Laser Focus Post # 2

Well it is about one week later, we lost the battle on healthcare, so it is all about our come back in November, but first there is June. The primaries are around the corner. So what do you know about all of the candidates. Do you know where they stand? Do you know what the are going to do for the people of our country?

To be laser focused we need this information at our finger tips. The information needs to be all but a click away. Well if you go on the Tea Party website I have searched high and low and no candidate list can be found. This is a real problem. We should be telling everyone where to go to vet each candidate. We should have a direct pipeline to each candidate with a comments section to each one.

If a person wants to ask them a question, then it should be as easy as commenting on a blog such as this. We have made things too complicated. Likewise, there should be a list of requirements that each candidate should meet before they would be considered a viable Tea Party candidate.

Remember we are not party specific, we are candidate specific, if they fit the bill and are going to support the Tea Party ideals, and are able and willing to vote against their party if need be, then these are our types of candidates. These are individuals that are for the people, for their constituents. That is why we elect them.

So people start asking the Tea Party representatives to show you the candidates, Federal, State, County, City, District, all of them, anyone who will be on the ballot we all need to vet for our local, State, and Federal positions. The current processes are failing and is taking to long. I am willing to help, but every time I mention this it appears to go on deaf ears.

I need everyone to ask the same question and require that these candidates be made available. Oh by the way, just because they are posted on the web, does not give an endorsement, it only lets everyone know who is running and what their social, moral, policy, and fiscal positions are. Once we have that each individual can vet each candidate. Without this, we need to rely on the unreliable NEWS medias.

Enough for now, if you are with me, then join me and lets get the Tea Party coordinators off their rusty dusty and get this information post so that everyone is lock and loaded and ready to vote!!!

Bob Casper for a FREE AMERICA
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  • well if it was a snake it would have bit me.... right next to my post is the Tea Party Voters Guide. And I have looked at it. Once I sort out all of the information I will be instructing all of my friends to review the information. However this is just one piece of the puzzle. While it gives you information and recommendations of potential candidates, it does not give you the information of the their running mates, meaning you don't know what the strengths and weakness of their opponents are. This is vital when making voting decisions. One needs to clearly understand everyone's position in the matter to make sure that the proper candidate is being elected. Obviously if a candidate goes against your moral fiber, then you can not vote for them no matter what their good qualities are. There is never a trade off for moral character or values. Always go with those key elements first. As one needs to be able to live with them self once an elected official takes office.

    More later...
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