Legal mental drugs in America and care in our States

We have a drug supported mental industry that has no honor! I have been overseas and saw that so many had no mental illness because it was not supported or was non-existent! Our States in the USA get Federal dollars to give mental patients addictions! It is not the drugs, but the care! A special diet by a Doctor in California totally healed my sister. It was predicted that the diet, because of past State healthcare would have to be for at least 5 years, would totally cure her! 

My niece, her daughter, brought her to me. She was on the diet and totally normal! I was shocked. I mean fully normal! Much of her life she got drug rehab and special State care. She became addicted, not to the drugs per-say, but the attention given in State healthcare! Now these were our major mental problems.. one was bi-polar. The other was switch of her personality to make adjustment. This Doctor in California had given her the cure! It was diet and not drugs! 

I tried to take care of her but found that she was addicted to the care, not the drugs! She is now in a care center in California instead of here in Michigan. The reality of a cure shocked the appointed State mental health giver who came to talk to me. He, I found,, moved her away from me against her daughter's wishes and mine. Why... MONEY! I told him about her diet and said it was totally successful. It did not support State care was what came out! Money with Liberals is more than with our Conservatives and is always the case. This is a biggie when we are accused. I like that when I saw I get 26k a year but have honor!

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SICK: Anderson Cooper Says Demographic Decline Of White Americans Is “Exciting”

“It’s an exciting evolution.”

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CNN’s Anderson Cooper said during an interview with Univision anchor Jorge Ramos that he found the demographic decline of white people “exciting”.

“The idea that, you know, whites will not be the majority, I mean, that’s — it’s an exciting transformation of the country, it’s an exciting evolution and you know, progress of our country in many different ways,” said Cooper.

Ramos agreed that whites becoming a minority in America was inevitable and a positive development.

The Judge@V8POW

Anderson Cooper barely able to contain his excitement about Whites becoming a minority.

Not thrilled about being replaced in the country your ancestors founded: you're a "Supremacist"

Understand White People, you're already in a race war.

“There’s nothing really they can do against this incredible demographic revolution. And in 2044, everyone is going to be a minority,” he said.

The media has repeatedly asserted that even raising the “conspiracy theory” of “the great replacement” or the demographic decline of white people puts you on a par with mass shooters and terrorists.

However, it’s apparently completely fine to talk about the issue so long as you proclaim the demographic decline of whites to be a positive thing.

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