You are wrong, Senor Juan Reynosa,  and you know you are wrong. As a communist you claim that the 1600 oligarchs in America are all republican neo-cons. Neo-con is a code word like racist, neo-con is code for jew, just like racist is code for white.. Of course you commies are anti-jew, yet most of you are jews. That is another paradox of communism. Communism a criminal entity for world conquest and slaughter that is very similar to the even more heinous Islamic Jihad!. Of the 1600 American billionaires only about 15% are Republican/  85% are democrat, which is a code word for communist. So we understand why  you lie about it. You communist foot soldiers cannot bear to admit the truth that communism is run by rich people. Case in point:George Soros, who finances obama. He is the chief commie oligarch in America and he is a Hungarian Jew Communist, the architect of the new American black racist dictatorship run by Kenyan tribal thugocrat, obama. Reynosa, get a list of the American oligarchs, as I have done, and muster enough courage and integrity to view the facts. The commies have always been the party of the rich, just as the democrats are the party of the rich. That is why the democrats have been able to bribe dozens of republican senators and congressmen. The republicans are hungry for money and now they work for the communist democrats as bought and owned political slave-mechanisms. The subversion is complete. The truth has never tortured you communists for the past century. I am reminded how you blamed the Katyn Forest Massacre of tens of thousands of Polish intelligentsia (of the bourgeois, whom you rich scum hate). For decades you commie swine blamed the Katyn mass murders on the German Army. Only recently the Russians admitted their lies about the Katyn Massacre and apologized  to the Poles. As if a simple thugocratic apology would make it right? And now you, Juan Reynosa, long time communist apologists and liar, still brazenly practice your crude and evil deceptions! You have been officially entered into the journal of Communist Peace and War crimes and your name will soon be emblazoned throughout Europe as another communist propaganda coyote of long standing. Yes, you have been a mal hombre for too long, Mr. Bolshevik.There is no redemption for communists, moslems are black racists.

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  • My dear friend Jack Smith. My God bless you for your interest in our country. I pray to our Lord Jesus to give you the knowledge and the courage to do what is right for our country, and stop the forces of evil that are stopping you to be a real patriot and learn to work with others to resolve the issues that are of concern to us the American people. God Bless America. 

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