuit or something, some case they had feverishly worked up in their grandmother's basement they use for "strategy sessions" or whatever they use relative's basements for.  Chilling and quite nefarious, I can assure you.  

Chat-room was equally nefarious.  I was berated for hating Obama because he is black.  My reply-I don't care what color he is.  Why do you have a problem with people of color?  End of THAT line of conversation.

The point being, you don't always have to say much.  Just say it well, speak the truth, don't let them get to you, and hold up the mirror.  At the end of the day, we must realize exactly who we are up against.  Trolls for the most part are morally-challenged individuals; they are cowards to a fault; they are generally traitors to any rule of law they claim to understand; they cannot uphold a real position in a real debate because they are devoid of what we in the real world call "facts"---kind of like that petulant Kenyan we will probably have to drag out of the White House in a strait-jacket.

And THAT, my friends, is the biggest TROLL of them all.


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The Tebow Effect

4063435088?profile=originalDenver Broncos rookie quarterback Tim Tebow is an unapologetic, outspoken born-again Christian.  No politically correct, careful not to offend anyone, skirting around the issue of his faith for Tebow.  When interviewed after winning a game, Tebow says, "First, I would like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."

Numerous pro athletes are Christians.  None have been so innocently bold about expressing their faith as Tebow.  It is as if when Tebow entered the national stage, he never got the memo sent by the left stating that God is banned from the public square, and anyone who dares speak of God will be branded a religious nutcase.  Tebow simply loves Jesus and sees no reason to hide it.  Thus, the left hopes that Tebow fails as a quarterback and a role model.

Oh, I just got a thought.  Wouldn't the mainstream media be celebrating and rallying around Tebow if he proclaimed that he was in love with and planned to marry a fellow teammate?  Imagine the major TV network bidding war for the rights to broadcast the wedding nationwide.

Meanwhile, the left has deemed Tebow proclaiming his love for Jesus offensive.  A blogger called Tebow the most polarizing figure in America.  Several TV shows promote homosexuality.  Another TV show promotes Islam.  And yet, Tebow mentioning Jesus is considered polarizing.

Tebow is not polarizing/dividing people.  Tebow is bringing people together.  Remarkably, Tebow fans are all races, ranging in ages from eight to eighty.

Folks, I am telling you.  There is something uniquely special about this fine young man, Tim Tebow.  Cultural rot is eating away at our country like a terminal cancer.  Our boys aspire to look and act like thugs.  Women are dressing themselves and their daughters without modesty.

Unintentionally and, I believe, unknown to him, Tebow appears to be leading a movement toward a miracle cure: returning Christian values and principles from many years of exile.  More and more pro athletes and politicians are boldly speaking about their faith on national TV.  We are witnessing the birth of The Tebow Effect.

Tebow is making it cool to be a "good guy" again.  He has sparked a national dialog in the secular arena regarding faith.

Christian broadcasting networks do a wonderful job.  But rarely these days do we see anyone speak as comfortably and as matter-of-factly about his faith as Tebow in "secular" settings.  Tebow is not trying to start a movement, nor is he trying to offend.  The kid is simply being himself, and people are following his example.

God is so awesomely cool.  The Bible says God uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.  Who could have imagined that God would use something as foolish as a twenty-something-year-old kid, playing football, having fun, and being himself, to inspire millions?

Tragically, many Americans have accepted incidents of terminating a sixty-year tradition of opening their town's spring festival or city council meeting with prayer because one person complained.  Many have accepted their children being forced to say "happy winter break" because "Christmas" is declared to have offensive religious connotations.  At secular events where prayer is allowed, clergy are cautioned to refrain from using the name of Jesus for fear of offending someone.  Yes, the left has done a pretty good job of intimidating Christians into not honoring Jesus in secular settings.

Then, along comes this superstar football player cheerfully spouting the name of Jesus all over the place.  The anti-Christian crowd who thought they had us Christians securely under their thumb are furious.  Who does this Tebow guy think he is, and does he know the rules?

I believe that Tebow is passively leading us back to a time when all things Christian were not attacked, demeaned, ridiculed, or made fun of.  Many years ago, secular companies produced movies like Boys Town, in which Father Flanagan was the hero.  Nowadays, though, can you name a recent movie produced by a secular company which features Christians in a positive light?  Remember the grief Mel Gibson caught from the anti-Christian community for following the biblical account of events in producing his movie, The Passion of The Christ?

