James Carville’s Sage Advise for Obama: PANIC!


By John W. Lillpop

How badly are things going for Barack Obama?

Back in 2009, James Carville, the ‘Ragin’ Cajun’ from Louisiana, boldly predicted that the election of Barack Obama and majority-Democrat bodies in the U.S. House and Senate meant that America was owned and occupied by progressives for at least the next 40 years.

Nearly three years later, with America in shambles and Obama sporting unimaginable disapproval ratings, Carville’s Ragin’ has a new perspective: PANIC!

As reported at the reference, in part, Carville pulled no punches:

“In the last six months it seems people’s perception of our economic woes changed from something akin to a downslope in a roller coaster—with an uptick surely ahead—to a new flat landscape depressed at a lower elevation indefinitely in front of us. There was the nagging sense that this is the “new normal.” Panic started to set in.

Panic set in for everyone except the president, it seemed. Obama’s signature cool-headed style in times of economic crisis seems to simply fall short of the sense of urgency people expect. This morning Bill Clinton’s former adviser James Carville has a message for the president: it’s time to panic.

“This may be news to you but this is not going well,” Carville says. “For precedent, see Russian Army 64th division at Stalingrad.”

Suddenly a field of “unelectable” Republicans is starting to seem formidable, if for no other reason that in times like these, voters will go for anything other than the status quo. “What should the White House do now?” he asks. “One word came to mind: Panic.”

And it seems there’s statistical evidence to back up Carville’s sentiment. Politico today reports that recent a poll of voters in Democratic-dominated district in New York City found just 43 percent approval rating on Sept. 9 and 31 percent on Sept. 11. By contrast, the poll found 75% approval for New York’s Democratic governor Andrew Cuomo. “It is not per se a Democratic problem, it’s a problem with this president,” concluded the polling firm Siena Research.

Carville’s advice? Start firing people, and start indicting people.”

Great advise James, except you have overlooked one potential action that could save the day for America, if not for our beleaguered and overmatched community organizer:

That would be RESIGN, Mr. President.

Doing so now would convince historians that you were a genuine patriot concerned mostly about the nation, rather than the arrogant, ill-informed snot that you really are.

Take Joe Biden with you and let John Boehner ascend to your seat in the Oval Office.

Unless Obama resigns, he may be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors for abuse of power in the war in Libya, the scandals of “Fast and Furious” and Solyndra.

Then there is always the possibility that Ralph Nader will challenge Obama from the left side of insanity.

Any way you look at it, the next 460 days for Obama do not portend good times. Time to pass the torch to real Americans, Mr. President.

Do it for the children.

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