Liberty’s Lamp - Extinguished! R.I.P.

9483618692?profile=RESIZE_180x180The Harris/Biden Cabal has just extinguished the Lamp Of Liberty R.I.P.  Biden & Dem’s Attack on the Elements of Democracy Cancels the Constitution. America Must Stand Against Biden’s Tyranny, or Liberty’s Lamp Will be Extinguished Forever!

Biden: Pinata-in-Chief: In a wildly shocking revelation, Democrats and their Pinata-in-Chief Joe Biden, launched an experiment in anti-representative government, the keystone to the American experiment. There are several things to unravel here. First, Dems are inaugurating the advent of the Liberal Tyrant, who does whatever he wants and is under no Declaration, Constitution or Bill of Rights—America’s founding documents. Second, the Dems are trying to inure and shock Americans by their absolutely reckless, illogical and dangerous policy decisions to further break down America’s spirit of liberty.

Biden’s Lawless Reign: First, consider how Biden shut down Trump directives while inviting millions across the border. While demanding children wear masks, Biden simultaneously invites thousands of Covid sufferers in, yet without tests or vaccines. It’s unconstitutional to endanger Americans the way Biden is acting. SCOTUS just reversed his decision to end Stay in Mexico. Again, by demanding Covid eviction blocks, he’s defying SCOTUS rulings. So, Joe Biden does not consider himself under our highest law, the Constitution.

Reckless, Demented Leadership: Second, Biden has repeatedly made decisions against common sense, defying American citizen disapproval. The most astounding and currently ongoing is his departure from Afghanistan. Pollsters couldn’t find 10% of the population in any state to support: Sending home military before citizens and allies; to hand over billions in weapons to Islamic terrorists; for leaving behind biometric data on all Afghanis who aided America to ensure their murders; closing massive Bagram air base and instead using tiny Kabul civil airport, allowing Taliban rebel insurgents to gatekeep Americans attempting to leave; or Biden misleading and breaking promises to NATO and other allies. Biden had no right to do any of these. But Biden believes, like all true leftists, that as president, he can do anything he likes, knowing there will be no punishment against his party. It’s reminiscent of WB Yeats’ “The Second Coming”:

Blow Taliban to Smithereens: Most Americans want the Army to blow the Taliban to kingdom-come until we are out with our allies. Joe knows this and laughs at the idea. So Biden and Co. are breaking down US resistance to tyranny, by inexplicable and ruinous decisions, to accept being mocked by a tiny, murderous rebel army, and to resign in the face of absurd injustice. Why? Because Marxist regimes always cause citizens to suffer from these ills because they are run by mindlessly hateful ideologues who reward leadership posts to faithful apparatchiks instead of talented administrators. Marxism’s goal is the removal, root and branch, of all human liberty.

Lessons in Representative Government: America was built on the dream of representative government who base their actions on commitment to the People, wielding powers for the furtherance of the union. But when the CIA head met with Taliban leaders yesterday, and declined to explain the results to the US Congress, we know we are in an anti-Constitutional crisis. Further, given the list of demented DC Cabinet flunkies, all as weak as Biden, you realize the Democratic Party is running a full-fledged political coup.

American Republic Must Repulse Biden: America’s theory of government results from thousands of years of European evolution. Representative political theory derives, in part, from the 14th Century Papal Conciliar Crisis, the English Civil War, American Revolution, and many others. See Inventing the People. There is no Democracy without Republicanism, which diffuses power and enforces the Rule of Law. Republicanism rests upon Popular Sovereignty informed by transparency in all government details. See “Joe Biden Laughs Off Question About Americans Trapped In Afghanistan. White House Cuts Off Audio.” The way Biden is headed, our very form of government will soon be extinguished unless patriots across America stand up and demand Biden’s ouster and replace him with truly virtuous folks who assume leadership to serve the People. 

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  • This will continue until you get the Democratic administration out of office. I want some payback in blood.
  • How and when do we start?
    This is past due, my patience is waning.
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