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Recently, in an online group, a person was talking about the high cost of brand names drugs.  It is a fact that sometimes people require the brand name.  Precise concentrations, allergies, and other factors are contributions to this requirement.  Insurance programs do have a process for handling this requirement.  The Doctor's office must fill out a Prior-Authorization(PA) form.  Yet, this takes time and the patient needs the medication before the process can be complete. A few insurance companies will pay for a few days of the drug while this process is in the works.

Six hundred dollars a month is the cost this person is paying until the PA is complete. How many people can afford this alone? Those having children or family members with special needs(health conditions)? Or, along with paying insurance costs? 

I had to post some information.  Next year under the new law things may change.  This information is intended to help.   Please use the information if it helps.  BUT, remember to ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS and realize things change.  Now that is said I pray this can alleviate some issues for some people.

I am cooking cookies and fighting a dog that wants them while writing this.


Sandie, our dog, helped herself to the cookie dough on the spatula!  Can I have a break on some spelling please?

Back to the help with drug costs.  There are sites that can give you information on how to get Patient Assistance. I will provide a few. Usually the assistance comes from drug companies.  Besides these sites one can check with organizations such as Cancer Association of American, Leukemia Society and on and on. 

Income restrictions do apply.  That said, there are allowances to adjust the income.  Cost of total prescriptions, out of pocket insurance costs along with other reasons can help a person qualify for help.  Copay assistance is available also.

If you think only low income people can get aid with prescription costs, think again.  Many companies will pay for the copayment of a brand name drug.  Check online.  Type in the company that makes the drug or the brand name of the company.  Ask your pharmacist or doctor if he has any copayment cards.  Check online for Rx coupons.  There could be a one time deal.  The reason for this is to have a person try a drug before then given time for the patient to make budget considerations.

REMEMBER TO CHECK WITH HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS, THIS IS ONLY INFORMATION AIMED TO HELP IF POSSIBLE.  Liability is on yourself to check up to date information.  I mainly wish to provide help that some people may be unaware of.

Here are a few online sites.

           >>>https://www.rxhope.com  ;   >>>http://rxoutreach.org ; >>>http://www.healthfinder.gov/rxdrug/


           >>>http://rxassist.org/ ;     >>>www.needymeds.org ;     >>https://www.pparx.org/

          >>>https://www.pparx.org/prescription.../co_payment_programs ;  

          >>>http://www.scbn.org/ (FOR UNINSURED ONLY)   >>>http://www.panfoundation.org

         >>>http://www.chelincoln.org/project_spotlight/health_360.html ; >>>https://theassistancefund.org


RECALL I STATED A FEW COMPANIES PROVIDE PATIENT ASSISTANCE  and to try looking up there information?  Here are a few sites as examples.




HAVE INSURANCE AND THINK YOU ARE BEYOND THE DRUG HELP FOR COPAYS? Try or use these sites as examples to check copay cards.

   >>>http://www.mypfizerbrands.com/home?  ;       source=google&HBX_PK=s_copay+card&o=111430894|284395621|0&skwid=43700005603470797



RECOLLECT MENTIONING COUPONS? CHECK for your medication brand name specifically when looking for help.



ASK FOR HELP.  Doctors, nurses and pharmacists may have the information you need.  Give them a break.  Focusing on your health issues and you the patient occupy a huge percent of the brain.  The desire to be correct comes before the price considerations.  Knowing the pharmacy side a little better, I suggest asking during a time when business is slower,  Saturday afternoons, Sunday afternoons and in the evening between 7 and say 8:30 are better to get the attention of a pharmacist for this type of question.  Please understand I expect all providers to do their jobs. I know however these times provide a break from the pressure of heavy work times.

Some organizations give prescription support also.  Here on some examples of links to try.



Furthermore, seek out local agencies for guidance.  These organizations are there to serve the public.  Call the local Health Department, Department of Human Services and various other agencies. 

Going without medication can increase costs of healthcare for every person.  By giving you this information I hope it keeps a person out of the emergency room.  TRY NEVER TO GO WITHOUT MEDICATION.


Please let me know if this is helpful.  Leave a comment.  Do you like my writing?  Think this is a subject that needs to be written on more?  What are your needs for information? 

Thank you for your time. 

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Let’s start with some of the arguments these groups put forward as reasons for concern in using a Retail Clinic!

  • Ø Do not have access to all chart records.
  • Ø Causes Fragmentation of care by adding another provider.
  • Ø Staffed often by Physician Assistances or Nurse Practitioner
  • Ø No patient follow up care.
  • Ø Chronically ill are more complicated than clinics usually see.  (Note it doesn’t say can’t handle)
  • Ø Question if have patient’s best interests at heart!

I looked in detail at five articles about these warnings.  The first covers the period around 2007.  Titled AMA Goes After Walmart Style Retail Clinics, it warns of the same concerns.  “Our primary focus is patient safety and patient care, and the retail clinics have a different mission of selling products and prescriptions,” said Dr. Rodney Osborn.  The AMA stance at that time was to lobby for increases regulations of these Retail Clinics.  Typically doctors often site regulations and dealing with insurance as an over regulated problem.

The other articles cover and aim at those clinics owned by CVS, Walgreen’s, Target and other groups. On Feb. 23, 2014 (my 52 birthday updated a statement disapproving of the Retail Clinics.  Again the list above covers their reasons for concern.

