"It's Redistribution, Stupid" Says OBAMA


Redistribution - Stealing From the Taxpayers

Obama’s “Promise Zones” – Election Year Wealth Redistribution Scheme


The big question for Americans – how do we stop the bloody spending by Obama, Democrats and Republicans?  Here’s a brief preview of the past five years and a glimpse of the future. 

So much for our daily dose of lies from Obama, his administration and the Liberal News media – as a Nation we the people deserve some respect, honesty and solutions for major problems.  While we sit here suffering the headlines today tout that half of Congressional Lawmakers are millionaires, some actually acquired their money legitimately via investments or personal businesses. 

There are many, in Congress who use their position merely to pad their pockets, enjoy the Government perks and live high on the hog off of taxpayer’s money and draw a sizeable lifetime retirement.  They’re not worth their salt and definitely are a detriment to Americans and America. I refer to them as “Leeches,” the ones who just go along for a free ride on taxpayer’s money.

Look at Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the Liberals – they’re the perfect “Stereotypes of Socialism” for a Government gone bad.  They don’t give a “d---“about their Country – in fact they don’t give a “damn” about the poverty stricken, African Americans who are struggling or the Hispanics.  

They all have one and only one goal in mind – they want to dominate, control and dictate via “Big Government.”  They manipulate the news, prepare the canned speeches for the Liberal News Media and give us a dose of the poison tonic called Socialism every day since 2009. 

Here are a few examples of their devious techniques and lies that have harmed our children, grandchildren, adult children and all Americans.

  1. They stole 787 billion dollars from taxpayers and literally had a spending frenzy with this money while we were sleeping.
  2. They frivolously spent our money on parties, lavish vacations, secret meetings and personal celebrations like the IRS who gobbled up over 50 million plus for parties & conferences and videos from 2010 to 2012. 
  3. Obama with his blessing encouraged the IRS to attack the tea parties and lied about Benghazi to insure his re-election in 2012.
  4. Obama and his Administration have not only allowed guns to walk – they sneaked billions out the back door to fund the Muslim Brotherhood enhancing their Military capabilities. 
  5. Obama used millions of our stimulus money for the “Green Scams,” specifically created for his big bundlers. This had nothing to do with job creation as Obama would like you to believe.

*** This only highlights a few of Obama’s insidious behaviors. Below are a few statistics on some of his future plans.

Let’s look at Obama’s new budget presented in April of 2014 – it’s important to realize this budget is an attack on the middle class (the working class.) Although, the budget didn’t pass it gives you a bird’s eye view of Obama and his favorite pet “redistribution.”


He Lied, LIed & Lied Some More

Although he lied about his budget saying, more than $2 in spending cuts for every $1 of new revenue – what a crock. If passed it would have been a huge tax increase – it would increase the deficit a trillion dollars over 10 years. The majority of revenue in his budget would come from increasing the death tax, capping deductions and select exemptions from those making higher incomes along with capping retirement funds.

Although his budget didn’t pass formally it gives Americans an idea of what will happen in the next three years. This is “redistribution” folks any way you slice it. The minimum wage increase is already on the front burner and there’s more to come…

There’s much more, but just a thought about our Government cooking the books.  Our actual unemployment figure is between 11 to15 plus % - not even close to the 6.7% Obama and Democrats are crowing about today. 

There’s nothing real about the unemployment figures – yet millions of Americans believe it. This just gives a broken down President a trumped up talking point the he and his Democratic friends will beat to death.  It includes those who are only working part-time jobs, which happens to be close to 8 million – in fact according to Huff Post 75% of all jobs in 2013 were part time jobs. It doesn’t include those who’ve dropped off and no longer looking for employment.

So when you hear Obama and the Democrats raving over the unemployment figure – you know they lie through their teeth.  Figure for yourself only 74,000 new jobs in December meaning approximately 55,000 were part time and probably seasonal jobs also. Obama’s first term was nothing more than destruct, destroy and redistribute.

Take the unbridled spending by Obama since 2009, the stringent EPA regulations which closed businesses down and restricted job growth, the huge increase in the entitlement society, the illegals making themselves comfortable utilizing all of our resources, the hanky-panky with the Muslim Brotherhood (Which is costly) and the greatest leech of all Obamacare.

Obamacare, nothing is free – someone has to pay for it (taxpayers.)  It won’t save families 2500 a year in premium cost, some premiums have doubled or even tripled in cost along with higher co – payments and deductions.  Can’t keep your doctor, specialist or medical team and can’t keep your insurer. It’s a costly scam that will eliminate jobs and be devastating to consumers.

*** This is just a glimpse of 5 years of Redistribution increasing the National Deficit over 17 trillion dollars add another 3 years of Redistribution and in all likelihood our Nation will be on the verge of crumpling. Current predictions are by 2016 our National Debt will surpass 20 trillion dollars.  Republicans are in control of our money need I say more? 

As Always,

Little Tboca

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  • We all know America is in trouble when the media supports a treasonous and evil, and mentally deranged fool and lets him walk all over our rights. He removes those in our military that support honor, which, who are against Liberal idealism, and instills the absolutes of Communism with a heath care! We look at that healthcare, so called, it is not about healthcare but about Federal tyranny!

  • No, it is anti-freedom Communist BS! Obama, many of us now, we know you are demonic because of what your parents allowed in your younger years! However, America better wake up about the radical enemy in our own media,,,, it is not ours!

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