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Fox News Preying on the Fears of Technologically Ignorant Seniors to Co-opt Tea Party

Jason Charles
August 31, 2010

Sad but true, FOX News has successfully co-opted the entire Tea Party back underthe Neo-Con controlled tent of the GOP.

With Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin’s RestoreAmerica Rally posting numbers well over the 100,000+ mark we have toanalyze exactly how the “social architects” accomplished this incredible feat.

The Tea Party is largely made up of Republicans, Independents and some Democrats shownin a major study quoted by CBS News in April.

“More than four in 10 self-described members of the Tea Party also identify as eitherIndependents or Democrats, according to a recently released, comprehensive survey.

Yet the Tea Party’s priority appears to be fiscal conservatism, and the group bylarge margins trusts Republicans in Congress over Democrats to solve thecountry’s problems.

In a collection of three national surveys conducted by the Republican-leaning WinstonGroup, 57 percent of Tea Party members called themselves Republicans while 28percent said they were Independents, and 13 percent said they were Democrats. Two-thirdsof the group identified as conservative, but 26 percent said they are moderateand 8 percent called themselves liberal.”

The majority of those who first came to be associated with the Tea Party back in2006 and earlier are people who split from the GOP after the atrocious humanrights and unconstitutional actions of the Bush administration revealed theirtrue colors as war mongering fascists. These are all people who recognize thetwo party system as being totally controlled opposition bringing in none otherthan a New World Order in place of America’s sovereignty.

This early Tea Party movement was all about ending unjust wars, stopping the NorthAmerican Union, and eradicating the fraudulent institution called the FederalReserve. They were mobilizing against such things as wire-tapping, and spyingon American citizens without warrants, the encroaching police state, theeconomic collapse and other issues that were legitimately threatening ourrepublic. They did this during, and against the Bush administration alongsidethe anti-war left.

So what happened to the Old Tea Party?

Who are all the newcomers to the Tea Party movement? How did it massively balloon insize in a matter of a couple years and is now made up of the same war mongering,Muslim hating, neo-cons that the Bush admin was comprised of?

Easy, the answer lays in the FOX News demographics and average age of their viewingaudience. Fox news viewership according to a surveyconducted by Steve Sternber, places the average age of any given FOX Newswatcher at 65 years old.

“According to a survey released by media analyst Steve Sternberg, Fox News’ average viewerlast season was aged 65, the oldest audience among fully distributed cablenetworks.

CNN wasn’t far behind, though — its average audience was 63. MSNBC was a perky 59.CNBC is the young turk at 52.”

The technological divide

The early Tea Party was comprised of college students and working adults who having beenexposed to the internet at a very early age and the informational renaissancethat it had to offer. These young people mobilized against real issues thatthreatened our nation. Issues like ending the Federal Reserve, warrant-lesswire-tapping, unjust and endless war. Things they learned about on theinternet and not on T.V. or in universities. They didn’t buy into the two-partyfalse dialectic and actively opposed the corporate sell off of our country tothe New World Order System.

This tech savvy generation translated over into the massive Ron Paul Revolution in 2008and is still going strong, is very patient and growing in numbers, but comparedto traditionally conservative Fox News watchers still a minoritydemographic.

A renaissance has occurred underneath the radar of our nations millions oftraditionally conservative seniors. Documentary films like America:Freedom or Fascism (VIDEO) which explains the fraud that is the privateFederal Reserve system, or the Obama Deception (VIDEO) that tears apartboth Bush and Obama administrations as slaves to the elite agenda of a NewWorld Order, or 9/11 exposing films like Core of Corruption (VIDEO) that methodicallydestroys the official story remain just out of reach because simple ignorance ofbasic computer skills.

This over 65+ demographic is traditionally computer illiterate. They still type domainnames into the Google bar of their browser because URL addresses are a foreign languageto them. In fact their technological skill set is really limited to emailingand flipping their cable box to Fox News in eager anticipation of Glenn Beckand Jack Baur style terrorist busting.

This technological gap in the elderly population is what has allowed FOX News tocontinue to shape the collective fear of an entire generation. In fact if youlook at pictures of Tea Party rallies and who is in attendance a largepercentage of people are sporting silvery/white hair. This is just a fact.

The commies have taken the Whitehouse

Another thing that has totally been overlooked is the constant use of the term‘socialist’, ‘communist’, ‘radical left-wing agenda’ to describe Obama. Thisrhetoric is purposefully preying on the sentiments of the childhood, cold wartraumas of the 65+ generation. The purpose is to pit the U.S. and Israelagainst a very un-likely nuclear Iran, just like the nuclear stand-off with thegodless communist countries of the 60’s – 80’s. The political tool of nuclearthreat has been resurrected by the Bush administration and continued by theObama administration in the guise of so called “Islamo-Fascist” nuclear threat.

We need to worry less about the failed presidency of Obama and more about whether the realcontrolling elite will set a nuke off in America and blame it on the TeaPartiers who are being played up as violent extremists at every turn. GlennBeck, Sarah Palin, Fox News and the Republican Party have monopolized controlover the Tea Party. This technological divide needs to be bridged by those ofus who are associated with the old guard and can educate their Gadsden wavingelders on who the real enemies are in this nation.

DVD truth documentaries play a big role in this educational process. Seniors may not beable to adjust their screen resolution from 800×600, but they do know how tooperate a DVD player.

The only thing that will wake them up to the Truth that Glenn Beck lies by omission iswhen they see exactly what has been omitted on their very own T.V’s.

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Bob disabled Vet

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  • get rid of em all... you took an oath of office if you don´t honor it you should be impeached from office...
  • I agree totaly... The is not the new Face of the Neo-Con Republican party ... they have a face and its ugly (one of the reasons the Tea Party exists) Out Sara Painlin Out Rush Lint Ball and out Glenn Reck
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