Let’s pray for our future.

Father, you are our only God, the almighty creator of all things, the God of Abraham, Sarah, Jesus Christ and Moses. 

We know that Life has not come about by chance. There is a purpose in life and that is to know you my Lord, to honor you and thereby be Joyful. We know that you love us.

Father give us the wisdom and the strength to change this corrupt and ungodly political systems and sinful lifestyles, greed, immorality, sexual sins, the killing of unborn babies and the denial that you are real. Father we believe that our youth is our hope to change this path of moral self-destruction, help us to focus in their education and our Christian principles and encourage them to love your creation, the beauty of life, flowers, landscapes and all nature. We know that the world is a wonderful creation made by you, our heavenly father; we have seen all that you had made, and it is very good; but the creation is not holy and the creation is not you my Lord. You are the creator of the world and our creator, you are our God and you are holy.

Lord we know that the truth will set us free, lead us to seek the truth and find the path of happiness and eternal life. We ask this in the name of you beloved son Jesus. Amen.


Juan Reynoso. voteforamerica@gmail.com.      www.represent.us

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