This long essay will demonstrate how Obama has destroyed America in five years and set us on a course that is now virtually impossible to reverse.  As many global money traders and hedge fund managers have said; “It’s Game Over”.

I don’t care if you disregard this as I wrote it for myself and for the few intelligent readers that follow me.  I’ve given up on the Obama supporters and know that we’re at war with you.  Not in a traditional sense, but a war for America nonetheless. 

Grab a cup of coffee, find a quiet place and read. The Stock Market has regained almost all of its losses, unemployment is down and US Bankruptcies are down.  Thanks to Obama’s actions, the US has been saved.

 Or, is life as we have known it for forty years, close to coming to a grinding halt?

Are you prepared if your bank shuts down, even for a week or two?  What if the store you normally frequent shuts down for the same period of time and then re-opens with few items on the shelf?

I want to remind us all, that if I or anyone else would have stated in 2007 that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the WORLDS LARGEST BANKERS, would go bankrupt in 2008, would you have believed it?  Absolutely not.  And yet, they did.  Why? Over-leveraging.  America has been over leveraged in a manner that is unprecedented in the history of the world.  I’ll prove it.

Is it possible that the same financial challenges that our banks and private institutional companies faced in 2008, were simply transferred to you and I through Obama’s Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner actions?  In other words, the problem still exist, it’s just been placed on the taxpayers in exchange for votes.

Do debts simply disappear?  Do not bailouts have consequences?

What will most American’s do if commodity prices on milk, gasoline, heating oil, bread, etc. go through the roof?  Will they simply stay in downtown apartments and let their families go hungry and without?

Is our monetary system under attack?  Yes.  Could we be harmed due to these attacks?  100% guaranteed we already are.

Obama and his team are either living in a dream world, a sort of Utopia they believe they can create given enough time and money, or, Obama and his leaders are purposely shoving America off the ledge.  I am certain it is the latter.

We can’t afford our debt.  Period.  All it will take is for interest rates to be pushed back to normal levels over the last fifty years and we will not be able to afford even the interest on our debt. 

Are you aware, that even if all US Taxpayers were taxed 100% of their incomes that we would still need to borrow money?  We are literally living so far above our means it is frightening.  And it WILL be our undoing.

Please remember, when all of the banks faced complete ruin in 2008, the Western World governments ABSORBED ALL OF THE DEBT!  And they still are.  No one is worse than the United States under Obama.

Today, America has more public debt than any other government in the history of the world.

If you COMBINED all of the debt from every country in the European Union, it would still be less debt than what you and I now owe in America.

Why haven’t we already imploded?  Because America is the world’s reserve currency.  This allows us to print our own money and keep interest rates for now, at ZERO.  But, what happens if we must raise rates?  You’re correct, disaster. 

Just from 2007, the Federal Reserve has lowered its benchmark rate seven times from 5.25% down to ZERO.  This is the ONLY reason we can afford the debt right now.

Treasuries are investments in US debt.  What happens if we have to raise rates to continue to attract investment into US debt?  We would have to stop all programs and spend all our money on interest.

Obama and his team believe they can stimulate the economy be further deficit spending, which in theory will spur the economy and create a budget surplus.  However, this theory has never worked in the history of the world, UNDER today’s set of circumstances were massive debt already existed BEFORE economic stimulus was attempted.

America is the ONLY government in the world, that doesn’t have to pay for its imports in a foreign currency.

Think about that for a moment.  If you’re German and you need to buy oil for yourself and your countrymen, you have to buy US Dollars first as oil is priced in dollars.  Therefore, the German currency against the US Dollar becomes of great importance to you, doesn’t it?

If Germans don’t produce more than they consume, their currency falls and they must spend far more to buy dollars, which means their prices go way up and their standard of living goes way down.

In America, we consume and spend as much as we want because we are allowed, so far, to simply print more money to maintain our lifestyle.

For a long time, America has NOT had to produce anything and export anything in the same manner as other governments around the planet to get all the dollars we need to buy oil and commodities and maintain our programs for the poor.

When we were on the gold standard, meaning we backed up our currency with gold, we were the world’s largest creditor, by the mid 1980’s we became the largest debtor and since Obama took office, this dubious distinction has gone far beyond what anyone in the world ever dreamed possible.  Setting up America for massive failure without our enemies ever having to fire a single shot.

