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What is wrong with America? We have become a pagan nation that is more interested in the things of this world and have denounced our God and Creator.

The Bible tells us why gain all of the riches and wealth of this earthly world, when we will die and leave it all behind. No man has found a way to escape God's punishment of sin (death) and take his riches with him. Yes we can pass them on to the next of kin but again, they have the same problem also, taking those riches with you when you die.

We are so tied up in our sinful ways, we can not see the light for the darkness. We are confused, we stumble around and over things, we stagger, we fall down and we have no one to pick us up.

From the time that Adam and Eve disobeyed God and eat of the forbidden fruit, the steward of the earth was changed from Adam and now we are ruled by Satan. Mankind made a choice Good or Bad and we have received a small taste of our future attempting to rule ourselves as a society. Not only is it pretty bad but is going to get a whole lot worst in the near future.

How can God be evil to his Creation! He is not being evil to mankind, he is allowing us a free choice to rule ourselves, since by making this choice, we have told him we can do it better than He. Beware of the things you ask for--You may get them abundantly, a lot more than you can handle.

Since we chose to cast out the light and accept the dark, we will be reaping what we sow. We chose Evil over Good and at times in the Holy Bible, God gives us examples of how he uses evil to punish those that disobey his Will and have cast away the Good. (God).

Psalms 27:1 tells us the Lord is our Salvation and our Light, who should we fear. Our enemies can seek us out and the Lord will destroy them.

We have become a quite and gutless nation, we have no fear of God. True Christians are not afraid of God Almighty, he is respected and is feared for what he can do to the evil people of the world. We fear for all of humanities life because we do not wish for our Brothers and Sisters to receive the Wrath of God and suffer the punishment of being cast into Hell Forever. Some may say! Well I am safe, I am a good person and I do not harm anyone.

We have people that believe their ticket into Heaven is etched in Gold, since they proclaim to be a good person, they go to church at times, give money to the church and the poor, build hospitals, huge Mega Churches, brag about their stature and place within Society, brag about their wealth and how wise they are.

Not one time do they stop and realize that ""all things comes from God"" and God is the Creator of all things to include wealth. God's riches is not material things from earth but heavenly riches, Blessings given by God for following the footsteps of the Gospel and his Son, Jesus Christ. Whom has ever thanked him for dying for their sins and Praised him for the pain and suffering he went through on earth to free the world from sin. All that Jesus Christ gave to us as a free gift, we deserve nothing but death and that is a sure thing. This is called the physical death on earth. There is a Second Death and it is the death of the Soul that will be judged by Jesus Christ. The one that was judged some 2000 years ago is now the judge of all mankind from Creation to his arrival. Are you worthy to face him and his judgment and explain your Good and Evil deeds. (Judgment Day).

False churches have proclaimed there is many ways to reach heaven and receive God's Salvation ,Forgiveness , Mercy and Grace. This is a LIE being told by those that are haters and non believers of the Gospels, God and Jesus Christ. God promises them a place in Hell if their ways continue and do not Repent..

You can be the richest and most powerful man in the world, it means nothing to God. You can have the most powerful military in the world, it means nothing to God. You can proclaim to have given away millions or billions of dollar to charity, it means nothing to God. You can profess to have built the most wonderful churches in the world, but to God they are no more than man made buildings, God's church is not of this world or earth, nor is his people and God's Church to whom Jesus Christ is the High Priest, the King and the Bridegroom.

Man kinds failure to understand, seek and search for God is considered falling short of his Glory and his wrath will be upon the earth and the people. The rivers and oceans will fill with the blood of murdered people that were followers of God and the blood is not from nature but from the veins of Christian people.

The Government is afraid of the people or why would they hide all things to We The People. One they should be afraid of is their Creator, Lord God. He has the power and authority over all of man kind and its great militaries, to speak a word or two and all will fall dead. All that exist upon the earth will be destroyed by God to include all cities, buildings and man made structures. In the end, earth will be once again restored to its perfect world and the leaders and governments of this world will no longer exist, God has promised to hold them all accountable to him for all ungodly things. (The Great White Throne Of Judgment)     
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