When I was a kid, my family loved watching the Red Skelton TV comedy show.  Skelton would end every show saying, "Good night and may God bless."  Today, letters from a few non-Christians claiming to be offended would prompt the show producers to instruct Skelton to cease ending his show with a "prayer."

Tebow represents a paradigm change -- a new sense of freedom to say "Praise God!" in secular settings.  I love it!

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.
Lloyd is singer/songwriter of the American Tea Party Anthem
and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative, foreword by Michele Malkin.
Spokesperson for Tea Party Express
Please help me spread my message by joining my Liberty Network.

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New TV Show Idea: All-American Christian

4063432224?profile=originalI have a GREAT idea! How about a TV show titled, “All-American Christian”? Christians have been getting a bum rap in cinema and the mainstream media for quite a while. In a spirit of fairness, compassion and tolerance, a TV show promoting Christianity is simply the right thing to do. After all, the last thing we need are Christian-phobic Americans.

We must educate Americans to realize Christianity is a religion of peace. Christians are not anti-American. The TV show will confirm Christians are not much different than you and me and just as patriotic. Also, Christians would never attempt to force Biblical Law down our throats.

Now, where can I find fair minded, tolerant and compassionate celebrities who will enthusiastically support and speak in defense of the show. I know! Russell Simmons, Bill Maher and Rosie O'Donnell are a good start. These guys are all about fairness, tolerance and compassion. I am extremely confident they will leap at an opportunity to fairly portray Christianity.

Christians are not rioting, seeking to physically punish offenders or lobbying to make it illegal to speak against their religion. Thus, beheading non-believers who reject their religion is not in the Christian recruitment manual. As a matter of fact, the founder of Christianity said, “With loving kindness have I drawn thee”.

Rosie O'Donnell, great advocate of women rights that she is, will surely love this. Christian women are not forced to be subservient to men. Under no circumstance does Christianity condone a husband beating, stoning or beheading his wife. A Christian woman is pretty much free to be all-she-can-be from a mom to governor of Alaska to president of the United States. Believe it or not, a Christian woman can even venture outside without having her head covered and face veiled. Thus, it makes perfect sense that the American Feminist Movement would rally around Christianity. Right?

I can not think of a single group of people Christians seek to remove from the planet. While more than 18,167 deadly terrorist attacks, since 9-11, have been carried out in the name of another religion, zero attacks, since 9-11, have happened in the name of Christianity. We know the American left is all about peace; “all we are saying is give peace a chance”and so on. One can only conclude that Christianity's non-violent track record wins their endorsement. Correct?

Unfortunately, Christianity does not have a “lying clause”. Another religion has a privilege authorized in its holy book called, “Taqiyya” which means never-feeling-guilty-for-lying. In other words, Taqiyya makes it permissible to lie to protect their religion. Common sense tells us that anything these people say about the intentions and motives of their religion should be taken with a grain of salt. Meanwhile, Christians are stuck with “Thy shall not lie.”

It is truly tragic that Bibles, after school Bible studies and prayer at school sporting events are being banned from public schools. Christian graduates are commanded to censor all references to God and especially “Jesus” from their commencement speeches. And yet, nationwide special concessions are being made for another religion; installing foot bathing facilities and etc.

By the way, our government has sponsored the defacing of Christian icons. A photo of a crucifix submerged in a glass of urine was funded by the NEA (National Endowment of the Arts). The award winning photo is titled, “Piss Christ”. The Brooklyn Museum of Art, despite considerable controversy, exhibited the Holy Virgin Mary painted with elephant dong.

Christians are legally fighting the court ordered removal of crosses which have been displayed on sites for many years, one out in the middle of nowhere. Nativity scenes are becoming more and more taboo in public schools and government buildings. Our kids no longer go on Christmas break from school. It is now called Winter Fest-a-something or other.

Some paranoid conspiracy theorists say Christianity has infiltrated high levels of our government. Rumor has it that even President Obama is a Christian. However, this rumor is yet to be confirmed. I wish to go on record stating that I am not Christian-phobic. America was unarguably founded on Biblical principles. Therefore, I am completely comfortable with Christians influencing our government.

We can count on Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to aggressively work to make Christian-phobia punishable by law the way she is for another religion.

