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While we are told the border “has never been so secure“, and that there is a ‘zero net migration’ from Mexico, and that the ‘Gang of Eight’ amnesty bill won’t cause a new influx of illegals coming in – the constant, steady, MASSIVE stream of illegal aliens continues across our border…unabated and mostly undefended, as the video below – posted this very morning – demonstrates. 


The Administration slashed the number of National Guard troops on the border by 75% last year. There’s been zero progress on the double-layer border fence that Congress mandated since 2006. The Border Patrol has been ordered away from “wilderness” areas to “protect endangered wildlife” – exactly where the largest flows of illegals are taking place. And they keep on coming. 


SEE THE VIDEO AT WATCH THE VIDEEO NOW http://lobby.cunitedusa.oo.gd/blogs/137

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