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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

gew-1.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710xLast week, in the wake of mass murders in Gilroy, California, El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, President Trump said, “Mental illness and hatred pulls the trigger, not the gun.” Naturally, that had liberals, especially those running for their party’s 2020 presidential nomination boiling mad.

Liberals were fit to be tied because they know he’s right, and because that line of thinking is in direct opposition to the liberal agenda of relieving law abiding American citizens of their rights under the 2nd Amendment, and of their decades of preaching that the guns themselves, or other factors opposed to their agenda are the problem.

Liberals don’t want to address the real issue where such acts of violence are concerned, and there’s a damn good reason why they don’t want to address those things. Doing so would produce a two-fold detriment to the liberal agenda…fund raising would suffer, and such introspection would expose and destroy a major plank in their platform.

Let’s look at fundraising first.


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Immigration - Gang of 8 - America -02

This is the 2nd in a series of blogs about Immigration

Here is a link to the first one

This blog addresses ONLY the element of Border Protection from "the Bill" ( check links below to access the Bill 113 S.744))

= = = = = = = =

About the 2013 Immigration Act

The Gang of 8 has released their proposed “Comprehensive” Immigration Act

Firstly, who are the Gang of 8?

  • Michael Bennet  (D-CO)
  • Chuck Schumer (D- NY)
  • Dick Durbin ( D – IL)
  • Bob Menendez ( D – NJ
  • John McCain ( R- AZ)
  • Jeff Flake ( R- AZ)
  • Marco Rubio ( R- FL)
  • Lindsay Graham ( R- SC)



Here are some reference links

National Law Review Summary

Thomas LOC


Sen DeMint Comments



And some correspondence from an unnamed Senator to a Constitutent.

This excerpt is limited to Border Protection.

It demonstrates the ambiguous language Senators use to “try to slide by”

My comments illustrate the ambiguities.

Hopefully my suggestions make more sense…………let me know

 = = = =

 Dear Mr. xxxyyy

     Thank you for sharing your concerns about immigration reform.  No matter how anyone feels about this issue, we all can agree the system we have is broken--and it needs to be fixed.


     But if we try to deport the 11 million people who are working in this country with undocumented status, it would devastate our economy.

[[ME...]]] Says WHO?...... What about the TRILLIONS we will save in ILLEGAL Federal Benefits?......... That statement is typical Wash BS ---- pure UNSUPPORTED  bull feces!


     Their plan for immigration reform has a number of key elements, the first of which is that there is going to have to be real border security.  It's hard to patrol a border of thousands of miles, particularly where people can merely walk across.  But it has to be done in the context of overall immigration reform.

[[ME...]]] Context of overall immigration reform is more forked-tongue Wash double speak.

The Senator does NOT reveal that the Bill treats Border Security as a “Ho-Hum” 5 year experiment with provision for an “After-Study” IF it is declared a failure.

The Bill creates a “ GOAL”…. A GOAL that has to run for 5 years before being evaluated. THEN, if the GOAL has not been met, a Commission to Study the problem is created.

How about this Mr. Politician……

  • Put all benefits on hold immediately ( benefits and the Bill is another whole story)….
  •  a diversion ….about Benefits
    • An individual who has been granted RPI status is not eligible for any Federal means-tested public benefit (as such term is defined in section 403 of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (8 U.S.C. 1613)).
    • …. Should also include “ALL OTHER PUBLIC BENEFIT” too
    • Better …………Do the study first…. 9 months should be plenty
      • Define the resources needed …. At least for the GOAL, but more for ADEQUATE Border Protection
      • I defined ADEQUATE for Ms. Napolitano as :                                          
      • When INFLUX of illegals is LESS  than EFFLUX….. or simply                              

                              When MORE are LEAVING than are Coming IN

[[ME...]]] Then…. Get it implemented within the next 12 months, with weekly “effectiveness” reports


     We also need to have an effective way for employers to verify whether the people they hire are eligible to work here.  This also has to be part of any immigration reform.

 …………..separate issue……….more later…………

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To the Gang of 8 - Immigration and ALL Americans

This is the beginning of Blogs I intend on Immigration.

This is based on an early NumbersUSA posting.

I originally sent it to each one of The Gang of 8.

Since then I have come up with other Summaries as well as the actual Text of their proposed Bill.

