Joe Biden Just Asked Me for $3.00


Joe Biden sent me a personal email today and I felt compelled to answer it.  So nice of him to think about me, but there’s a few things Joe forgot.  I believe in our Constitution, secure borders, a healthy business environment, a strong Military and most of all that our Nation must be restored to “One Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice for All.”

But, not wanting to appear ungracious I took mouse in hand and scripted a brief email to good ole Joe.

Here’s Joe’s email to me and at first glance you’d believe Joe and I were bosom buddies from way back.

 Friend --

Barack's turning 51 in a couple weeks. And when he goes home to Chicago for a birthday party in his backyard, a couple grassroots supporters like you will be flown in from wherever you live to celebrate.

In the middle of a tough election, it's important to pause on occasion and take some time with friends.

What do you say?

We'll cover the flight and hotel for you and a guest -- donate $3 or whatever you can today to be automatically entered to win:

Take it from me. You'll have fun at this one.


My Response:

Well Joe as strange as it may seem to you my family and I have more important things on our plate than celebrating Obama’s 51st Birthday.  A daughter who has lost her home, grandchildren that can’t find jobs and a growing National Debt that has weakened the foundation of our Nation. 

Joe, we now live in a Country that has lost its way due to Barack Obama’s desire to destroy our economy, to stop job growth, to give illegal aliens a free pass and his blatant misuse of taxpayers’ money (stimulus bill) that he calls redistribution. 

Joe, Barack Obama would not want me at this celebration as you call it – to me this celebration is just one more example of how Obama and Democrats misuse our money.  If you haven’t noticed we’re broke and Obama has been campaigning for 1 ½ years on our time and our money. He’s been AWOL for about 3 ½ years now!  He hasn’t been a leader, but a destroyer of the greatest Country in the World.

What do I say?  Joe I say take your air flight, hotel and birthday party and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.  I’d eat m y $ 3 for breakfast before I’d willing donate one bloody dime to Obama or the Democrats.  As Always,

Little Tboca

May God Bless Our Nation

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  • Hey friends spread the word - make light of their devious scams. It's all fair in love and war and we're in the war of our lives right now. 

  • DREAM ON JOE !!!     .. let's see.. can we say they want ice water in hell too ?    LOL 

  • i dont remember president bush and laura, pandering for money on their bd's......i would rather go visit charles manson, in his 6 by 8 foot cell, than be within 500 miles of obama.

  • Yea baby!!!!!!!!!!! I could'nt have said it better myself.


  • Junior and Company enjoy the Frat House on Pennsylvania Avenue.

    They are not concerned about how we the little people live or feel.

  • Very Good Answer !  Yes, i think 'ol joe" should be held accountable as a Co-Conspirator in the Usurpering by this Fraud pResident.  Anything less would be an Insult to All this great Nation stands for.  He's had his 15 min. of Fame, so let's get on with the business of "Cleaning Out the Pig Sty" !!

  • LMAO, Well done Marcia!

  • Disgusting and pathetic - just like asking everyone to donate money to Obama in lieu of wedding or birthday gifts. These people really give a new dimension to the word shameless.

  • Amen!

  • I have spent a helluva lot more than $3 for you to fly home to DE on Fridays, fly back to DC to play golf with BHO on Saturday, then fly home to DE on Saturday night, and then fly to DC on Sunday. What happened to the train, Joe?

    So full of male cattle excrement you are!!

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