Keeping ObamaCare Front and Center

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Keeping ObamaCare Front and Center

The "Choose Freedom -- Stop ObamaCare" action project was planned to be used on multiple fronts in case one avenue didn't work (not relying just on the Supreme Court or courts in general and Congress). While work through Congress has not been very successful, work continues moving very well forward through the states.


When a core or key group of state legislators understand their role in protecting their citizens from the overreach of the federal government, states begin standing up for themselves and can begin the long process of shedding the unconstitutional shackles that have been imposed on them by the federal government.


On Monday, January 6, 2014 3:32 PM, The John Birch Society <> wrote

The JBS and The New American websites report on a number of states working on nullification. Georgia, Missouri and South Carolina are the latest. Oklahoma continues to move ahead as well. It is challenging the law in the courts and in the legislature. In 2013, the Oklahoma House passed an ObamaCare nullification bill by 72-20; however, it was kept from coming to a vote by one senator. This year liberty supporters are once again pushing hard to get it passed.


How will they do this? By getting organized, educating opinion leaders and elected officials and educating other concerned voters. For quite some time, volunteer JBS leaders have been networking and organizing not just amongst themselves, but with many other liberty-minded organizations. Many coalitions have been created with the goal of restoring and expanding liberty.


To help break through the legislative stalemate of nullifying ObamaCare, Oklahomans are organizing educational rallies to recruit and garner additional support to further their educational efforts.


If you're in Oklahoma, get involved today! If you're not, what can you be doing to start organizing and educating? Joining The John Birch Society would be a great start!


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