If you’re in Germany, China, or any other foreign government and you witnessed America NOT cutting back, but spending more than ever before and doing so by printing more dollars and thereby reducing the value of the dollar you have been accepting, would you not require the US to “discount” the currency before you purchased it?  The answer is yes and it is already beginning.

China is already telling the US and other world governments that the current monetary system poses a massive THREAT to China and her economy.  Please read that again.

China is frustrated with our manipulation of our currency and what has been our response?  We’re calling China a currency manipulator!  China is now taking steps to buy as much of the world’s gold as possible and getting rid of the US Dollar.  China has also gained support, from our allies to move away from the dollar due to Obama’s policies.

My fellow American’s, if we lose our status of the world’s reserve currency, you will no longer have the luxury of being generous Liberals and Democrats, spending other people’s money, to feel good about yourselves; you’ll have to take the poor into your own homes.  Which, I have no doubt, most of you won’t, thereby proving my point all along, that you’re not truly good, you’re just manipulators.

Ray Dalio of Bridgewater Associates is warning America that “it is game over”.  Who are they?

Bridgewater & Associates are the world’s largest and best-performing hedge fund manager and was founded by Ray Dalio, who bases his investments on readings of the macro environment. His firm manages $125 billion in global investments and his flagship hedge fund, Pure Alpha, has averaged an annual return of 15% before fees over the last 18 years.

He’s worth listening to.

He is telling us all that the US Dollar will, not maybe, but based on our debt that Obama claims doesn’t matter, Dalio says the US Dollar WILL become just one of a few world currencies and this will have devastating effects on our way of life.    

Democrats and many Republicans don’t want you to know this, or they’re so stupid, they’re listening to economic advisors who are themselves stupid, or have an agenda to take us down.

Up until the 70’s, the British Sterling was the worlds reserve currency for nearly 200 years.  But, they borrowed too much, produced too little and a debt free America, by comparison, was able to take over.  The world governments recognizing America’s new military might and financial strength accepted this.

Read The Marshall Plan.  The Labor Party, Britain’s Socialist Party, tried to “spread the wealth” and make things “more fair”, sound familiar?

This childlike agenda always fails, but ignorant masses vote for people like Obama due to their desire to help the poor, but they fail to realize that some simply refuse to help themselves.  And, as I wrote, most who want to “help the poor” assuage their own guilt by forcing you to take care of the poor through taxation so they won’t have to.  It is morally bankrupt.

What happened to Britain is what is now occurring here in the USA.

The exchange value of the US Dollar has fallen 10% just since June of 2010.  So you see the discounting of our dollar due to Obama’s policies is already occurring and about to go into overdrive.

THIS is why your gas continues to skyrocket and remain $2 more a gallon than what it would be under a more fiscal conservative President, focused on maintaining America’s might.

Obama is winning his war against America.  He truly is brilliant.  Read: Cloward-Piven Strategy.

Since Obama took office, Corn has gone up nearly 90%.  Soybeans over 50%.  Silver over 150%.  Copper over 150%. 

Here is the sad reality, we’re doomed if we don’t take massive action immediately.  But, you refuse to vote for a fiscal conservative because; “they’re not nice”.  Well, you’re an idiot and I promise you, you will now get precisely what you deserve.  The irony is you’re taking me and my family down with you.  This is why I call you the enemy.

We can’t afford our debts and obligations without borrowing and printing more money.  This will cause other governments to require steeper and steeper discounts of our dollar before they’ll buy them, which will cause commodity prices to continue to skyrocket.

And, despite the obvious inflation going on, the Federal Reserve, The US Treasury and the Obama Administration keep telling us that there is no inflation!  And you knucklehead Obama supporters continue to believe them, regardless of the facts presented.  You’re only response is to call people like me names.

Here is a secret, I don’t care.  Many of you are, in my opinion, an enemy of America.

Radical?  Nope.  Reality.  Simply read your history books you forgot about, or were too busy smoking weed to pick up.

As I wrote earlier, China and other governments are getting out of the US Dollar and getting into commodities, which is another reason why prices are soaring.  Bottom line, our debt is causing you to have to take the bus since you can’t afford gas.  And Obama’s answer?  Print more money to make things even worse.

