What in the world is happening in America? 

Everything raises and falls on leadership. If the Washington leadership will not obey the law why should the scum of America obey? 

Obama steps on the U.S. Constitution and no one cares, then wages war without the backing of Congress and no one cares, he lies about his brith place and no one cares, he creates ObamaCare, pushes Socialism and no one cares. Now a city in the heartland is gripped by a race war, will anyone care?

Oh sorry to speak up, that makes me a racist?

Calling for the muder of White people is not racist if it is uttered by someone else than a White person, but a White person can't say 'Stop killing White people', because it is racist?  B U L L S H * T!


Ok, then I am a racist! 

S T O P  C A L L I N G  F O R  T H E  K I L L I N G  O F  A N Y  P E O P L E

(white people included)

There you go, I'm a racist! Happy now?


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  • Got a joke for you.  During the LA Riots there was a black albino named Whitey.  A brother noticed him and said hey Whitey and as he turned around at the same time someone else was screaming kill Whitey.  Poor guy never had a chance.
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