ky. earmarks

as long as we have got Mitch McConnell and Hal rodgers in Washington ,they are not going to give up their earmarks they might tell everyone they are. McConnells been in office 26 yrs and has steered millions on top of millions in pork projects. McConnell and Rodgers are the states worse.

when you have got the state broke, laying off its workers and then the Governor taking trips to Asia and most recent India and lately there favorite words are when we get out stimulas. according to one source john yarmonth (d) jefferson co. got around 9 billion for airport expansion for the vote on obamacare. they're building two new bridges in jefferson county across the Ohio at the cost of 4 billion , 264 million to tunnel under some property they have deem a historical site , 19 million for a mock tunnel and now they're talking about putting a toll on the 3 main bridges to pay for the new one . at one time they were talking about a 3 dollar toll. hows that for attracting jobs to the state. we have got over 1million dollars missing from one southern ky county ( its being investagated) and in one county 10 million dollars to build a bridge across a river , the bridge runs right into the side of a mountain ( they call it there own little bridge to no where) they finally opened it up to atv traffic.

now the state got stimulas money to build GREEN schools and then you hear of school superintendants making these hugh saleries and how about building a new high school with a state of the art football field including astro turf and jumbo-trons on each end of the field and i'm pretty sure this is not all of it.

we need to start at state level and clean house, vote all of them out and then make sure McConnell doesn't get re- elected

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