Executive Summary

  • Little or no accountability...kicks the can down the road... till it is too late
  • Rewards illegal activity
  • Sticks taxpayers with a BIG Bill... as in $$$$$

.............more later.

For now, read on


Recently I faxed this “immigration” note to each of “The Gang of 8”.

Today I find that Sen. DeMint largely agrees with the points I made.

Sen DeMint Comments



PLEASE read this and vote FOR ME, FOR America, to kill this flawed bill!


I am FOR Immigration Reform… but, let’s get it right.


Will YOU be the one to call out Janet Napolitano on her misleading border protection propaganda?

Will YOU tell her that … better than ever, but Inadequate is …..Inadequate?





Immigration is a hot topic.

The Gang of 8 has a mixed bag of Communications.

This is based on my understanding of their position.

IF I am wrong, PLEASE correct me!


This is from a Politicians reply to a constituent

= = = = = = =

Comprehensive immigration reform should provide a path to citizenship, secure our borders, restore due process to our immigration enforcement policies, preserve family unity as a cornerstone of our immigration system, and reduce the long backlog for immigrants who earned degrees in our universities to receive green cards.

 = = = = = = = =


My evaluation was ………….. bi-furcated ….. speaks with forked tongue…. Mostly ambiguities.


Here are my thoughts …. These are MUST…. NECESSARY Conditions, but addresses his 2-speak.


  • 1st …..The Gang of 8 ….. Traitors of 8… named below…. Are proposing
    • Amnesty 1st…. BorderProtection Later
    • America Last…NO Protection ACTION… only a plan
    • How SAD for America…that we have Traitors in High Position
    • IF I am wrong, please drive it home……..provide details!


  • 1st and foremost …. NO prize/benefit/reward for breaking into America
    • IF you got here ILLEGALLY, DO NOT expect a free pass.
    • We will NOT accept 1500 pages of instant reward for illegals!
    • No more Anchor Babies… No Anchor Baby Hotels
    • Our Borders MUST be ADEQUATELY Protected
      • Hogwash like( Napolitano)Better than ever before. from Napolitano no longer gets a pass
      • Inadequate is… improving….trying (IF you can even believe that) is … INADEQUATE
      • Need help?.... ADEQUATE, at minimum, is when the number of illegals LEAVING exceeds those entering!
      • NO Traitors of 8…. NO Amnesty after only a PLAN for Border Protection… NO!
      • E-Verify…. For everybody
        • Fail e-verify and you are on the next bus to Mexico
        • Employers caught with illegals on payroll are fined $10,000 per day per employee
        • Max of 1 year to comply
          • NOT the 5 years being proposed by Gang of 8
          • Originally introduced in 1986 …should be enough time to comply…BUT who will enforce?
          • Random, on site, Drug Tests…….fail and you are …..outta here!
          • Government Benefits are for CITIZENS……NOT Illegals………
            • NO/NADA/ZIP/ZILCH Government Benefits unless you are a Citizen
            • You may come here LEGALLY to work but if you want Citizen Benefits, become a Citizen…. Until then you are here to work.
            • IF you get here LEGALLY, pass e-Verify you can bring your immediate family, but without benefits untiil you each/all are Citizens.
            • Retaining Talent… reducing the backlog for College Graduates.
              • 1st we must make America attractive so they WANT to Stay
              • Until then, a Presidential Executive Order can grant a Green Card to
              • ALL who are already in line…. If they agree to stay for 10 years
              • ALL new Graduates… Their Diploma IS their Green Card … same conditions… 10 years




Now, some facts…then comments from others.


Fwd: interesting facts



  • The new immigration law being considered adds 1 to 4 Trillion dollars to the debt
  • Those allowed to become legal can Petition Relatives to Join them
  • Right to Work States have 7% on Welfare and Non-Right to Work States have 18% on Welfare.
  • It appears Unions support/create more Welfare
  • Communist want people on Welfare, they then can keep them on Welfare and keep their Vote!



Here are comments ( modified) from a Citizen Patriot Friend… about the proposed Amnesty bill

Subj: Amnesty Bill Near Completion


Forward this to all of your Citizen Friends!

It appears we have Senators and Representatives that do not want their source of Drugs interrupted and are safe guarding the known Drug Smuggling paths that are used daily.

