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Kabuki at the Kavanaugh Hearing

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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

kava-1.jpg?width=178“We welcome you to the confirmation hearing of…”

That is as far as Chairman Chuck Grassley got in opening the Senate hearing for the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh before liberals Kamala Harris and Cory Booker started the disruptions aimed at delaying, or shutting down the hearings.

Grassley didn’t even get Kavanaugh’s name out of his mouth before liberals began to open their collective pie holes. It was an orchestrated attempt to stop what they have no hope of stopping, and a ploy for media coverage of which the liberal mainstream media is always happy to supply.

According to Harris, and then liberal Cory Booker, the Senate Committee did not have access to some 42,000 documents regarding Kavanaugh’s history until the night before the hearings opened, and they demanded that the hearings be shut down because they hadn’t had the time to go through those documents.

To be clear…


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Neil Gorsuch…From Judge to Justice

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Did ya hear some of the crap that was being spewed at the Neil Gorsuch confirmation sc-1.jpg?width=222hearings the other day, from the mouths of liberal manure spreaders?

Take Al Franken for instance…he literally told Judge Gorsuch…who, by the way, will soon be JUSTICE Gorsuch…“Your Constitution isn’t MY Constitution!”

Franken, I suspect, was 100% correct…as Judge…I mean JUSTICE Gorsuch’s Constitution is the one written and ratified by our nation’s Founders and Framers…while Franken’s is in manifesto form penned for the ilk of communist parties everywhere.

That said…


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A Hollow Hypocrite Exposed

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots

Last weekend, both Diane Sori and I became quite the sensation amongst the Trumpers for a couple of posts we put on social media. The posts went wild as Trumpers came unglued.

Jonnie Loris was one of the unhinged, unglued Trumpers as she flitted back and forth between Diane’s posts and mine…calling us heathens among otlor-2.jpg?width=307her things for not supporting Donald Trump. I told her that she might well become part of an article for her frothing at the keyboard antics…she told me I didn’t have her permission…but since she was posting her slobbering nonsense all over our public walls…

And then, there was William Finlay, aka Wild Bill for America.

You see, Bill has a load of hatred, in my opinion, that he just can’t unload enough of in his videos. Hatred for a vast minority of our population and once again, he decided, in a rather sick and obsessed way, to attempt to highlight his agenda of hatred and direct it at both Diane and myself.

As you will soon see… Finlay crossed the line.


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So, someone finally said what he was thinking; the American people are stupid. I really do not believe that all Americans are stupid but my family name is Gruber.

Now, as people post on FaceBook and around the Internet my name has gotten tagged. I am a Gruber but not related to Jonathan Gruber. I feel that I have been Gruberized.

There are many videos out on the Internet of Jonathan Gruber saying that O-Care could easily be accepted by stupid Americans. Well, it did. Who were the stupid people who wanted this Bill to be passed without being read and who supported them? The Democratic leaders and their followers. That in itself may clear up who is stupid.

Gruber Video

Gruber Video

Now, the Democrats who know Gruber are saying they don't know him. Well, of course no one wants to be known as a friend of a man who thinks the American people are stupid. That would make Americans, who were spoken of as being stupid, not like the leaders who are Gruber's friends.

Of course, since the Democrats lie about so much, we cannot believe that they actually do not know Gruber because they are seen on tape taking to him or listening to him. His name appears to be on a list of guests who frequently visited the White House.

My name has always come up on a search because I write books, produce videos and a variety of other things including being the Chief Administrator for over eighty or ninety 'Tea Party Activist' groups. Am I ruined? Has my Gruberization of having the same name as a man who called the American people, of which I am one of, embedded me with this anchor to bear?

Gruber answered some questions, of which he avoided actually repeating his famous words that the American people are stupid, and instead saying he wanted to seem intelligent.

Mr. Jonathan Gruber, it is my opinion that tricking and fooling the American people into a health-care system that is terribly broken, is not an intelligent thing to do. So, trying to be smart has not worked out well for you, has it?

