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Obama is Not Serious on Illegal immigration -- Where is Jack?Dear Friend,Last week, President Obama gave a speech about our pressing illegal immigration problem. That speech was noteworthy because, for the first time after 18 months in office, he seemed to notice there IS a problem.But we did not hear bold new programs. We did not hear many specifics on how our border can be controlled. Instead, we heard bluster, blame and broad platitudes where action is needed.The same old political deals won't work. In the 1980's we were told, give us amnesty this one time and we'll secure the borders. We gave the amnesty, but our borders are not secure.This is a matter of national security, economic survival, and basic fairness.The illegal immigration problem clearly will not be solved by the same old politicians who talk without saying anything. That's why Rand Paul proposes a bold three-prong plan that takes the problem of illegal immigration head on.1. Secure the Border: We must build a fence across our southern border. It can be a physical fence, or an electronic fence or a combination. I believe the reality is the electronic fence will work better and be cheaper. But I will vote for any method to put a real obstacle at our border.We should increase our border patrol, and add multiple helicopter stations. We should move some of our unneeded foreign military bases to our borders. And we should have a zero tolerance policy for human trafficking.2. End the Welfare State for Illegal Immigrants. Milton Friedman famously said you cannot have a welfare state and open borders. We have both right now. That's why I propose a ban on all taxpayer-funded services to illegal immigrants. There are cities near our borders where illegal immigrants literally cross our borders simply to go to our schools and hospitals. This travesty is wrong and must be stopped.3. End "Anchor Babies." The 14th amendment, granting citizenship to those born here, was never meant for those whose parents were here illegally. It is a gross distortion of the original intent. I propose we fix this legislatively, and if necessary, by Constitutional amendment. The fact is, regardless of irresponsible news reports on this mater, this is NOT settled law, and the only case that addresses the issue of birthright citizenship, "United States v. Wong Kim Ark", was a case regarding children of LEGAL immigrants.Kentuckians know that we need real and swift action to end illegal immigration. And, there is a real choice when it comes to tackling this problem.Rand Paul President Obama Jack ConwayWill vote for fence and will secure borders No border fence funding ???End Illegal Immigrant welfare state Continue illegal immigrant welfare ???Fight to end automatic citizenship for children of illegals Will continue anchor babies ???You've heard Dr. Paul’s positions. You've heard the President talk, but he refuses to say or do anything of substance. And you've heard even less from Jack Conway on how he would solve this problem. I invite Jack to join the national discussion on this issue and say if he stands with the inaction, amnesty and welfare state for illegals like his national party.In Liberty,
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