Dr. Simon Johnson, Professor of Sloan School of Business Management at MIT points out that Germany and other governments are, under protection of their military, actually bringing their gold, stored here in the US, home to Germany.  Why?  “What are they afraid of?” Dr. Johnson asks?

Dr. Johnson who is part of our Congressional Budget Office continues; “…German central bankers sense a longer-term shift in international preferences away from the dollar and want to be ready…”

“There is certainly much discussion of the renminbi’s (China’s currency) increasing international role—an issue on which Arvind Subramanian, my colleague at the Peterson Institute for International Economics writes.”  Dr. Simon Johnson

We are witnessing a massive “Capital Flight” by governments and massive hedge funds the likes we’ve never experienced before.  They’re doing this in the open, but we’re so busy eating up stupid news and believing mainstream media, more interested in making money from ratings, than educating you, that no one is talking about it.

I beg you to remember; we simply bailed ourselves out in 2008 by printing US Dollars and shifted debt from the private sector, to the public sector.  When the bond or current debt bubble burst, we will not be able to do this again, making our next GURANTEED CRISIS far worse.

Barrons reminds us that the printing of the US Dollar has allowed America to consume far more than it produces.  It has allowed America to live beyond its means.

Sam Zell, the real estate guru who runs America’s largest Real Estate Investment Trust told CNBC that he “can think of no greater disaster than the loss of the US Dollar as the reserve currency, but we’re already seeing things in the markets that suggest the confidence is waning.”

But wait…Sam Zell’s prediction got more frightening, he said he believes; “…you could see a 25% drop in our standard of living if we lose our reserve currency status” as predicted.

Think about this;

Governments and Hedge funds are getting out of the US Dollar quietly.  Why?  Because they don’t want you to panic.  They want you to believe the dollar is okay so they can make more on the open market.  They want the American taxpayer to take the largest loss.  But once the rest of us ignorant American’s figure this out and begin to take what little we have left in dollars and place our money into anything else, all the while, the US government, boxed in due to Obama’s massive spending, will continue to print dollars to pay our obligations further eroding the dollar’s value and causing panic in some circles and hyper-inflation in the rest, it will be game over for America.

America is not immune to economic reality.  And since we’ve obligated ourselves to more debt than any country in the history of the world, we will eventually have to suffer consequences.

If you want a glimpse into what this will likely mean, you need only search the Internet and study; Russia, Germany, Chile, Brazil, Poland, Ukraine, Austria, Argentina, and Japan.

Bill Gross the head of PIMCO, the world’s largest bond trader writes of Obama’s policies; “The future price tag of printing six trillion dollars’ worth of checks comes in the form of inflation and devaluation of currency…”

George Melloan of the Wall Street Journal writes; “the Fed Policies of printing and debasing our currency is a surefire prescription for domestic inflation since time immemorial.”

Obama and many of you believe that by demanding more taxes from a smaller group, you call the rich, and printing and borrowing more dollars, that somehow we’ll miraculously grow our way out of this unprecedented debt.  I can assure you, nothing could be further from the truth.

It has never worked since recorded time.

No nation in recorded history has ever prospered by going deeper in debt and printing money to pay that debt.

Right now, 31 US States are working to close $55 Billion in budgetary gaps in 2013 alone. Source: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. 

Things are still a huge financial mess, but because many of you are ignorant, believing in Obama, politicians recognize that if they wish to stand a chance of getting elected, they must talk about Amnesty for Undocumented workers and make appearances’ on David Letterman if they hope to win your vote.

How does all this affect you in the short term, even if you’re financially well prepared and living within your means?

California is broke and must reduce its prison population by 30,000 inmates by summer 2013 to comply with a Supreme Court Order.  That is how.  We have no money to build more prisons so they will simply be let go.

“We spent too much on everything.  We spent too much.  We spent money we didn’t have.  We borrowed money just crazily. The credit cards maxed out and it’s over.  It’s over”.  Gov. Chris Christie

There is so much additional evidence to support the concerns I bring up.  If you are one of the few that has read this essay than I hope you will use your knowledge and discipline to prepare your family and continue to try to educate moderate Democrats that are not completely lost.

China, Russia, France, Japan, United Arab Emirates and many others have all gotten together and did not invite the United States, in an effort to set up agreements to protect themselves against Obama’s policies by creating currency exchange agreements that move them away from the power of the US Dollar to a “combined currency”.

