Karl Rove has directed a fifteen million dollar contract to his friends to organize data for future elections. It's a way to collect data, (and polling information) and organize propaganda for upcoming elections. The RNC will provide input information, (based on what Rove wants the data to show) and the way he wants the party to move.


“Our venture will change the game with a Republican, free enterprise approach to  data and technology,” Boyce said in a statement Wednesday. “We are building an  open platform to increase access to data for the entire Republican team as well  as to bring creativity and technological innovation to our party through new  great applications that can be built off the platform.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/05/karl-rove-company-gop-data-deal-90834.html#ixzz2SQg7P4Uv

It looks like a sneaky way to marginalize Tea Party voters, those Rove doesn't like, while trying to encourage liberals and more crony capitalists into Republican ranks. This guarantees the corruption and deficits and liberal agenda will continue. Besides , it makes his friends richer.

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  • Denise

    Thanks for the insight on Texas.

    They are doing the same thing everywhere there is a local liberal government where they can get large chunks of government money. Wheaton, MD looks like Mexico city. I was an election judge in the last election and about half of the voters could not speak English.

  • The Democrats also have a plan, "Battlefield Texas" targeting Hispanic voters to turn our State into a liberal voting bloc.  Karl Rove, Ann Coulter & all in that "party" are controlling the GOP and destroying us!!  They are not true conservatives and certainly not Constitutionalists!! We need to KICK THEM TO THE CURB!!!

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