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The Liberal’s Guide to Christmas

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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

lgc-1.jpg?width=226It’s that time of the year when visions of sugarplums start dancing in one’s head and our thoughts turn to the festive gatherings of families and friends.

Christmas…from the reason for the season, to jolly ol’ St. Nick…from the giving of gifts, to food, fun, laughter and decorating.

Christmas is a time for celebration unless, of course…

You’re a liberal.

With that in mind, allow me to provide, not so much as a set of rules, but more as a source of information…

The Liberal’s Guide to Christmas.

Here we go…


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4063794504?profile=original       War on Christmas by Atheists 

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The War on Christmas is nothing new in America the only difference are the weapons which are being used against it.  Fox News is the only news network which has spent time to focus on the growing number of incidents which deprive children of celebrating Christmas in schools and families being able to celebrate and share Nativity Scenes in many public places.  With the mounting assaults upon Christians religious freedom to publically celebrate Christmas by atheists and ACLU supporters, is the War on Christmas a losing battle?

Some detractors of the celebration of Christmas joy and the true reason for the blessed season have been working nonstop in a number of venues to insure that the message of Christ’s birth is eradicated from any public viewing in America.  Yet, there is no outrage raised when atheists and other secular seasonal efforts are given free reign like Kwanza and other manufactured holidays.

Over the past decade a myriad of lawsuits and threats of lawsuits have been filed against public schools and cities that even propose the placement of a nativity scene in view of supporters of Christmas.  Therefore it is no small wonder that younger adults born between the 1980’s and early 2000s who are part of Generation Y, are increasingly failing to embrace the religious meaning of Christmas.

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BEWARE "BLUE REPUBLICAN"  RON PAUL SUPPORTERS! These people are not conservatives as they claim when supporting Ron Paul.

They describe themselves as Democrats who want to ensure that the election of 2012 is between two hard-left liberals because they are aware that Obama is going to lose. THEY SAY IT! THIS IS A STEALTH ATTEMPT TO HIGHJACK THE REPUBLICAN PARTY ****BECAUSE OBAMA IS NOT LIBERAL ENOUGH FOR THEM, AND THEY ARE REGISTERING AS REPUBLICANS TO GET A LIBERAL/SOCIALIST IN POWER WHETHER OBAMA WINS OR NOT!****

From their website:
We are people who have never before thought of joining the Republican party, but are going to do so for one year to ensure that Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination for President in 2012.
Most of us identify as Democrats or Independents and/or supported Obama in 2008. We believe that on issues that matter most – war vs. peace (Iraq, Yemen etc.), civil liberties (Patriot Act etc.), and crony corporatism (bailouts etc.) – Obama has pursued a course similar to George Bush. Our reasoning is laid out in this article on the Huffington Post that “went viral”, coining the term “Blue Republicans” for those of more liberal sensibilities who are registering Republican specifically for Ron Paul.
With respect to true republicans to support Ron Paul, this is too serious for hurt feelings in the 3-4 percentile range. Reject Ron Paul! This is insane (Ron Paul, unsurprisingly, is supported by the ultra-far-left ACLU). All the liberal Ron Paul supporters all over the internet suddenly make perfect sense, now, but their claims that Paul is conservative appear to be willful lies.
Hopefully, the GOP candidates will out this information in front of the world at the next debate.
When the GOP understands the depth in which these people are trying to game the system and that Paul undoubtedly knows about it, the GOP will probably censure Paul for being a part of what could even be illegal activity: soliciting people to engage in conspiracy to commit a form of election fraud. Certainly it will be a miracle if the GOP continues to allow paul to caucus with them after this. I think we're going to see a fast implosion of Paul's political career over this. It's an unbelievable  outrage, and Paul must know about it.
Don't be a chump and sit back and let these people ruin America! Expose this outrage! Get the word out!
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