Keep People Talking About Benghazi

This is my first time starting a blog and I'm a new member so here goes nothing! There have been so many scandals with our current government that its hard to keep track.  There was Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, (I know i'm forgetting some....and there is probably some I don't even know about) and Benghazi.  They all seemed to fall on a deaf ear with the press and the GOP.  I think everyone must do their part to keep everyone talking about these.  Benghazi was the one that pushed me to do something.  I'm a songwriter so naturally, I wrote a song.  No One Came is a tribute to those that died at the Benghazi embassy and other fallen military members.  Just this past week I added a youtube video to keep people talking. I'd like to hear about what other people are doing to keep people talking.  Check out my page :)

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