They want to leave those areas open to protect their campaign donations and some of their California Constituents life lines to their supplies.

What is wrong with these idiots?

It was published today the cost of this plan will be over a Trillion dollars and could be several trillion dollars.

It will add 20 Million more to the Welfare roles because they can also petition to bring in their relatives.


We must circulate this to all the News Papers and Social Media sites.

The Gang of Eight must be well known as the “Illegal Gang of 8 Drug Smugglers” …. Or “The Traitors 8” and those that value the illegal acts but do not fight for jobs for their Citizens that do not have a job!!!!! 

They need to be identified

  • Michael Bennet  (D-CO)
  • Chuck Schumer (D- NY)
  • Dick Durbin ( D – IL)
  • Bob Menendez ( D – NJ
  • John McCain ( R- AZ)
  • Jeff Flake ( R- AZ)
  • Marco Rubio ( R- FL)
  • Lindsay Graham ( R- SC)


The Elite Ruling Socialist Class strikes again!

They will own your health care, your schools, your colleges, your food stamps, and the list goes on as your tax dollars will feed, educate, house, Illegals….. They will be rewarded for breaking into America. Obama will be giving them free phones for their votes, and on and on...... they don't care about you... you are just expected to pay for it!!!!  Read below sign up with Numbers and forward this email.....


Amnesty Bill Likely Next Week -- Here's the Outline





YES, keep sending me Weekly Newsletters

NO, stop sending me Weekly Newsletters






This Issue: Amnesty Bill Likely Next Week -- Here's the Outline

There can always be more delays, but unless there are, it's becoming more apparent that the Senate Gang of Eight will introduce its massive, 1,500-page "comprehensive immigration reform" bill next week. The bill will grant instant legalization and the right to work to most of the 11-18 million illegal aliens.

The Gang has been working for months in secrecy and behind closed doors, only allowing a few pro-amnesty groups into the discussions. Despite promises to brief their own party caucuses, they've even failed to loop them into the process. It's likely that's not their only promise that will be broken should the plan become law.

Through leaks to the press, we've learned a some of the details.

First, as Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) has said, the legalization will come before the enforcement. Millions of illegal aliens will receive amnesty once DHS submits a plan to Congress detailing how they'll secure the border. Just to clarify, they only have to show a plan; they don't have to actually do it. Just like the border promises of 1986, these promises will likely be long forgotten after the amnesty is granted.

Second, even though the Gang's plan calls for increased border security, it only calls for increases in areas where there are high numbers of illegal border crossings. I'm sure it won't be too difficult for the sophisticated smugglers that have been evading detection for years to relocate their operations to another spot along the 3,000-mile border.

Third, the plan calls for a 5-year implementation of E-Verify. We're happy to see E-Verify included in the plan, but Rep. Lamar Smith's bill in the last Congress rolled out the program in three years with most employers required to use it in the first 6 months. This slow of a phase-in will give ample time for more illega l workers to flood across the borders and secure jobs that could otherwise go to unemployed Americans.

Fourth, the plan calls for completion of the entry/exit system (again, a positive step), however, it only covers completion at sea and air ports. Each day, thousands of foreign visitors enter the country using land ports at places like El Paso, Texas, San Diego, Calif., Buffalo, N.Y., and Detroit, Mich. None of these ports will be required to install the entry/exit system.

Fifth, the plan's guest-worker program, which will eventually provide up to an additional 200,000 "temporary" work permits a year, isn't so temporary. The plan hammered out by the AFL-CIO and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce will permit workers to change jobs and eventually allow them to apply for a green card.

Just think of what we'll learn when the bill is actually introduced!

ICE Agents testify in Texas

On Monday, several Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, including ICE Union President Chris Crane, testified in a Dallas federal courtroom in their lawsuit against the Department of Homel and Security. You may recall, the agents filed a lawsuit against DHS Sec. Janet Napolitano and ICE Director John Morton, charging that DHS officials had overstepped the authority granted to them by Congress. The agents claim they were ordered to release illegal aliens that met requirements of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and other DHS directives.

Monday's hearing was a preliminary injunction hearing, and the judge will soon decide whether or not these prosecutorial discretion directives should be suspended in light of the agents' complaint. A ruling is expected in the next several weeks.

NumbersUSA's members are paying all the costs of the lawsuit.