So yes, the timing is perfect for an “All-American Christian” TV show. I am sure Hilary, Obama and all those compassionate tolerant Hollywood types will enthusiastically join in our effort to get out the truth about Christianity- a virtuous, misunderstood and wonderful religion of peace.

Folks, this is gonna be great! I am soooooo excited. For the debut of the “All-American Christian” TV show, I wonder if we can get Tim Tebow to make a special guest appearance. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.
Lloyd is singer/songwriter of the American Tea Party Anthem
and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative, foreword by Michele Malkin.
Spokesperson for Tea Party Express
Please help me spread my message by joining my Liberty Network.

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Woe;The Dawn Of a New Nation

Ronald Gores
Saturday 07 of May, 2005
BY Ronald Gores

The attitude of hypocrites is it alive today? Who do we wish to hear our
prayers when we pray? If we pray for men to hear the words that we say, our only reward will be
is that men have heard us pray. I pray that we repent from this in our churches today, for the
ears of God are the only ones that need to hear us pray.
Knowledge, when unhindered, flows freely. The reins of hindrance lead to
ignorance. Unlatch hindrance for freedom's swift reins, and by the hand of liberty knowledge
spreads in abundance.
American, American How great it feels to be
American, American We’ll fight till victory
The room fills with conversation, the multitude mingles, Voices from
every angle echo in my ears, as though they were walls closing in, the voices blend until they
become one voice garbled and confusing; so I block out the noise and confusion from my mind, it
is then I can find that precious Silence In The Crowd.
It looks so easy to get a grip on, but that is an illusion to hide its potent,
invisible power. its wintry camouflage with a yellowish tint. How can it ruin me? Look at it, its
nothing. Control me, how can it control me? So all of my wondering led me to taste it, that bitter flavor craved by many, and I wondered why. I pulverized the crystalline shape and breathed its particles; It tingles and I feel it, it feels good I get numb ;I feel the surge, the sensation, its a rush, like standing up too fast, but then as soon as I love it, its gone. Self-respect takes a back seat to a rock. Is this the one that hooked me? was I wrong? I did another just to see, only to find that that to was part of its seductive trap; the answer was Yes! I'm such a fooling eve and gullible.
They flee into the mountains, but their refuge is spoiled. The blast and falling rock
seal their fate in their own place; the caves in which they thought secure, crumbles down.
Munitions stored in hopes of a future use are useless, and out of the chaos two coalitions form
the final war.
My country has to be the police over seas For all to see. Your planes dash
thru the sky fighting fast low and high to bring peace by and by For all to see. they fight to keep us free many died for liberty For all to see. So remember them that died pray for those which survived and for peace to be revived For all to see. Soon the whole world will be a place where all are free For all to see. I know that wars shall end and peace it will ascend when our Lord shall descend For all to see. He shall dry all our tears and remove all our fears break the bow and spear For all to see.
A LIFE TIME.we're here and then we're gone
we don't stay here too long
we're here and then we're gone
seventy years isn't that long
Seventy years to eternity
is just a drop of water to the sea
be sure you be all you can be
we're here and then we're gone
we don't stay here too long
we're here and then we're gone
seventy years isn't that long.
We will never forget,neither shall we give in,
For it was a malicious crime and an ungodly sin;
those terrorist attacks which killed our countrymen.
We will never forget our towers that stood high in the sky.
We will never forget the thousands in the towers that died.
We will never forget the men in their attempts to try,
Those valiant men of flight ninety three in their efforts died.
We will never forget their voices so grim and full of gloom.
We will never forget the terrorist that brought them to their doom.
We will never forget our nation shattered in disbelief.
We will never forget those who gave comfort and relief.
We will never forget the place we now call Ground-zero.
We will never forget the rescuers for they are our heroes.
From the people saving people amongst the chaos and turmoil,
to the one who planned the attacks for a prey,and a spoil-We will never forget!
Where is our minds today ?,they're're no different
than the minds of ancient men,even they had hate and war.The same as today
with no dramatic change notable,given the time which has elapsed
from the beginning til now,between knowledge known and knowledge
used;our technology,which many take pride in decays,such as the
viruses which infiltrates our systems;rotting from the inside like the flesh of a dead animal.
When will we change?,when man and machine at war become mangled
by battle into a graveyard of flesh and steel?
Or will we use our knowledge to its fullest? Stretching to the limit the
elastic realm of reality.Hindrances that is what you are,Like an infectious
cancer with its malignant cells inflaming our society with ignorance.
That Awful Day.
A man from the middle east
shall be the one to break the peace.
with one religion against the other
he will make you war against your brother.
he will shake the Earth's very foundations,
and spread his war across the nations.
He is with the eighth who is part of the Seven
the one who lost the war in Heaven
and he will rage his war upon the earth.
God pity those who have to give birth
to a child in such harsh conditions
until God rids the earth of the son of perdition
Thru Christ who rules with an iron rod
and under his foot Satan will be trod.
After death, and resurrection the judgment is at hand
Before the almighty God we all must stand.