Daveda Gruber

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My beloved friends and love one ones in the United States and around the world, I am sending this urgent message to you asking for your support on a very important issue involving a young woman who was attacked and brutalized by Georgia law-enforcement. In that incident her unborn child was viciously murdered. On March 02, 2011, I suffered while resting in the comfort of her Jonesboro Georgia home, committed no crimes,  out of the blue my home was surrounded by swat teams and officers from three different law-enforcement agencies within Clayton county. She was terrorizes; she called 911 frantic for hekp but 911 dispachers were so cruel to this young womam, they threatened her and went as far as telling her not to call back. She was denied critical emergency services rgat could have saved the lives of her unborn child. 

 Hoverer, when she was trapped into her home with nowhere to go and no one to help, this pregnant victim was left to suffer some of the worse, if not the worse brutality in recent history.  Her front door was kicked in and she was brutally attacked in her home by all male officers whom held me at gun point, and tortured her. She was photographed naked before my children and was brutalized to the point where she started bleeding ot the scene,  resulted into the vicious murder of her unborn child "Baby Angel"
To date, this young woman had filed numerous complaints with Attorney General Eric Holder and state law-enforcement agencies.  She had also written numerous letters to President Obama asking the president  to insure that a thorough investigation is is completed into this case. But until present, no investigation has been conducted an no one is held accounted for these egregious crimes.  To the contrary, this innocent victim was framed and set up to stand trial on 15 fraudulent charges that carries maximum penalty of fifteen years in prison and 15 thousand dollars in fines. Please copy and paste the following link to your computer and sign her petition calling upon the attorney general to investigate this gruesome murder.

Thanks and may God Bless you for your support. This message is sent to you by the LIFA Committe, the place where a group of patrotic Americans take time from their daily lives to he help victims of injustice. Membership is free. To learn more about the LIFA Committee and the many lives you can touch by making your voice heard around the world. Please log on to


Thanks and may God Bless you for your support!




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It's been said many times in many places: becoming a precinct committeeman makes you the most powerful public official in the nation. Why? Because it's mostly precinct committeemen who choose sounty and state party chairs, party candidates and delegates to state parties, the RNC and the presidential nominating convention.

If you are not a precinct committeeman, you are leaving your party ungoverned! Beleive it or not, most precinct committeeman seat in our country are unoccupied - empty - nobody is going that job or casting that vote for our party leaders. You should fill that empty seat.

As an example of just how much power a precinct committeeman ((PC) has, the PC in one tiny legislative district recently dumped (took out) the state chair for the party in AZ. How? Isn't the state chair for the entire state? Yes, but to qualify to be state chair, a person must be a state delegate. The home district of the state chair decided to give the state chairs delegate seat to someone else. Accordingly, the chair lost his basic qualification to occupy the chair. This guy was also the RNC Treasurer! So if you thinks PC is the bottom of the food chain and has no power, think again.

PROCINCT (as in Proactive Precinct) was started six months prior to the last election to provide precinct walk lists for Tea Party and 9/12 activists who could not get those walk lists from their local party. It was a splendid success providing walk list to activists in 20 sates, helping them reach 16 million voters. That aspect of PROCINCT is still available to you for your upcoming city/county elections or scholl board elections, etc.

But the good folks over at PROCINCT knew that more is required for long-term victory of conservative ideals. That's why they just put up a special resource so you can learn how to become a PC in your state. Using resources similar to here where you can post your opinions and questions (and get answers) and receive documentation on just how the process works in your state. The emphasis is on authoritative information that you can rely upon to be seated on your party central committee and actually govern your local party.

A good example of how PROCINCT is serving the needs of folks trying to join their party central committee comes from the state of New York: PC activists in NY discovered that the local Board of Elections had taken them off the ballot! PROCINCT researchers investigated. In the process of investigating the event, we discovered expert and native help right in NY that has been helping folks get elected to their PC seats for years, and we are connecting PC activists with that agency.

