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Unless you get active in the RTC in your city or town; where you can bring in others that are in agreement with you, we will continue to be stuck with the same RINOs.

The local RTCs will be voting for their new leadership in March - you have to get on the RTC boards & committees to be able to affect the choices for candidates.

The new RTC leadership will be selecting the Delegates that will go to the state conventions that will chose the candidates for the Primaries this summer

From that slate of candidates the result will be chosen as the Candidate that will be running for offices of Governor and State Level Elected as well as the DC Level House of Rep or Senator.

We must now get active in our Local RTCs if we can possibly get a seat at our State Central great but not likely this year if we're not already active in our Local RTCs but should be our goals for next year or when the next election is for those seats

We will only be able to change what is going on when we make the sacrifice of our time to go to the meetings & work on the inside quietly taking notes & asking questions -

You get more bees with honey than with vinegar & we need need worker bees criss-crossing our cities & towns getting the people activated -

How many might do something if only they got a phone call asking them to DO something specific with the offer of a ride if needed, instead of a call only asking for money or a robocall saying to go vote?

Yes we need to be active out in the social media arena but we must be actively working to make the changes that we want otherwise we are merely making noise & the GOP will continue to act like the democrats towards us.  

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                                      (open letter)


June 12, 2012 (Tuesday)


Dear Mr. Donovan:


You will be made aware (in writing) that at least two HUD subsidized tax payer funded apartment buildings (in Denver Colorado) have "criminal activity" going on in them.


2.  Criminal Activity Such As:

(a) dope running (in a building at Federal Blvd and Louisiana).

(b) dope running, gang activity, extortion, intimidation, stalking, sexual harassment (in a building at Federal Blvd and Yale).


3.  Evidence Such As:

I have "audio tape recorded evidence" of this "criminal activity" and it has been uploaded on a website.


4.  Visit Website:

To Listen to "Tape Recorded Evidence" go to:



Tea Party Jane



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