Dear Officers,
I agree whole heartedly with all the points in your most recent email "You Are The Tea Party!", BUT I feel you are weakening on our position with God. All other governments and national organizations fail and will continue to fail by not placing God in His position as Commander and Chief. Our Creator honors those who honor Him and not as some secondary mention to keep the Christians appeased and involved. This nation, its people are looking for something that is not apologizing for their reliance on the Lord Jesus Christ. There is an awakening in our nation, politically and in the church, it is those who are not ashamed of their faith in Jesus the Christ who will lead, by the Father's endorsement.
"Unless the Lord builds the House (the USA, the Tea Party) we labor in vain." That's not noting family values as "encouraged", but directed by the Lord. As absolute as the 2nd Amendment and the other Bullet Points. Americans, the majority of Americans don't want more of the same. The "big tent" mentality has nearly destroyed the former conservative platform of the Republican Party. Their big tent, idea to be inclusive of more sinful policies, by turning down the light so more can be comfortable in the dark, to include more votes is deceptive, it has the expectancy that more will be accomplished by the hand of man and not the Lord's endorsement.
Layne A. Lindberg
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