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Kansas Tornado Peals Birthers Who Double Down in SCOTUS Judy v. Obama 12-5276 - SOS Kobach says "Its a Federal Issue"
The Kansas Board met today basically in a formality of allowing the withdraw of the complaint filed by the Kansas man Joe Montgomery and essentially doubled down on the fact that this issue must be decided by a Federal Court. In a statement Cody Robert Judy said "This basically was expected and it doubles-down on my case coming to conference in the United States Supreme Court September 24th, where we knew we needed the Constitution upheld."
"Any decision made in Kansas contrary to the general election's forecast of Obama as the Democratic Party nominee would have been met with appeal that ended up in the United States Supreme Court. The letter I sent to Secretary of State Kobach yesterday essentially informed him of Judy v. Obama 12-5276 and it was clear that in reference to the 'federal court handling this', he understood that's where it needed to be decided."
In a report from the Huffington Post Kansas State University employee Joseph Montgomery withdrew his appeal under duress from unidentified threats made to him and his family.
It was reported in the Huff - "paperwork submitted by Obama's campaign attesting to the president's citizenship" was accepted however unreported and also very clear was that the paper work Obama's campaign submitted was "unidentified", and another thing that was clear was that Obama's Citizenship was not under scrutiny as much as the 'natural born citizenship' needed as a qualification to run for the Office of President.
Orly Taitz also present at the hearing, in a futile attempt to assume Montgomery's complaint, argued it could not be withdrawn under duress, however that is not generally applied in a civil case so much as it is in a criminal case that is also prosecuted by an elected authority such as a city,county or state attorney general.
While Obama's rambling identification is off the truth charts when it comes to declaring himself 'not' a natural born citizen by the true virtue of his father never having been a U.S. Citizen, as well as being infiltrated with the foibles and folly of the long form fabrication. Its as palatable that Obama was not born in Hawaii as the records of foreign flights into Hawaii just happen to be missing the week of his birth.
Asserting Obama's long form birth certificate is a concoction, the art work never revealed by Hawaii Officials, we cannot prosecute that action criminally but are forced into the Civil seat of prosecution monetarily asserting damages as Mr. Judy has asserted in his complaint to the United States Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama 12-5276 as a Presidential candidate in the Democratic Party objecting to Obama's nomination.
To understand this a little more clearly in reverse the nationally broadcast trial in the O.J. Simpson case failed prosecution in the criminal court, but was awarded in the civil prosecution.
Mr. Judy's case sites the nomination won by Obama in the race for the Democratic Party Nomination Mr. Judy was also a candidate for, was only won by conceding the rules of eligibility and qualification demands of the United States Constitution.
This has been cause of action Mr. Judy has cited that Obama was not playing by the same rules in the nomination process of the Democratic Party, and never has in the '08 election as well as the '12 election, citing in direct implication the 2 different wordings Rep Nancy Pelosi used in the 2 separate application certification papers to the States, in order to get Obama on the ballots, according to what the State demanded.
In the last four years Obama has released fabrications as official identification to quell the public's protest of this demand, at least acknowledging that the demands were legitimate and that he had better quell the demand come hook or, as has been the case, come crook.
The mainstream media has fed into the crook part and the 4 years Obama has lived in the White House has turned into a bleeding call to allow the thief-in-chief to get away with the fraud perpetrated upon the Citizenry in campaign contributions that were nothing more then criminal cabal funding as well as the disenfranchisement of every vote placed for Obama.
If it isn't clear to every American now that Obama's deeds don't match his need's in the escalation of crashing America's economy by favoring foreign economies in oil production, stripping America of any superiority in the production fields of nuclear arms, abandoning America's ally Israel, and interjecting a particular religion upon the middle east with favoritism and 1.5 Billion dollars while at the same time fueling domestic occupy movements and no doubt instigating by silence and withdraw the abandonment of embassies under attack, than I don't think arithmetic is your best science. This is what foreign influence in the White House is all about.
If you can occupy the White House as a favor to foreign identity you can level the playing field. If the playing field is leveled guess what comes? War and a big one. For the Democrats to assert they are not the war-dogs in practically inviting the defeat economically in the first four years of Obama, and the planned defeat militarily the second four years, then you had better take another look and you probably won't need to look in a foreign land this time around, but your back yard will be the scene of the bloody battlefield.
Such is the case when the Constitution is abandoned and flat out replaced. Such is the importance not like any other case of Judy v. Obama 12-5276. This is the last stand for the Constitution's demands for a 'natural born citizen' not to be replaced by the 14th Amendment's definition of "Citizen" and the construction argument of the Constitution not to be placed in the open-for-business field of chaos.
Please consider making a contribution to the Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign which has rightly predicted and with persistence insisted that Obama was the greatest national security risk America has ever faced. We can't afford to let Obama win in any poll or the general election and not only is Mitt Romney's trailing but more importantly he's not Taking A Stand.
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