Subject: Call GOP Members of Congress Who Support Obama's Illegal Amnesty
Date: Sat, 6 Dec 2014 15:19:02 -0500


Below is an alert with the latest tally of Republicans who both support president Obama's Executive Order Illegal Alien Amnesty and those willing to fight it.  Please call those in red who are quietly supporting Boehner's efforts to facilitate Obama's illegal executive order.

In liberty,

Call List Showing Which GOP Members of Congress Support or Oppose Obama's

The Republican lawmakers whose names are RED
are the ones who support John Boehner and Obama on 
Amnesty for Illegals! (click on red names for evidence & documentation)

Call the GOP Obama Amnesty Allies & Supporters in RED to say "We know you
and Boehner are holding secret meetings with Obama and facilitating Obama on
Amnesty for illegals! The majority of your Republican voters in your
district will know soon too!"

Call the GOP lawmakers in Blue to say...
"We are glad you are not one of the Republicans supporting Obama and his
amnesty agenda. We want you to remove John Boehner as GOP Speaker for
conspiring with Obama on amnesty and replace him with a true amnesty
opponent who will truly stop Obama and Amnesty!"

GOP Congress Members supporting Obama & Boehner on Amnesty: 

GOP Congress Members not aligned with Boehner and Obama on Amnesty

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