Liberal News, Obama, Soros & Wall Street Protestors

4063408360?profile=originalby little tbocaWell the Liberal News Media is at it again dumping their garbage on the citizens of the USA; here’s their spin on the Wall Street protestors in an effort to continue the class warfare that Obama has started on his 2012 campaign gigs.This isn’t “class warfare” the Wall Street Protests are preplanned event similar to the protests in the foreign Countries and the wonderful “Arab Spring” movement that Obama and gang support. The end result as we now was to give the Muslim Brotherhood a hand up, so they could take over these Countries and implement Sharia Law.The protestors are the little robots financed by Soros, the Unions and various community interest groups like or the Soros Tides Foundation. This can’t be called a peaceful protest movement – it’s more like an Obama tantrum. Obama has called in his armies to spank us and put us in our place for not passing his second stimulus.What is occurring is vandalism, disorderly conduct, blocking vehicular and pedestrian traffic, drugs, sex and over all filthy conditions due to protestor’s lack of personal hygiene. This group of people can’t expect good things due to their behavior. They are willfully taking over public areas that belong to all citizens in these communities.They have no self-respect, no respect for others or their property and they certainly aren’t responding as responsible adult citizens. Biden knew this movement was in place when he made the speech saying there would be more rapes, murders etc…Of course there will be more rapes, murders and crimes committed because Obama and his army have taken our police force away from their precincts in order to control a group of unruly people.This is the perfect example of the “Rules for Radicals.” Make the most out of a crisis, distract and divide the troops. It’s a deadly prescription that will result in violence if Obama doesn’t call off the “wolves.”What we’re seeing is nothing but staged events to set our law enforcement officers up in an attempt to prove police brutality. These protestors show blatant disrespect to our law enforcement officers and the laws of our land.ABC not only has been showing support for the protestors they put videos on You Tube that the protestors took during their confrontation with police. ABC conveniently forgets the other side of the story. ABC refuses to tell both sides of the story, but why should this surprise us? ABC is just another “garbage dumpster” with low ratings, so they opt to dump crap on their viewing public in an attempt to improve their poor ratings.Randi Rhodes, Liberal talk radio host says the Oakland Police department is using warfare tactics against peaceful demonstrators?” Now Randi, even a 2nd grader would know it’s wrong to throw rocks, paint, and bottles at our police men and women. Oakland’s Mayor said, "Over the last week it was apparent that neither the demonstrators nor the city could maintain safe or sanitary conditions, or control the ongoing vandalism."Basically, Obama threw another tantrum and his cronies came to his rescue. This is a scare tactic and there is a slight possibility that it could work– it worked in Egypt, Libya, and Yemen.Obama is a disgruntled employee of ours, he’s angry, dangerous and he realizes that a second term isn’t probable so he will continue punishing us via “Executive Orders, protests and redistribution.May God Bless AmericaAs Always,Little Tboca
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  • This is true Marcia. I have been trying to learn about filing for articles of impeachment. While I have always been a somewhat informed citizen and have always voted, with one exception due to moving and not able to register in time. However, I have become obsessed, to a degree, with finding out what I can to dispel his lies and manipulation. The sad part is that true liberals are not interested in the truth (and this is true with conservatives as well) but want only their person in the position. I can not understand how blinded people are. This man has used propreganda similar to what Hitler used for the total mind control of the German people. He has used this on every level. He has told our elderly and disabled the tea party and republicans want them to just die to save money, he has told people of mexican desent (but here legally) that we were going to lock them up and deport them, he has told every wage earner that we are going to take their money, the poor will be left to die, and so on...

    He uses racism to create the largest racial divide in this country since I have been able to remember in my lifetime (45yrs).

    I just pray to God to protect our country and our citizens.

  • Angela, you're expressing my greatest fear - he will do anything to buy our youth, Hispanics, Illegal Aliens and I hear many times he doesn't stand a chance due to his low disapproval polls and I say tomorrow he's about to buy Ohio, probably stop the Voter ID laws (which will be disastrous), and like putting off the pipe line until 2012 keeps him in good standin with EPA and he's already in bed with the Unions.
  • This is very true. The points you made are very good. And things that are true in fact. I am worried that this man will some how pull off his manipulation and get another 4 years. Something our country can not withstand. Which is exactly what he is hoping for. He has his terrorist groups, in the white house and outside. He has blamed the Republicans, but if he can make things on his own, then why not beef up our police and military forces. Common sense tells you when unemployment is high, so is crime. If you can't feed your family, people do desperate things, and will resort to breaking the law.

    God Bless America, and pray for us.

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