It's about time GOP opens its eyes!

Obama's resounding victory in spite of incompetent four years, 8% unemployment rate and blatant cover-up  of the truth about Bengazi ... if this does not open our eyes to the shortcomings of Republican party, nothing ever will ! If we really care about the party and the country's direction we need to do serious introspection. 

First I need to point out, Republican party has sound fiscal principles that worked very well in making this nation the greatest ever on the planet. In order for implementing the core conservative principles the party needs people's mandate and trust. No good idea can ever be implemented if the leader alienates majority of its population.

Here are few glaring holes in the party's approach in recent times.

Christian Nation: I get a feeling the party is becoming a seriously narrow minded and intolerant group that refuses to see the new realities of a nation of changing demographics. We can not alienate Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, Gays and religious minorities and expect them to vote for us just because we have right fiscal ideas. All these minorities put together are almost a majority in the nation. That has always been the reality of this nation of minorities. The only things that changes is the "color" and "culture" of the minorities and thereby changing the "color" and "culture" of the country. Whenever I suggest this people jump on to the argument saying "This is a Christian nation". Yes, it was founded by white christian men. But, we have given voting rights to blacks - By a republican leader! We have given voting rights to women. Changing agenda based on the new realities of the nation is hallmark of any respectable nation and its leaders.  Move past the idea of our founding fathers being white Christians. Or else you are defeating the dreams of the very founding fathers you are pretending to follow. 

Make very proactive effort to make minorities feel that the party truly understands their values and at least makes an effort to address their issues. For example, in spite of being a openly republican person, so many people ask me "If you don't like our values, why don't you get out of the country and go back you home country?" - It's both insulting and also closes the door for any meaningful discussion.  That question is stupid especially because, values of a specific religion do not represent values of the country.  


Illegals: Shouting slogans to kick every illegal immigrant out of country is not going solve the illegal immigration. Provide pragmatic solution to the problem and make genuine effort to involve the Hispanic community to provide solution to the issue.  I do not see any Republican leader providing any real solution to the issue or any attempt to involve Hispanics to find a solution. Form a non-governmental committee of Hispanic leaders to come with a solution within the Republican party. That way you are respecting the community and building leaders within their community that believe in Conservative principles.

Abortion:  The very assumption that every party member should be pro-life is just stupid. Why don't we just leave it to the individual opinions and respect it? Just like we respect religion. During primaries, if a candidate is not pro-life he has no chance of winning the nomination. It's almost like saying if you are not Christian, you can not lead the country! It is personal moral issue not a governing issue. In my opinion the party should totally drop that issue from the agenda. This is the right thing to do since the separation of religion and state if important for any "inclusiveness" effort by any leader.

Gays; This is another issue I strongly feel that it should not be part of a party agenda. It is OK to differ in opinions and still be in the same party. Again, let us stop trying to make the party a monolithic group that says yes or no to every issues in unison. If someone in the party is against Gays' rights it's OK, and vice versa. Similar to religion freedom this topic should not be deciding factor for anything within the party. Stop being nasty to Gays. That does not mean we approve everything. We can leave the decision to individual part members without penalizing them for being different. For example, I can openly say I am Jewish and get party's support but I can not openly say I am Gay and get party's approval. it is plain old fashioned. 

There can be many other issues like the ones I listed here. The basic thing is to stick to the core fiscal principles as party line and leave the rest to individual opinions. As a party if we can do this, millions of minorities would feel proud to be part of the conservative ideas. I know scores of people I talk to who agree with fiscal principles of Republican party but they feel they will be ridiculed and insulted if they are open about their opinions on other issues. 

We need to make this a simple contest between - "Tax to redistribute" agenda Vs "Feel proud to take Responsibility" agenda. Let the rest of the issues be personal as much as religion being one's own personal matter.  I thought Tea party movement is all about this. But it was again hijacked by religious right that looks everything in term of social issues! This madness cost us a few seats in the senate in this election!

It's time to break the Obama "minority" Coalition and build our own "fiscal" coalition just so we can implement fiscal discipline that s essential for the nation.  Please dump your social agenda to save the nation from the left!

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  • A civil war.

  • Van Nolan: Even though some changes  look "backwards" and frustrate true patriots like you, if you see the long term graph of the country ... overall the change has always been towards the right direction. Think of the change in the way choose party candidates "smoke room" fixing is thing of the past! There were so many changes last two hundred years that were good for the nation... though I do agree in the short run some changes tend to push us a step backward. 

  • Daniel C. Brown Jr   we are clear. Are you listening to Rush today? If not, you must. He is talking about what we have been discussing on this blog. He as always, has got it right.

  • Let’s lick our wounds, put on our big boy and big girl pants, and take it to the Dems.

  • If we are going to start a new party of Conservatives we need to groom someone to take first crack because when you do start something it helps that the first one sets the example. That will pobably be the most difficult part of this. Like one of you said we need to get the real conservatives to stand with us and it needs to start today.


    Ralph H Moran thank you for your service. This is why Cubans vote Republican because everything that the Democratic Party is doing and has done scares us to death.

  •  Again, when did I say to bring in non believers? Did you even take the time to look at the link I posted earlier? It talks about the old fashioned Democrats, who have values and believe in God which feel disenfranchised and are looking elsewhere.

  • Daniel you are preaching to the choir. BTW it took me over 9 years to get my degree because I had to work a full time job and run a household at the same time. I paid for my education little by little and went to a community college for four years. My education was hard earned and no one gave it to me. I only brought that up because you wrongfully accused me earlier that I didn't know what I was talking about. Sincerely it freaked me out because I am so passionate about American History, even though I wasn’t born in this country.

  • Differences of opinion are healthy and can be evaluated from time to time but there is never a time when truth  can contain any part of a lie. Same with core principals they should not be compromised or abandoned for political power. That seems to be what your asking for. A third party is what's needed, One that will not capitulate and sell their values for votes. If you have friends that are Democrats ask them if it would take 3 times voting to decide if they wanted God in their lives.  That is what happens when you compromise your principals. You can't play with skunks and not stink.      

  • Daniel C. Brown Jr   Daniel if you take your time and digest my post one more time, you will realize that I am not suggesting changing our values. Stop putting words in my mouth. When I Said we need to grow the GOP I meant we need to find people with similar values that would gladly join our cause. I also said that our image problem (perception not reality) is impeding us from attracting the new voters. Lets' face the facts working class America is decreasing in size. The Baby Boomers are dying off and their off springs are not producing large families. We are being out numbered and you cannot dispute that. We can cry and complain all we want about the crocked elections but those complains fall on deaf ears. I don’t like that it does but it does.


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