Illegal Aliens rally at the Capitol

On Wednesday, thousands of illegal aliens were bused in by the various unions and religious groups that are urging Congress to pass an amnesty bill. The rally was mostly uneventful and gained little coverage in the news since Congress was focused on other issues.

We had several film crews out talking to the attendees, and we've posted all the videos to our YouTube page. We've just added some highlights from the rally with some very revealing interviews.

VIDEO: Pro-Amnesty March

We'll continue to add more videos as we complete them.


Fri, Apr 12th


This week, you sent more than 117,000 faxes to Congress! You also made thousands of calls to Congress on Wednesday to counter the pro-amnesty rally and their lobbying efforts. We've posted several new faxes for activists who have clicked various interests on our interest survey or live in certain areas of the country. Please visit your Action Board and send all your faxes!


Are Americans lazy? Well, some of the pro-amnesty marchers at the rally in Washington on Wednesday thought so. NumbersUSA was there to talk with the marchers and capture some of the sights and sounds from the crowd. Watch all the videos on our YouTube page.


There's an App for that! Our new mobile app is now available for both Android and iPhone users. From the new app, you can send messages to elected officials by fax, sign immigration petitions, make one-click calls to Congress, read the latest news and blogs from, and help recruit new activists through "Five Ways Immigration Impacts You" feature. Download today at the Google Play Store or the Apple Store!



San Antonio's WOAI radio is reporting a surge in illegal border crossings along the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas, and Border Patrol agents say the detained border crossers are asking for amnesty. Border Patrol agents say the number of illegal border corssers being found dead in the Texas brush country is also up and on path to beat last year's record mark.

Fri, Apr 12th


On the floor of the House of Representatives Wednesday night, Reps. Steve King (R-Iowa), Lou Barletta (R-Pa.), and Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) voiced their opposition to the amnesty bills being drafted in both the House and the Senate. The three have been mostly silent, but decided it was time to speak out with news that legislation is likely to be introduced next week.

Fri, Apr 12th

thu, Apr 11th


Three members of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights have sent a letter to the Congressional Black Caucus urging them to oppose amnesty. In their letter, the Commissioners ask if there are currently enough jobs in the country for minorities and they say no.

Fri, Apr 12th


A survey of small businesses conducted by National Small Business Association found that 56% of small business owners would support a mandatory E-Verify requirement. Only 24% opposed such a mandate. The survey also found that only 5% of small business owners have applied for either the H-1B visa for high-skilled, temporary foreign workers or the H-2B visa for low-skilled, non-agriculture temporary visas.

tue, Apr 9th


Work on the so-called comprehensive immigration reform bill has been delayed while Senators argue over the inclusion of worker protections in the high-tech industry. Some are pushing for higher wages for those entering under H-1B visas, and penalties for high-end H-1B users, so that such workers do not displace citizens and legal residents.

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“Do-Over King” Barack Obama Profits

from Media-Induced Mental Fog among Voters


            Of all the endearing movies featuring and flaunting quirky leading man Bill Murray, two are especially memorable. In the one produced first, he eschewed straight comedy for serious dramatics and,  thanks to some excellent script writing, Murray and Catherine Hicks, James Keach and Theresa Russell easily outdid the sensational 1946 quartet of Tyrone Power, Gene Tierney, John Payne and Anne Baxter from the beloved silver screen classic version of The Razor’s Edge. Along the way, the theme from author W. Somerset Maugham’s novel becomes even more phenomenally stark and yet somehow eternally light-hearted and much, much clearer (even though the character “Maugham” himself was written completely out of Murray’s 1984 version). As strong as Murray is in The Razor’s Edge,however, the unforgettable dramatic/comedy vehicle for which Murray will be eternally toasted is 1993’s Groundhog Day . . . .

            This more than bizarre (surreal?) fantasy in which a misanthropic, self-important weatherman Phil Connors relives the same day, February 2nd (the single day of the year he most despises; in the place he most despises Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania; during the event he most despises: Groundhog Day Festivities), over and over and over again without hope for reprieve . . . has been embraced by the Buddhist fate and has even entered American slang lexicon as a shorthand term for any miserable, seemingly inescapable recurring fact of life.


"A thousand people freezing their butts off, waiting to worship a rat," Weatherman Connors gripes.


