4064205746?profile=originalWe have lost a stanch defender of the constitution. Was there any word on Justice Scalia being in poor health. NO !

 My fiends it is common knowledge that communists will resort to political MURDER to further their ends. I know I'm going to get called paranoid. But with what has transpired over the last going on eight years ? I believe I have every right to be paranoid.

   My friends there is so much at stake here. The liberal communists know this. They see as we do that it's very serious. Barry Soetoro and his entire political agenda will be gone. Sanders has a snowballs chance in hell of winning. If Blumberg runs as an independent ? Just put a fork in the democrats. He wont pull any conservative votes in a general election.

  Waddle the Hutt is sinking so fast people can't just ship fast enough. So the communists are desperate. That is why I truly believe that like other strange deaths in the last going on eight years this one really is questionable. The timing is too good for the communists.

   What say you people.  Are we seeing a setup ?

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