I sent the following to every Governor in the nation (looking forward to 50 feeble excuses) - - -
70% of Americans don't approve of Government (White House and Congress) - - - Abuse of "Distribution of Powers" is at the forefront of the problem - - - It is up to the state Governors in the United States to address the problem (there is nobody else)  - - -
 "Constitutional Convention" - - - That is the tool that Governors have at their disposal to regain the confidence of the American people - - - Governors,   get your legal people together to plan the (totally necessary) Constitutional Convention - - -
I have generated a music video that reviews some of the many problems that we Americans have with "DC" - - - Please watch my video,   then set the gears in motion for the Constitutional Convention that will awaken "DC" and save America - - - The link - - -
f you like my video (whether Republican or Democrat),   please share it's truth with your associates (nation wide)  - - - Bobby A (former Marine)

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  • I think it's real important to understand that Congress is not the problem, It's one party that's the problem and it begins with a big "D". Kill all democrats. All problems solved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good video. Thanks Bob.

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