Liberals and Decadence

Liberalism and decadence have taken root in the U.S. - Conservative and religious values are bashed by spineless elected liberal DemocRat officials and repeated by their Pinko Media. Muslims look in disgust at the cancer growing within the U.S. - Osama Bin Laden and other radicals point to the sickness when recruiting for their violence. Gay liberals refuse to discuss that their homosexuality is punished by death under Islamic Law. Adultery may also get you a death penalty. Abortions are considered murder. As more Muslims move into the U.S. they refuse to mix with the liberal aspects of the society. Relieve the sick pressure. VOTE DEMOCRATS OUT
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  • excuse me DON'T give back
  • Muslims in Denmark are not wanted also because they are lazy and give back to the government. Demmarks people will not go up against their government to stop taking them in. Muslims live in camps and do not support their government and get outraged when they don't get what they want from Denmarks government they love socialism. They are doing it here also. Get rid of the crooked Democrats in office. We do need a balance in Congress because this is why the Dems have passed so many crooked bills. We need a balance so one watches over the other and they stay honest and don't get the crooked bills passed. They will fight each other this is why Clinton was not able to get his croonism going. We must also take Corporate Monopolies into great concern they have grown to big they want socialism so the majority will work for them at low wages and they have the power over the people. This kills small business and the middle class. We want our government to work for us not for themselves or other countries. We want our Constitution saved and abided by Congress. Work hard people VOTE All CROOKED CONGRESSMEN OUT!
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