            The American Buddhist movement finds the movie a strong allegory for life in general and for their religion more specifically. In real life as it’s lived by we, the non-believers in Buddhist Nirvana, however, Groundhog Day has come to the Oval Office courtesy of the ceaseless Obama-adulation by the mainsteam media (MSM).  Let us adopt Sara Palin’s more accurate “lame-stream media” here for they have made the President appear not, as a cat with nine lives, but rather as a jaguar with 9,000. So far as it is within their power they have created a politician who really can’t fall short on anything. If the president bashes business and the financial industry ceaselessly for two consecutive years he has but to name a Chicago crony who happens to carry some business experience as an advisor and he suddenly becomes magnanimous in his “outreach to the business world.” No matter how great or repetitive his mistakes, let the Great Barack make even the slightest symbolic gesture of reasonableness while posturing for the media and . . . suddenly all his long-standing substantial errors and sins are forgiven, for the Anointed One has given the appearance of statesmanship. 

To say this was “all smoke and mirrors” would be demeaning magicians everywhere. This is rather, all freely-given PR puffery designed to glorify Obama. Consider these nine key areas as impartially as possible:




Foreign Policy


Fairness, Openness, Bi-Partisanship

The Gulf Oil Spill

GIBs and GSBs (Obamacare in particular)

Relationship with Business

Keeping Promises


            The unbiased observer must give the President nine F’s for nine substantial failures. In fact, however, the man’s “Messiah” status is ever-reinforced ever more desperately with each pathetic showing he makes. Consider more closely:


JOBS: 17.6% of America’s people are unemployed in real measurement. 9.5% are still looking for jobs and thus still on the labor rolls, the rest have given up; many are substantially UNDERemployed. Obama promised once his $787 BIllion stimulus package was passed in February, 2009, that unemployment would not exceed 8%. In the upcoming State of the Union address he will pretend that the country was on the brink of a Great Depression and only the quick thinking of he and his Democrats was able to save us . . . at no small expense . . . and the MSM will sell that unenlightened viewpoint as Gospel. By the way, if the official “unemployment” statistic is ridiculous, then the Obama “jobs saved” stat is absolute horse pucky.


SPENDING: Obama’s sycophant-girl, Nancy Pelosi, has echoed the party line that deficit reduction and reduction of the National Debt has long been a top concern among Democrats and “Deficit Reduction has been our mantra.” Pelosi and the House Democrats last year refused to pass a budget because it would have been the country’s first $5 TRillion budget and required $1.6 TRillion in deficits.  Then there’s the little matter of the $14.1 TRillion National Debt which has increased $5 TRillion under Democratic house leadership which is 56% in four years.  Besides the bailouts and Obama stimulus, Obamacare will increase deficits by $300 Billion yearly while claiming it reduces deficits. The MSM abets Pelosi, Reid and Obama at every turn for their humane and far-thinking new approach.

FOREIGN POLICY: Despite Obama’s “Apology Tour”; repeatedly breaking promises to allies while embracing those who have no love for the United States and orally wish us ill; kowtowing to Eastern potentates and premiers; and doing everything possible to make the nation appear and be weak, weak, weak . . . the MSM has refused to analyze, investigate or seemingly even care about the utterly negative Obama legacy in foreign policy. Did they report in depth on his shabby treatment of Israel? On the weakness toward Iran and Russia implicit in not building the promised missile defense for our eastern European allies?   No, naturally no. But they couldn’t wait to fall all over themselves in slobbering joy proclaiming the START treaty with Russia was not a shameful sell-out but somehow a wonderful coup.

LEADERSHIP: More than anything else, the election of the nation’s first Black president was supposed to usher in a new era of enlightenment in racial matters and tolerance at all levels. Polls on the subject say that relations between the races have gotten worse under our first “post-racial” president. And, up till his recent posturing as a “centrist president” now that the Republicans dominate the House, President Obama led the way by constant race-baiting; and stupid stances like getting involved in the Cambridge arrest in early 2009 that led to his infamous “Beer Summit.” Mr. Obama has also threatened freedom of speech and freedom of the press by his constant attacks upon FoxNews and the TEA Party. Instead of leadership, Obama has constantly whined and called all those who dislike his policies as racists, haters, extremists and stupid. People fifty times as patriotic as the President then were subject to one hundred times the abuse by the MSM and by the most progressive elements of the Democratic Leadership.


