Liberals Cheer Over Dead Oklahoma Children!!!


                        As bad as Democrats have been in the past I don’t think anything can top the situation of their reaction to the Tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.  Lizz Winstead of the Daily Caller tweeted that the tornado was “ordered to target conservatives”, a comment she now says was done in jest.  How does anyone joke about anyone, and especially children, dying from a terrible natural disaster?  I wonder if she considered it just as funny when children of the same age were killed in Newtown, Ct.!!!  Other blooming idiots in the Democrat wing of the Vulture of Tyranny Party are blaming Republicans because they deny the “truth” of man-made global warming 

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  • She could not jest about that because she did have some honesty left. I think she knows the Liberal agenda in our American Schools caused these shootings. What have seen is that there are some Liberals that do admit facts. However, they want to keep them to their self! 

    Do we not see why Liberals support the things they want? Is it not like a child that never grew up? It seems there is never any such thing as wrong as long as they want it! I am sure we all have noticed this problem and it has to do with what Liberals say are the way to raise our children. 

    I spent 6 years in a neighborhood near Baguio, Philippines. I was totally amazed as it was like I was in the early 60's in the US! The people had great honor and so did the children! They did have pride, but pride never overcame their honor! Most are anti-Socialist in many cases where it gives more Federal control. They have Federal Health but it does not corrupt their rights as did Obama, on purpose! Obama does not support them as are friends because he is a Commie liar! Obama does not support Israel, who have been our greatest friend until Obama! I have connections there and even security connections in the Philippines. I was already told that Obama won the election in 2012 the weekend before the vote! It was crooked and most of it by the International MOB! 

    We see so much corruption in the US and this reported even in Canada where a Pastor was given jail time and fined 5000 for having Romans chapter one printed in a newspaper! It was against the new laws on diversity! I would love a new America where freedom of speech was supported like in the Philippines. They asked Obama for help as they are an ally of Democracies. China was taking over one of their islands. Obama sent no reply as he does not support freedoms by Democracy! He is a full blow Communist and Muslim by his own actions!

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