To touch her body
to feel her warmth
to know her thoughts
to crave her love
To show my interest is what I must do
to gain her trust
to show I care
to give her loyalty
to give her me
All of this is what I must do
to be always confident
to be always secure
to be able to talk
to be able to listen
To be myself is what I must do
Control.I get angry and I say things that I don't mean,
And often times the words I say are obscene.
most times I hold my composure with out a scene
by holding my tongue and keeping my mouth clean.
Oh! the tongue,as small as it may be
has started many good and bad things thru-out out history.
Its like a ship,a mighty sailing ship with its little rudder
it changes your course with every word you utter,
but on them mighty sailing ships you'll find there is a captain
who turns the wheel that moves the rudder and keeps his course
And like the ship and its captain the tongue has the brain
higher than it is the Lord,and God is at the top of the chain.
The Still Small Voice.
In the silence of my mind there is a calm and
lingering presence, unnoticed for the most part
lost or muffled by our noisy unsettled lives
And only when we are quiet and settled can we hear
The still small voice
Many times I've thought What if ?,
or I wonder how it would be if ?,I wish. All these
things swirling in my brain my head is like the seas,many oceans
in one some calm and quiet others wild and raging thoughts of this,and
thoughts of thatlike theanalogy both calm and raging.
Wars and rumors of war the threshold nearing to cross
time and space equals money are problems to-wards this
end, And when I see the moon I wonder why on earth are we here?
My fingers glide across the universe of knowledge
A click,and a spark, I find what I am searching for
The light,It enters my eyes ,with its shape words are formed
I search rampantly,I cannot find it,I
know its here and yet I know not where,so close but still
so far away, I stretch farther and farther looking
where I have not looked before,hoping to find
exactlywhat I am looking for.
As I face my enemy head to head I can only
wonder if he sees things as I do,only to realize
that he does,The enemy.
The north hides the Arabian knight;that chief
prince and his bands shall gather together,Gog
and Magog to battle against you O Israel.
Like snakes seeking a prey,they slither about you.
They strike with their deadly poisonous venom.
They build their pits amongst your children,
hiding and waiting like the stalking serpents they
are, For they follow the path of that old serpent
the fallen one ,the father of hate,greed,and deceit.
I am not worthy of love I am nothing but a vile and ugly man.
but, it was me who brought that unworthiness upon myself thru the
actions of my hands.
and yet in my just sorrow for my sin, the Lord God almighty
gracefully forgives.
for my just punishment will be on the earth, and at God's will;I
deserve what he gives.
but I pray dear Lord, though I be unworthy and vile that you will
have mercy on me.
change me dear Lord,my mind,my body,my actions and recreate me Lord
the way you want me to be.
Oh! God I fear my loneliness will consume me and I have no son to
carry on my name.
I pray dear Lord that my fears will diminish
for they themselves are partly to blame.
But fear is not the blame for all of my life's loses,for I am a
vile and ugly man.
and the greatest shame of my life was brought thru the actions of
my hands.
I beg for your forgiveness dear God and plead for your blessings on
my mind,body,and soul
and render unto me,if it be your will,the virtue I need and that is
self control.
My thoughts run a hundred miles an hour expanding and blooming like
a flower.
because I learn, and I learn because knowledge is power.
power under control is the power that I seek
the power that rules the earth and it is meek
lets not confuse ourselves its certainly not weak
Jesus said that they shall inherit the earth
God thought of this before the foundation of the earth
even then our souls in mind he created our re-birth
in that our souls,from the beginning, with blood were bought
for this reason a war in heaven was fought and Satan has sought to
that thought.
LONELY MAN.another Paige in my life has turned
and another bridge has been burned
ever since you left me I have learned
when you play with fire you'll get burned
my heart is chaffed with loves fiery flame
but I have no one but me to blame
it was I who exposed my heart to that flame
I don't condemn all women for the acts of one dame
so I search and search but to what ad ue??
Oh! what I wonder can a lonely man do?
my loneliness burns me thru and thru
Oh! where is there a love that is true?
TRANSITION.Just before the final war
up in the skies we shall soar
in a craft which was made
to prep us all for the space age
but all must fly from place to place
before we venture into outer space
this is a step that needs to be
then we all can sail the ethereal sea
If you read your bible you'll know
that this is the way we need to go
in Genesis is where it is at
if you decipher the earthly fact
word to the wise,here is a clue
read earth written in Hebrew.
Because we have pride in our buildings being so high
lets rebuild our tall and mighty towers back up in the sky
Or, maybe we should build only one and put it in the clouds
to prove that we're a mighty nation, strong,just,and proud.
Because the world looks upon the United States like a beacon in the
I know deep down in my heart that we can do that which is right.
lets not forget them who fought and died that we could live free.
I say we rebuild tall to memorialize freedom for the world to see.
My country is to me the land of the brave,and free
where freedom reins
No gates or wall are there
A place where the people care
though evil brought despair
Still freedom reins.
My nation shall rise back
from those evil attacks
and rebuild our great towers back
show our resolve is that
Freedom shall rein.
so lets unite one and all
rebuild strong and tall
because divided we'll surely fall
and end freedoms rein.
Oh! say can we be like the rescuers in the night