FAIRNESS, OPENNESS and BI-PARTISANSHIP: Mr. Obama promised to change the culture of Washington and to give us “hope and change we could believe in. He talked about having TV cameras involved so that people could see every aspect of the health care deliberations and like his favorite YES MAN, Harry Reid in the Senate and YES GIRL, Nancy Pelosi in the House, Obama promised to run the most open, honest and accountable administration in history. Instead he’s overseen the most corrupt, closed, dishonest and unaccountable administration since Woodrow Wilson. Just the matter of those 42 non-vetted Obama Czars speaks volumes . . . of course, it would have been impossible to get all those admitted communists and radicals into the White House any other way. The MSM did nothing to hold Obama’s feet to the fire . . . he was given a free pass on all of this. The Van Jones affair was classic MSM. While FoxNews and others were revealing video clips of Jones talking openly about revolution and his communism and his 9/11 Truther activities for two and a half months, the MSM ran a 30 second clip the day after Van Jones “resigned.”


THE GULF OIL SPILL: It took the Obama administration six weeks to really get involved and their involvement in the first two weeks thereafter was making speeches about how they’d been on the ground dealing with the issue since the first few hours it was known about. Then, like all leftists, Obama made a horrible situation worse . . . first his EPA would not allow the building of sand berms and other defenses against the spill (because they might harm the environment); and then he cost the nation loads of oil and the Gulf loads of jobs with his six month moratorium on drilling which is now nearing nine months and which is projected to last 2.5 years. The MSM hardly covered these important matters but found a patsy in the BP President and made Mr. Obama into a hero, as usual.  Will they love him as much when gasoline is $4.50 per gallon?


GIBs and GSBs (OBAMACARE in particular): Like the oil spill made worse by government involvement, GIBs and GSBs (Government interference and government spending boondoggles) are the utter limits of arrogance with the federal government showing they know best and in the process taking over more of American life and making it worse. In the case of Obamacare the lies involved are incredible, and of course the MSM will not deal with them or expose them to the public. Mr. Obama personally pledged that zero federal dollars would be used to fund abortions under Obamacare but we found out in the first week that the program went into operation that abortions were routinely covered by Obamacare. They added money to other programs in two other bills (Medicare and Medicaid) so they could show the Congressional Budget Office false numbers that would make Obamacare look like it would lower the deficit when in truth the big picture is that 30 million people are added to the program at a far greater expense than the private sector would have caused and the program is another entitlement GSB, GIB that will dramatically ramp up the National Debt and the yearly deficits. In addition we have stimulus funds that only stimulated the pocketbooks for Obama supporters and created no new jobs; the laughable “Cars for Clunkers” which claimed that destroying perfectly good cars would jumpstart the economy (all it did was create a massive shortage of used cars and drive the price of the typical used car upward by $1,800); the AIG and auto bailouts; the takeover not only of health care but of the financial industry, the student loan industry, and now the beginning of the coal industry. And the MSM has been applauding every step of the way.


BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS: Mr. Obama spent the first two years of his administration feathering the cap of the unions and taking every possible opportunity to bash business, business people, finance, financial people, capitalists and conservatives all the while imposing all manner of extra bureaucracy and expense upon the free markets . . . MSM cheering every step of the way. Now as he makes cozy to enhance his 2012 presidential bid, little is made of his hypocrisy.


KEEPING PROMISES: From Guantanamo Bay to Afghanistan and all the promises mentioned above . . . President Obama has made a splendid career of promising out of one side of his mouth and alibi-ing out of the other. It’s likely that Barack Obama will at the end of the day (as a one-term president) actually only keep two promises, both made in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle on the 2008 campaign trail:

a.      To bankrupt the coal industry

b.     To make the price of electricity skyrocket

Actually, that’s only one promise since 52% of our electricity comes from coal . . .

     Of course, the MSM gives Mr. Obama free rein to do as he pleases and enthusiastically supported him in 2008 and will support him in 2012. Call them “mulligans,” “do-overs” or Groundhog Day . . . the tremendous leeway that Obama has received from the MSM amounts to about 25 times the tolerance given to his predecessor and about 30 times what they’ve allotted to the TEA Party . . . .


Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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