So it's not just about furnishing authoritative information, it's about removing obstacles - even unjust obstacles - wherever we find them.

The goal is to have our party governed by the true conservative grassroots - and PROCINCT connects the people who are trying to do that.

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WATCH GLENN TV TONIGHT 5PM EST. Sounds like the entire week is going to be very informative.

Glenn reveals: Take it from a leftist and lifelong activist who has actually studied 'movements' carefully - the Tea Party is at a critical stage. This 'Movement Action Plan' put together by Bill Moyer in 1987 demonstrates that the Tea Party may be in stage 5 of this plan - the toughest part to get through before any movement succeeds.

See "Eight stages of Social Movement" at: Glenn Beck - Current Events & Politics - Eight Stages of Social Movement Success

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We all have someone we wish we could have walked that last mile with. Here's your chance.On June 22, 2009 at 9AM in Southold, NY, filmmaker Matthew Perdie began his walk across America, carrying a large American flag. Protesting big government (especially the spending part), Matthew’s journey is ending on July 4 in Santa Monica at 5pm.He will walk the final yards across the beach and plant his flag in the West Coast Pacific surf. Just google ‘Matthew Perdie’ to see how his walk across the country has been celebrated for over a year now.You can walk the last mile with Matthew and thank him for his patriotic journey on July 4 in Santa Monica!perdie.jpgIt looks like several networks are putting big coverage on this event, so get all your Tea Party volunteers out there in full regalia. We are arranging a patriotic fife and drum corps to accompany Matthew on the last mile. is coordinating the last mile. Contact Ron Robinson rsr@cartsupport.com3:30PM July 4, 2010 – Memorial Park, 1401 Olympic Blvd, Santa Monica, CA(map:,+Santa+Monica,+CA&sll=34.013278,-118.489267&sspn=0.015812,0.025191&gl=us&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=1401+Olympic+Blvd,+Santa+Monica,+Los+Angeles,+California+90404&ll=34.019088,-118.483644&spn=0.031622,0.050383&z=15)Meet in the parking lot behind the Police Youth Center.Parking: park on Colorado or Olympic east of the park. The park isexactly on the route and exactly one mile from the beach. Parking inSanta Monica on 4 July is always crazy, so get there early.More About Perdie:website: http://www.perdie.comRoute: online documentary:
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Click on the image to see the extent of this vandalism in all it's gooey glory. Of course, when you are a registered Democrat who puts a Republican's yard sign in your yard, it elevates the misdemeanor to a felony and thus requires a response in kind. Yes, that's heavy, heavy construction glue that was used to glue the yard sign to the garage door. Congressman Adam Schiff - Dem CA CD29 D.C. Office: (202)225-4176 Pasadena Office: (626)304-2727 Campaign Office: (626)583-8581 Photo by Ron Robinson.Adam Schiff Is a Master at the Sleight of Hand That Fools No OnePhony "Town Hall" meetings and dirty money contributed by convicted union officials aside, we now get another glimpse of the real Adam Schiff and his 'service' to his country, along with the values he insists on conveying to his staff and volunteers..We see it in almost every campaign at one time or another. Until the candidate's senior staff leans hard on the junior staff and volunteers, yard signs of the opposition seem to grow legs and disappear by themselves. Completely innocently, of course.But two recent incidents in this genre suggest more sinister motives. While John Colbert's (Candidate for CD 29) campaign has been trying to work quietly with Schiff's campaign for weeks now to resolve the 'disappearing yard sign' mystery, suddenly the covert action escalates. In both instances, it took a decidedly unsavory turn.Usually, when yard signs disappear, they are simply lifted off the ground and removed. But it takes a 'special kind' of sinister to remove a sign by snipping the wires just beneath the sign, and leaving hard-to-spot wires protruding from the ground as a hazard to passing children. Yep, happened in Pasadena within blocks of the Rose Bowl.In the most recent incident, it went beyond a mere 'free speech' issue to a vandalism and property issue. In the yard of an 88-year-old Democrat, the sign was removed from the yard and thick industrial glue was used to glue the sign to the property owners' garage door. A senior, probably on a fixed income, will now have to pay several hundred dollars to repair her garage door and have it repainted.Of course, that's OK with the liberals - that's just progress on their 'social justice' agenda.Now those of us who were really paying attention knew exactly what to expect from Obama by watching his supporters. Those of us who value the safety of our children (and I am now a nut on that issue), who value free speech and who insist that our government honor our property rights have just the insight we need into Adam Schiff's real values and real motivations. His refusal to discipline his volunteer staff reveals his real values: win at any cost.Because Republican John Colbert's challenge is a very, very serious challenge this season. (I've been meaning to treat you to a great 'Meet John Colbert' diary entry, but this event overtook me. I promise that post real soon.)Adam Schiff: Get your volunteers under control! You are no man and you have no honor until you get this resolved with your volunteer staff. (aside: can't we just get Neil to bid him G'bye?)But the sleights of hand don't stop there - turns out there is good reason to assume that Schiff may have voted with his feet, and become a carpetbagger.It's really tough to fit a family of four into a 640 sq. ft. Burbank apartment, so we are assuming that Adam Schiff's real primary residence is his Maryland home. Alas, the fine residents of Burbank are deprived of a capable (and influential?) PTA member as Eve Schiff has elected to be a PTA mom at Bells Mill Elementary School in Bethesda rather than in Burbank. I'd support this with a Google link, however a properly worded Google search returns all her contact information right in the Google citation/preview. Guess he's educating his children in Bethesda, too? How's that for contempt for your own CD?Many of us are calling Schiff's office every day until he publicly denounces the vandals who are trying to 'help' his campaign.Congressman Adam Schiff - Dem CA CD29Washington D.C. Office: (202)225-4176Pasadena Office: (626)304-2727Campaign Office: (626)583-8581
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If I were to sum up President Obama's administration so far in only two words, I would call it 're-distributive misery'.

