Again, I watch online and tv and see more articles giving publicity to the occupation that seems to be something people are just allowing to continue. The occupy 'movement' is a national disgrace, and while I am an American, and I do support everyone's right to free speech, I would like to know why, if we tea party supporters/members are serious about our points of view, our messages, our votes, why are we sitting silently by, allowing our viewpoints to become a distant memory.

If we do not continue to inform people of our true, and highlight TRUE, message, then how do we ensure our Country goes in the right direction? People have very short attention spans, are inundated with mixed messages, and are poisoned against the truth.

I am asking everyone to gather their thoughts, and lets bring our message back to the people, so we can teach people, our younger generations who have not been given the correct messages, are not taught to be proud of our Country, and fight for the freedoms that our citizens have died for, sacrificed for.

I would like to get tea party supporters in the area of Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, to have a rally, an information outreach, to help put this Nation back where she belongs...

I live in Cecil County Maryland, and would like to have support if any one else would like to participate, and help organize this. We must keep our message out in the public's view.

I worry about the future of this nation, my children's and grandchildren's lives, and if you are a tea party member, then obviously you are too. It is time to rev up the public, get them excited about the true change this country, the change of residents in the peoples White House..

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