This fact was reported by economic reporter Robert Fisk in the Independent in Great Britain and the rich took notice.  So did America.  What is the USA doing about it?  Printing more money and going deeper in debt by the second.

And this, my friends, is how Obama has single handedly destroyed America in five short years, all with your support, without firing a shot and with your full cooperation.










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  • Terrific essay.

    Unfortunately the War on Poverty has been led by those who wish poverty on us all, it is only they who will have won, if they can pick up the marbles. Not likely, of course, because they have squandered trust along with everything else of value.

    This is not to say America is doomed. The People have just come to the point of seeing what has become of the government of The United States, because they were not paying attention; to the point that the government has become the principle enemy of the People.

    The Republic depends upon the very ones who built this country and made it great; certainly not the Political Class nor the captains of finance.

    The transformation of America is coming alright, as the restoration of the Republic -- taking out the garbage is long overdue, from all three branches -- and all the myriad agencies that have no budget as well.

    The only crisis being where will they go to hide.

  • AZ Ranger..I agree with you 100000%. I in no way ever backed this usurper OR his backers that put him in office in the 1st place....and I am with you! Sorry we have not met yet....

  • He has NEVER had even 1 oz of cooperation from me! Well, if you thought the French Revolution was  a bloody mess, just wait till you see this one!

    I predict that Communists and liberals will be dangling from lampostsbefo re this is over. The shame of it is that we have allowed America's youth to be mentally brainwashed by a  liberal educational system which did not teach them to critically think, so they will want to defend these  socialistic policies of economic ruin, and will fight against the good guys who are going to try and remove the bastards who sold this country down the tubes for 30 pcs of silver! The traitors live on both sides of the aisle, and will all face the wrath of "WE THE PEOPLE....!" Good luck with that!


  • Yes, Why is this man still president? He was not qualified in the first place and since being elected it has been his goal to destroy the country.

  • I don,t know why we have not removed him from office by now !! . Don,t we have it in us like our for fathers did ? I for one am ready to start and get er done and i hope all you other Americans out there have it in you to do the same because if you don,t than none of you need to read or deserve to read any of this . Because if we don,t get started and get this done than we the people will all be in the fema camps that they are building just for us to live in and die in . Why do you think it is so hard to buy ammo right now and it is not going to get any easier . The government is buying it all up so we can,t use it when they come to take our guns and ammo and money from us . This want to be king and master want,s to turn this country into another Greece .  SO ALL I CAN SAY IS LIVE LONG AND DIE HARD 

  • The only way the ignorant - or anyone else - can drag this country down is if we let them!  My burning question is:  what can we do (what can do) right now to stop it from happening?  How can we reach out to those people?  and, When do we stop talking, and start acting?  

    I become more afraid every day and, every day that goes by leaves me feeling like I lost an opportunity to make a difference.  I'm ready to fight the fight, but I don't know how or where to start. That's one reason I signed up for this organization; it's the only place I've been that seems made up of true patriots who share and are serious about a common goal.

  • @Gail Sandlin: My fear and that of many I know here in Utah is the ignorant will drag this country down to the bottom and their freebies will dry up. When that happens it'll get uglier than it already is.

  • In response to David Prior, you are absolutely correct Sir.  I feel like I've slipped through a rabbit hole and wound up in a place I do not recognize as the country I grew up in and served.  My question, is how do we reach those people?

    I've never been more scared, either, that's why I'm here, now, writing this message.

  • I live in a very remote area of this beautiful state of New Mexico and so don't have access to a lot of people.  I am willing to do everything I possibly can to help turn this country around utilizing my computer - my main source of communication with the outside world.  

    I thought your essay was very well written and understandable.  I think a lot of the problem with the American people (supporters of Obama) is they just refuse to listen to reason or they just can't wrap their heads around the seriousness of the problems we face.  

    If it's not "game over" now, it certainly will be soon.  If there's anything I can do to prevent that from happening, I will.

  • It would seem that we now have a one party system, the democrats and their helpers, the republicrats. Never been so scared for the welfare of our country, ever, and I am over 70 years of age. I particularly feel sorry for our younger set as their future is being ruined by a president imposter, a Marxist pied piper.

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