While listening to Kyl's story of Obama telling him that he would take no action to defend our borders until/unless Republicans help him pass comprehensive immigration reform in Congress, we learn that Labor Secretary Solis is inviting illegals to turn in employers who are not paying them enough. We already know here in LA that the Mexican consulate next to MacArthur Park is plastered with posters luring immigrants to apply for welfare and other benefits.

It's no surprise then that citizenship seems to mean less and less - especially to those who already possess it - and means still less to those who 'visit' us.

Meanwhile, the president's 'do nothing' Gulf policy & drilling moratorium throws tens of thousands more out of work while preparing final delivery of that 'energy prices will necessarily skyrocket' campaign promise. As if 10% unemployment was not bad enough! Well, add $5 gas to that by summer's end.

We discover ourselves in a position where we (and even many states) are nearly at war with our own government. Our Congress and administration regard the Constitution as a mere inconvenience and they pick and choose which laws are worthy of enforcement.

It's the closest thing to anarchy that you could still (with some amount of puzzlement) call a republic.

We see it in his thin-skinned avoidance of the press. We see it in endless 'teachable moments' Obama uses to pontificate to us of the Great Unwashed. We see it in the general arrogance, common among liberals, that no idea from outside the privileged circle deserves any consideration - and the many and manifest blind spots that produces.

Misery loves company, and Obama intends to have plenty of that.

It won't be enough to simply go vote in November. We must encourage others to go to the polls with us.

We should meet our neighbors, even the Democrats, and let them know that we'll be proud of them when they vote to save their country this fall. Get to know those folks. There's probably not much need to try to persuade them to change their liberal views, just be friendly and helpful with them. Let them know how you feel on some of the issues, and let them know you'll be pleased if they vote your way on an issue or candidate or two.

