Eric Holder once stated that gun owners should be treated like smokers, and though he was talking about “shaming” our culture into compliance with the socialist agenda, it would seem some lawmakers are taking a different route. Like smokers, the idea is to TAX gun enthusiasts into oblivion, making the possession of only a couple firearms difficult, let alone an entire collection. Can a Constitutional Right be taxed? Apparently, some gun grabbers think so. And as they say, the power to tax is the power to destroy…If you can’t ban ‘em, tax ‘em. Read More:

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  • They first have to prove you own a gun.

    If they don't know you have guns they can't force you to register them.

    In other words; The Dumbacrats are creating millions of instant criminals.

  • A tax specifically designed to deter gun ownership is unconstitutional, Our 2nd ammendment states there shall be no "infringement" STAND FIRM on this.

  • That is the main reason they want to register every gun owner.  People won't be able to afford to own a gun with recurring taxes.  Americans need to turn back to God to ensure their freedom!

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