Jobs Bill Force States to Surrender Sovereignty

Jobs Bill Force States to Surrender Sovereignty

Jobs Bill is not about creating jobs, but surrendering States Sovereignty.  Under Sec.376, States receiving any Federal funding whether Medicaid, Medicare, Tuition, FEMA, etc. will now surrender its Sovereignty under this new Jobs Bill.  Surrendering Sovereign Immunity allows states to be sued by anyone recognized by the Federal Government.  Interesting that Hilda Solis has been advocating the rights of illegals and now this Jobs plan forces states to yield its sovereignty to be sued.  It is also likely Labor Unions could invoke this requirement to supersede Right to Work and force unionization of state agencies and businesses.  Is this a Jobs Bill or a Bill to expand Federal power via DOJ, DOL, and others members of the Federal Family? 



(a) Abrogation of State Immunity- A State shall not be immune under the 11th Amendment to the Constitution from a suit brought in a Federal court of competent jurisdiction for a violation of this Act.
(b) Waiver of State Immunity-
(A) WAIVER- A State's receipt or use of Federal financial assistance for any program or activity of a State shall constitute a waiver of sovereign immunity, under the 11th Amendment to the Constitution or otherwise, to a suit brought by
an employee or applicant for employment of that program or activity under this Act for a remedy authorized under Section 375(c) of this Act.

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  • The States gave up sovereignty when they became corporations.

  • If you can't 

     stand by your "Oath" then you might as well fade away into the sunset because we know what you are promoting! Guess what it's not Americanism

  • Simple answer . Take no gov't money and build a strong citizens militia to protect your states soveriegnty . Have your county sheriifs on orders of your governor arrest all federal agents that try to enforce unconstitutional laws . Throw them in jail using NDAA as your authority .

  • The best voting machine is a pen and paper ballot.

  • Put thousands of American’s back to work my stopping the thousands
    of jobs companies give to Canadian’s and other foreign nationals.

  • Well, that is something to think about, I have a design for a voting machine but no capital to build a prototype, worse yet it would never be ready for 2012. I think we will have to trust our fellow Americans to be honest !! As far as geo., never trust him. Thanks for the welcome back, you too.
  • Welcome Home Brother! Glad to see you here I served on the  USS Littlerock GLG-4. Here's an idea instead of throwing away our money in Green Energy which is all about Unions,Environmentalists and Radicals free up our Reserves Mr. President and get out of our way! Stop pandering to Prebus Oil in Brazil and Monsanto Foods owned by you know who Mr. George Soros. That is why our food prices and gas, electric and oil prices are going through the Roof! I hear through the grapevine that he might own a good chunk of Voting machines is'nt that special?
  • Roland, I did serve CV66 USS America, 3 years is far to long for no action Roland. and I agree, mandatory drug test for the lot of them, HIGHER education realy means HIGHER !!!!!
  • Robert unfortunately if you ever served or worked in a Government Institution you are aware of the Snails Pace in which they move aren't you? It's the Old Adage of hurry up and wait! Most of them are toking something or wearing Blinders would'nt you agree?
  • We the people need to cut off the head of the snake, why is it, of all the petitions I have signed, not one is demanding that congress take action on Obama's Birth certifacate ? Americans have lost the day! We are setting precedent in the courts, that will allow any illegal alien to run and gain the Presidency in America.
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