those who had to behold the site.
and those that did stay on such a tragic day
should prove to the world we shall survive that awful day
it says our great spirit still raves
in the land of liberty and the home of the brave.
oh God please hear the prayers of America,be with her
and comfort her in her hour of need.
Strengthen her people oh Lord,and her leaders dear God
be with them that their faith may not recede.
For the time of war is at hand;we Americans
have been attacked, and lost many lives.
The only way that America will win this war
is when America's spirit is revived.
I see that it has started,when terrorist struck
our land,I saw our once dead faith come alive.
So I pray dear God that you will strengthen our faith,
and give us the courage,and endurance for the battle at hand
because terrorist are scattered across our world and we shall
be fighting in the air,at sea,and on land.
Be with us dear Lord as we use our forces to advance
on all fronts,in the air,on the ground,and at sea.
I pray dear God that you will be with us and the alliance
to assure us of our destined victory.AMEN!!
fires break out in the American south west.
A man found dead from a gunshot to the chest.
Thousands of students fail their achievement test.
Stock market falls there is panic on wall street.
Temperatures hit record high,five dead from the heat.
Lady finds a rape victim that was severely beat.
Another war breaks out in the middle east.
_our nation's life is suspended
with the fall of our mighty towers
our nation's life is suspended
by the acts of an evil power
our nation's life is suspended
all of our lives are torn apart
our nation's life is suspended
there is agony in our hearts
THE ROAD TO HAMMONGOG.I see the holy land alone in the world with gog,
and Magog raging;land for peace,peace for land each
saying to the other "give unto me first then I to you,
or else;Palestine wanting a Palestine,Israel wanting to
keep Israel and the terror grows swelling their hordes
and bands;still lurking in the north lyes the head of
the serpent waiting silently,hidden,coiled ready to strike.
The stars and planets spin,and revolve around
the sun like pendulums in a clock,as though they
were counting down the depth's of time its self.
CALAMITY AND UNITY.Let us not be afraid America let us not be afraid at all
to rebuild our nation's skyline proud,strong,and tall;
holding on to our memories of yesteryear while building a better tomorrow
even though our nation at this time is full of hate,and sorrow.
fires flash in the midst of the sky,
its bright yellow,and red colors striking
like lightening and then its roaring rumble
shakes the ground and I tremble.
Carried by wings of angels on high
flying on to victory
the arms of men that soar in the sky
crossing the mighty sea
Your paths are set high and straight
in the prophecies I see
Your enemies you shall annihilate
and multitudes shall flee
they shall gather with their affiliates
north of the dead sea
and there will be many,a great and mighty band
but here is their misery
as they unite to fight against the holy land
It is there the world shall see
the power of the great almighty God
in his wrath exceedingly
and upon the holy lands mountain sod
God will slay his enemies that is the fate of that ancient empire
written for all to see
they shall be eaten by beasts and burned with fire
lost for eternity.
HE SAW NINE ELVEN.Gog and Magog are stories of old
in Ezekiel is where the story is told
of all the events in modern date
even the attack on the United States.
One mans evil thought brought suffering and pain
he preyed on the innocent,and took life for a gain.
The prophets prophesied that terrorist's evil thought
but his own demise is what he has utterly begot.
On the mountains of Israel his armies will be slain
for perverting the name of God thru ill-gotten gain.
he has brought terror to our soil,I fear they are in our land
they drove a car three thousand miles, with plans in hand ?
God only knows the evils they have placed in such a vast span,
But the sleeping giant is now awake and standing on his feet;
Still Gog and Magog shall cloud Israel with their mighty fleet,
and in the mountains of Israel God will deliver us their defeat.
ALL TO WAR.A time of mourning has come to our land
for the death of many comes thru a terrorist's hand,
and a awift retribution is what America demands.
If war is the resolve than war it must be
for we must preserve that which is ours in the land of the free,
and protect our country's cities from to shinning sea.
So lets take the fight to our enemy where ever they may be.
For the right must unite against that which is wrong
because divided we are weak,but united we are strong,
and thru the grace of almighty God we shall carry on.
Even though our towers are torn and mangled the pillar still stand,
and upon those pillars we must rebuild our mighty towers again
because with God we stand on solid,not on sinking sand.
I pray for the day in which all hatred will finally cease
on that day our love and concern as a whole shall increase,
but now we must fight so we can insure the future peace.
In wake of our tragedy our spirit though wounded must endure
so we can rise to the tasks ahead with confidence asured.
MY PLACE.I sat down one day and read
a book unlike I've ever read
and as I read a voice I heard
that spoke to me these sweet words
"For I so loved" he said to me
" I gave my son for you to be
an advocate between you and me"
and then I fell upon my face
" Oh praise the Lord for his saving grace
I thank you Lord for taking my place
and forgiving me for my disgrace.
I stare at the lunar glow
the changing tide begins to flow
like it did so many years ago
when men sailed the seas to and fro
ancient vessels which crossed the sea
their maps dotted in the etheral sea
which sailors on their journeys
perfecting their knowledge of sky and sea.
AN IDEA.It came to me one day
and in an instant went away
it came again and I caught it
with pen and paper I wrote it
An Idea.
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Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

