I would like to take a moment and talk about leadership, if I may.  Leadership is a game of strength, patience, kindness, and will.  One must have the strength of character to withstand attack, one must have the patience to endure those attacks and wait for an opening, the kindness to give quarter where needed, and the will to carry on.  

     Strength:  Strength is more than a physical aspect.  One has to have emotional strength (unlike John Boener), and the strength of character to survive the assaults from the left.  Strength is a piece of the leadership puzzle that continues to evade our President, as well.  Mr. Obama has allowed his weakness to show strongly.  The middle east is in chaos.  The Egyptians hate us because we are weaker with him in office.  We suffer more attacks, such as Benghazi, because he is weak.  He allowed the whole Syrian situation because he talked trash and didn't back it up.  The House of Representatives is weak, as well.  Hey, kids, don't start a fight if you're not willing to see it through until the end.

     Patience:  You have to be willing to wait for the end game.  You have to be willing to stay the course until the end game is achieved.  You have to have the patience to wait it out until freedom endures.  The House caved in too soon.  Had they waited it out, they may have succeeded.  In 30 years, no one will remember who the Speaker of the House was, but they would remember which President allowed the nation to die.

     Kindness:  One must have the kindness to help those who can't help themselves, but the wisdom and strength to motivate and mobilize those that can.  Kindness is a way of helping the helpless, but moving the movable.  Those who can fend for themselves and work, should be moved into that direction.  It is kinder to push an able bodied man to a job than to let him sit in poverty, in my opinion.

     Will:  One must have the will to allow the consequences of your actions to play out.  If you pick a fight, House Reprobates(Republicans), then at least have the will to follow through.  Mr. President, you should follow through on YOUR threats, or don't make them.  If the House had the will to stand, they would have won the debt debate.  

     Leadership is a forward position putting one in harms way. A leader is first in, last out.  A leader doesn't leave a man behind, and takes the consequences of his orders.  In my military life, I would never have my men do something I wasn't willing to do myself.  If it took only one or a few people to make something happen, I was on it more often than not.  

     Our president wants to lead from behind.  That's not leadership, sir, that's cowardice.

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