LIBERAL HYPOCRISY SHINING BRIGHT IN CORONAVIRUS SITUATIONLIBERALS HAVE RULES FOR US BUT NOT FOR THEMSELVESWhile democrats and their liberal media propaganda machine are busy blaming conservatives and Christians for the spread of the coronavirus they themselves are urging their minions to continue business as usual ( It is typical of liberal insanity, fitting in well with the system their islamic friends have, a set of mandatory rules that apply to only those they choose to apply them to but never to themselves. The hypocrisy has swelled as liberalism has gained ground in America, conservatives are called all kinds of names and stuck with derogatory labels because we don't bow to the satanic liberal agenda. Liberals like to call themselves "enlightened", "tolerant", "inclusive", and "diverse" while those of us not bowing to liberalism are labeled "haters" and a whole host of "phobics". How "tolerant", "inclusive", and "diverse" are they when they not only refuse to accept conservative Christian values but denigrate us in such a hateful fashion? Liberals are not only not the "enlightened" people they like to see themselves as, they are the true "haters ", hating anyone who refuses to cower before their evil agenda. Their answer to non-conformance to their agenda is to denigrate those who don't fall into lock step with them and to toss the name calling card out. One thing I notice about liberals is that their definition of the word compromise is total surrender to their way. I have seen stories lately where several liberals urged their acolytes to continue their lives as if nothing has changed. My hope and prayer is that liberals will wake up one day and see the error of their ways, to turn their lives to Jesus Christ, and find the happiness and contentment that living for and following Jesus is the path to true happiness in this life and eternal joy when their earthly life is over. Sadly, the main focus of liberalism is selfishness so getting them to follow in the footsteps of Jesus will take much divine intervention to accomplish, intervention from the God they refuse to believe in, and a level of selfishness they are not willing to admit to nor repent of. When one looks at where the virus is most widespread it is in the liberal cesspools of American society, ruled over by liberal democrat politicians. The coronavirus is running rampant in the liberal strongholds of California, New York City, and Connecticut while the most conservative areas of the nation have the lowest infection rates. I believe much of this comes for two main reasons, 1) God blesses and protects those who seek Him and obey His Commandments, and 2) conservative Christians are more likely to follow the advice of medical professionals and humble themselves before God. Arrogance towards God is not going to win them any favors nor protect them from the pestilences that satan sends around from time to time. I pray daily that Almighty God will touch the hearts of liberals and draw them to Himself so we can see an unprecedented revival in our land. The Holy Bible tells us, in 2 Chronicles 7:14 what we need to do to bring the nation back into God's favor. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because there weren't even 5 righteous men to be found to save them. I would like to see every American turn to God. I don't know how many righteous men America needs but I believe that having anywhere from a majority to everyone in the fold will be enough to get God to restore the nation to what He and our founders established but the forces of darkness led by satan and followed by his liberal minions. I want to see any now in darkness to turn to the light. The Bible also tells us that in the last days men's hearts will go cold towards God. I see that happening in the United Methodist and Catholic churches openly and proudly embracing homosexuality, something that the Bible makes clear is not acceptable to God.Although I have never been a liberal I spent much of my life living in darkness. I was raised in the Catholic church, and spent 8 years in a Catholic school where I was treated very badly because I am left handed in a time when being left handed was considered a sign of demonic possession. When I was a kid ADD and ADHD weren't known but if they had been I am sure to have been diagnosed because when I look back at my childhood I showed all the traits of them. When I was old enough to leave home I not only rejected the Catholic church but also rejected everything about God because I grew up with a warped and very incorrect concept of the Creator. It is very possible that many liberals had similar experiences with religion so turned to liberalism as their "god" because liberalism teaches there is no God and that each person has the right to set their own values of right and wrong, good and evil. Secular humanism, a fancy name for selfishness, is the big "religion" for liberals because it says each person is their own "god".I submit this in the name of The Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.Bob RussellClaremore, OklahomaApril 3, 2020
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