Note: So far I it is either a really p'oed by Internet user or it was the Pentagon that brought down USWGO on Alternet

A major setback for not just Google Rank but political influence as USWGO's alternet News sector has been destroyed by hackers. Also ourcomputer has been attacked and hacked successfully by a radical hackerthat used my computer to shut down uswgos account on alternet.

USWGO's account is completely gone on alternet, as I am checking USWGO for any hacks and damage as well, all articles whether positive ornegative, whether offensive or unoffensive is all destroyed by aradical hacker that did not agree with any of USWGO's views so insteadof reporting the offensive ones this hacker has destroyed all mirroedarticles on USWGO's alternetpage.

Brian Hill created enemies whenever he spoke against the Unconstitutional Sharia Law because of the fact it's being forced downthe throats of American politics without the knowledge of the Americanpeople. He was being called a racist even though it wasn't true, plusthe founder said he was all for legal immigrant just not illegalimmigration but the radical (Possibly Pentagon) hacker deliberatelyattacked his most influential Syndication Center which is anotherknockout of the Anti New World Order Alternative News Site.

I gathered this screenshot to show everybody how I was hacked.



Also several of my facebook friends after the hack have attempted to contact me telling me I was in a video that I wasn't in an attempt tosend me to a fake facebook login page in order to steal my password andlogin information.

Also my USWGO Syndication Center was completely hacked, my passwords been changed, and I have lost all posting abilities.


I am investigating the hack and will also send a email to alternet politely demanding they find out the IP Address who hacked me and askthem if they could restore my posting data.

If this hack is deliberate then I will send a message to you all regarding whether high ups (Administrators) of alternet did this to meon purpose or whether I was hacked by a radical elite hacker.

If I was hacked by the Government/Pentagon and if I receive any kind of visit then I will also report back to you because this war againstmy website started today may not be over.