An article written in Aug. of 2012 shows these statistics.

  • Ø Total visits go from 1.5 million (2007) to 6 million (2009)
  • Ø The same study notes that there are 557 million visits to Doctors and 177 to ER’s
  • Ø One significant change in demographics was that those over 65 were at 7.5% (2000 to 2006) and at 14.7 (2007 to 2009).
  • Ø About 40% of the visits from 2007 to 2009 were for immunizations.

I now have a few questions and statements I think need to be considered.

  • Ø How often can the people that visited a Retail Clinic did so because of lack of access to an appointment needed now?
  • Ø How many ER’s have access to a patient’s health record or chart?
  • Ø How many Pediatricians really know a patient and remember that child’s chart when called after hours?
  • Ø How many Nurse Practitioners or PA’s are employed by Pediatricians or Doctors?
  • Ø Is it really fair to say no access to follow up care?  I say this because many say to follow up with your family practitioner or come back to them if they do not have one!
  • Ø If it is still true that most(almost half, 40%) go for immunizations, is this really a big issue?
  • Ø What study said this are that?  Compare it to what is actually going on.
  • Ø Should Pharmacists really be giving vaccinations when they are bogged down just filling prescriptions?
  • Ø How many groups are going to have a formal relationship with your Pediatrician?
  • Ø Is some of the disjoint and lack of communication the fault of the AMA for going after the Retail Clinics instead of really working with these groups to shore up the holes? Or, is this just about the bottom line?
  • Ø How many people complain about not enough time with their doctor?

I would think again about what the AMA and AAP says about these clinics.  I would think also about getting prescriptions where pharmacists are doing a lot of vaccinations.  I am a pharmacist and will get plenty of feedback for this I am sure.

The bottom line is go to places that you feel comfortable.  I can personally vouch for a Nurse Practitioner owned clinic.   Excellent care is what my husband (also a pharmacist), my son and I get when we go there.  This does not stop me from having a family practice physician.  I have gone to this man since 1987 and will not go elsewhere  besides that NP owned clinic in Yukon, OK.  They do not compete but compliment each other.

Below are the 5 articles used to write this essay; along with my personal knowledge and opinion.

Ollamok AKA Sandra

http://www.amednews.com/article/20120827/business/308279963/7/                                    http://healthland.time.com/2014/02/23/pediatrics-group-advises-against-retail-based-clinics/           http://www.kevinmd.com/blog/2013/08/drug-store-retail-clinics-primary-care-fast.html http://consumerist.com/2007/06/27/american-medical-association-goes-after-walmart-style-retail-clinic /http://virtualmentor.ama-assn.org/2013/11/pdf/vm-1311.pdf

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Criminal employers pay on-the-run criminal aliens no tax cash $6/hr (same as $8 taxable minimum wage). These criminals violate tax and countless other laws, protect each other, and freely operate because the lawless US officials refuse to enforce the Constitution and law!   Instead of paying $64,300* for “same productivity”, criminal employers pay invaders $12,480 and keep the $51,820 balance.    This works for invaders and elected officials!    Officials tax working citizens $36,545**, gives it to criminal invaders, and the invader rewards criminal politicians with votes – legal or otherwise!

US citizens who take home $37,096* discovered criminal aliens take home $49,025, which is $11,929 more than citizens, for the same work!!   That discovery leads to learning they get $36,545** in subsidies to not work, and the $551/yr disposable spending lost is offset by $3,900 savings for not having to drive to work (30/mi/day @260/days @ $.50/mi)!   Bottom line citizens gain $3,349 by NOT WORKING!

This is an elaborate subversive crime within government that is designed to financially and socially collapse and overthrow government.   Criminally not paying taxes eliminates $27,204 tax revenue.   Illegally subsidizing criminal aliens adds $36,545.50** spending, which triggers a $36,545** jobless citizen subsidy.   It’s $100,295/each of self inflicted theft within government.    Adding the citizen net pay loss of $37,096 drives the total to $137,391 for each citizen displaced by a criminal alien!    It’s Armageddon!

Because base market output value ($64,300) is fixed without processing or profits within productivity exchange, changes in one element has reverse effects on the other (more pay = less criminal profit)!    The extreme $51,820 criminal profit begs minor price cutting that will drive legitimate competition into bankruptcy and create predatory monopolies!   Government corruption created a $6/hr cash tax free wage bases, wholesale lawlessness, a collapse of skilled trade & construction jobs, and incredible disincentives for working citizens!

It’s a heinous criminal enterprise run by corrupt government officials.   The imbedded current economic cost of $1.5 trillion @ 11 million to $2.7 trillion @ 20 million alien workers will collapse our economy if not stopped!     That cost will disappear when executive-legislative officers start enforcing the Constitution and “laws there-under!”    The crime is high treason.    It couldn’t be more serious!

The Obama-Rubio-Schumer-Graham “gang” says Americans are fat lazy racists victimizing hard working patriotic alien invaders!

*BLS avg.34.4/hr week $42,537 wages are $49,462 @ 40 hours full time.   “Average” employer cost is $64,300 after 30% separate employer taxes!   Employees take home $37,096 after 25% income-FICA tax.   **Hospitals can't refuse free medical care ($20,000+)   ref $402 billion/11million alien subsidy.

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