Let’s pray for our country 7-4-14

Let’s pray for our country 7-4-14        http://anticorruptionact.org/

To: the People of the United States.

We the people, in view of the present distrust and dangerous condition of our country, we recommend that today Friday July 4th 2014, be set apart for a day of Humiliation, Fasting and Prayer throughout the Union.

Fellow Americans, Let’s pray.

God all mighty you made us a family and give us our United States, one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.

Father we the people of these United States thank you for all your blessings, today we designate Friday the 4th of July 2014 a day to assemble and according to our own form of worship, to keep this day as a solemn fast and praying for our future and the restoration of our Christian principles and values.

Father our country at the present moment is threatened by an inside force of destruction and is placing our nation in danger of being destroy from within;  danger; panic and distress of a fearful character prevails throughout the land; millions of American workers are without employment, and consequently deprived of the means of earning their bread. Indeed, hope seems to have deserted the minds of many. Millions of Americans have become economic slaves and are in a state of confusion and dismay, and the needs of the people to work and be able to earn a living are wholly disregarded.

Father In this time of our calamity and peril, we ask you for wisdom and courage, we recourse to you father for relief and your omnipotent arm to save us from the awful effects of our own crimes and follies, our own ingratitude and guilt towards you Heavenly Father.


Father, with deep contrition and penitent sorrow, we are humbling ourselves before you my Lord and confessing our individual and national sins, Father remove from our hearts that false pride, help us to restore the friendship and good will which prevailed in former days among the people of the several States and the world; and above all, save us from the horrors of wars and let us live in harmony with others. Father we pray for unity, do not desert us in this hour of extreme peril, father remember us as you did it with our fathers in the darkest days of the revolution; and preserve our Constitution and our Union, the work of our founding fathers for our generations to come.

Father, we know that your Omnipotent Providence will overrule existing evils for permanent good. Father let us invoke every individual, to feel a personal responsibility to you my Lord and our country for keeping this day holy and pray for the removal of  our actual and impending calamities.

Father we are your disciples and responsible stewards of all yours creation your gifts for the good of our congregation and the whole world. And make us one family with you now and in the world to come. AMEN 

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