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Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

After the Obama Administration made their decree to endall of piracy including activation workarounds which have actuallyfreed Microsoft paying customer slaves from being forced to pay forevery personal computer or sometimes even paying for the same computerthey had a license on because they activated too many times in a year,now the U.S.Immigrations and Customs Enforcement which has usually neverusually had jurisdiction over the Digital Internet, has now just shutdown nine domains in an instant.

This is scaring me because if they can shut down 9 websites over a Federal Decree what could they do to truth sites, activist website, teaparty websites, and other web sites Obama wants to kill. So a while agowhen I made that emotional video calling Obama a new Hitler and askinghim why he wants to kill us I was actually right on the mark that Obamais the new Adolf Hitler and that his goal is to stifle free speech andhave us under complete control as a slave to the Government and theCorporations which makes it fascism.

Right now it's a corporate takeover by the International banking elite, the World Trade Organization, and the United Nations which hasalso taken a fight against copyright violations.

So my concern isn't whether piracy will survive or not right now but after seeing how those domains got quickly and easily seized without acourt trial first proves that any website can now be taken down under adecree by the Executive Branch Authority Barack Hussein Obama.

If you want proof go check out these websites for yourself and you'll believe me:

When you go to any of these pages you get the following message:

domain has been seizedTranscript ofthe image: This domain name has been seized by U.S. Immigration andCustoms Enforcement, Special Agent in Charge New York Office inaccordance with a seizure warrant obtained by the United StatesAttorney's Office for the Southern District of New York and issuedpursuant to 18 U.S.C. §§ 981 and 2323 by the United States DistrictCourt for the Southern District of New York.

It does say a search warrant but usually in the past with sites like Isohunt, TorrentSpy, and other file sharing sites, whenever any site isunder fire for piracy suspicion, the domain was never snatched or seizedand the site owner usually leaves a message whenever a court order isthat the website is taken down. Now instead of owners leaving asarcastic remark or criticizing the president they snatch the domain andput their pretty little threats on the site as well as a eagle makingout like their serving Justice under Obama when in reality theCorporations are only enslaving the World and getting rid of legalcustomers having the rights to crack their activations because they feelthey have paid hundreds of dollars to be enslaved and forced to benddown to ask their masters if it's ok to install Windows on theirpersonal computer.

The corporations are telling you to bend down and take your beating while giving them trillions in tax payers dollars and bailotu money.

So again what is scary about all this is if this can happen to piracy sites then if Obama where to make another decree to go after allpolitical and free speech websites such as "Oh there is plenty ofAmericans and Klu Klux Klan members that are out to kill and threaten metherefore under my Administration we will shut down all of the freespeech websites because this allows KKK members to attack me unfairlyand make threats openly. That is not acceptable and we will go after allhate speech sites" and since Obama has already passed the laws for HateSpeech crimes and other anti free speech bills all he has to do is makeus out like we hate Obama and we can pretty much be shut down and thiswill happen to us:


Yes thats right with Obama's executive decree and a Free Speech crackdown can mean that my website USWGO Alternative News can be shutdown at any time for almost any reason he can snatch me away in somevan, take me to some detention center, and/or shut down my website andput a warning like they did on the piracy websites.

To me this is another silent threat just like getting the Mexicans angry at Americans and wanting to kill them with axes and shovels. Thiswhole anti-piracy crackdown is just another threat against free speechsites because first it will be piracy, then the religious sites, thenthe alternative media, and then they come for us because we didn't stopthem when they started crusades instead of bringing more jobs as Obamapromised during his campaign for president.

The 9 piracy sites shutdown is actually a threat against big truth sites like 9/11 truth, WeAreChange, InfoWars, PrisonPlanet, USWGO,Natural News, FederalJack, Nanny State Liberation Front, and othertruth/activist sites that are now in danger and the threat Obama issilently given to us is "Yeah!!! This is what we are going to do to allyour domains, if you challenge us or make us look in da media we willshut down your websites the same way we shut down those piracy sites! Wemake the laws and we choose what we enforce! We can allow illegalimmigrants while stifling free speech because of NSPD 51 which makes me adictator and congress is just a ceremony".

So in reality this has nothing to do with piracy this is about how fast sites are being taken by the Obama Administration and what theycould do to your website...

Unlawful to speak against Adolf Obama

Also now with Kagan a pro Obama and pro socialist getting to top positions of the Supreme Court now Unconstitutional laws can be acceptedNationwide which means that ICE and the FBI can seize domains in thefuture of all truth and activist political sites.

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