Few people will vote for their own continued misery.

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Nobody even thou7ght an app like this might be useful - ubtil this year: PROCINCT - Proactive Precinct Victory Management will make your job much easier when you send your precinct captains out to walk their precincts. Allow every precinct worker in all your precincts to use a powerful online voter recordkeepping tool that will make their jobs much, much easier.ColdWarrior said it best: " I’ve tested Procinct with Ron and it works great — far better than Voter Vault. This is exactly the kind of tool we need to help get out the vote in our own precincts/wards/whatever-they’re-called-where-you-live where the rubber of the precinct activists meet the road of the actual precinct voters we want to get to the polls."Follow the link to the article at Redstate - where it explains in clear detail how PROCINCT allows precinct captains - and those who must manage collections of precincts - share voter data privately online with your precinct workers.Or simply go here and get started with PROCINCT.

Ron Robinson
GOP Committeeman for CA AD49
California State Chair, National Precinct Alliance
Your host at Precinct California
(A web site for budding precinct captains and committee-people)
Developer of PROCINCT - Proactive Precinct Victory Management - a free online app for folks who must manage precincts or collections of precincts. PROCINCT is contributed to the cause in a spirit of gratitude and victory!

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So what? and Now what?

Two questions I always try to ask myself when self educating are "so what?" and "what now?"

For many years my friends and family have gathered around the dinner table and vented about the government getting out of control. For all of Bill Clinton's 8 years, that seemed to be all we did. At times I thought we were all kind of nuts, maybe a strange cell group that given the wrong kinda meat loaf would suddenly "turn rogue". However there was a closeness, an intamacy that we all experienced, knowing we were not alone. I remember times when new people would show up to dinner and we'd all get excited to find out they shared a lot of the same dissatisfactions we did. So we would re-hash all the same 'ol arguments with a lot of emphasis and visseral not really knowing who we were arguing with, being as we were all on the same side. I guess we could say it was iron sharpening iron. We all became experts at expressing our opinions about what was wrong with our country.

Well, now, a few years down the road, looking at this tea party movement, it would appear there were many dinner tables where people met at to discuss the status of the government and how it has become totally out of control. For years we've been talking about the "so what", but now, it seems we're asking "what now".

Erick Erickson wrote a good blog today on where he was back-peddling a little, trying to explain his flippant remarks in his blog yesterday. For the most part I really enjoyed what he said today, but the following is what I've been asking myself and I believe many of you have been asking as well:

"But I go to tea party events all over the country and hear people say "Get involved," only to have actual tea party activists go home, email me, and ask the "how" that the person on stage never bothered to get to.

We must move beyond the protests and get to the fight. We are effective now. We should not settle. "

He goes on to list some very smart ways the average American can "get involved":

  • Learn how to be a better online activist.
  • Start paying attention to your local government.
  • Learn how to run for office and be a campaign strategist, whether or not you want to run or want to be a strategist. You will find the skills extremely useful.
  • Write letters to the editor of your paper.
  • Call in to local radio shows — not national, local.
  • Find candidates you like and support them, blog about them, promote them and fund them.
  • Stay connected to like minded souls in your community to know you are not alone — why I still like and support local tea party groups.
  • Become active in the political party of your choice. Change it from the inside, not the outside.
  • Learn to discern.
  • Above all else: remember that when the left attacks the tea party activists, they are attacking the foundation of America. Stop responding as an aggrieved tea party activist and start asking what part of the American way of life they have a problem with. "

I couldn't agree more, and would encourage all of you to follow through and not only do these things, but, pick one or two in particular and become an expert at them. Self governance takes people that are experts at all different kinds of skills. What good will it do if we are all just cookie cutter activists?

I would also like to add one to the list that we can all do. Like Glenn Beck says, we need to become an evangelist of this movement, we need to spread the word and invite others to come check it out. With that said, I hope to see you all the next tea party meet-up, you and someone you brought with you.

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