It's Sarah or I'm Staying home

The GOp is trying yet once again to run RINOS. Look, if we let Obama win once again perhaps the GOP will finally get it that we want a real conservative. It may take this for them to hit bottom. I don't care if Sarah is dumb as rocks, at least she has been consistently conservative, about the only one out there. This clown that supported All Gore AND WAS A DEMOCRAT, give me a break. 


I stayed home for McCain and I will stay home unless its Sarah. 


See, what the GOP doesn't understand is that there are a lot of us to where we are willing to play chicken with them. We will not be intimidated by being scaired. That we will not settle for midrange, RINOS that might as well be Dems.


I no longer care. Its the principle of the thing. Thats its. I stayed home before and I will stay home again. I got fooled by W and Arnold too. I'm done. 


If Obama destroys the country, so be it. A rino will too, just a bit slower.

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  • A rino will too, just a bit slower.


    It is refreshing to find an American who understands the value of your contstitution.  Sarah is one .... she has many supporters and as we wait to hear what she will do - we can only pray she is willing to step up and help your country.

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