It's about time GOP opens its eyes!

Obama's resounding victory in spite of incompetent four years, 8% unemployment rate and blatant cover-up  of the truth about Bengazi ... if this does not open our eyes to the shortcomings of Republican party, nothing ever will ! If we really care about the party and the country's direction we need to do serious introspection. 

First I need to point out, Republican party has sound fiscal principles that worked very well in making this nation the greatest ever on the planet. In order for implementing the core conservative principles the party needs people's mandate and trust. No good idea can ever be implemented if the leader alienates majority of its population.

Here are few glaring holes in the party's approach in recent times.

Christian Nation: I get a feeling the party is becoming a seriously narrow minded and intolerant group that refuses to see the new realities of a nation of changing demographics. We can not alienate Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, Gays and religious minorities and expect them to vote for us just because we have right fiscal ideas. All these minorities put together are almost a majority in the nation. That has always been the reality of this nation of minorities. The only things that changes is the "color" and "culture" of the minorities and thereby changing the "color" and "culture" of the country. Whenever I suggest this people jump on to the argument saying "This is a Christian nation". Yes, it was founded by white christian men. But, we have given voting rights to blacks - By a republican leader! We have given voting rights to women. Changing agenda based on the new realities of the nation is hallmark of any respectable nation and its leaders.  Move past the idea of our founding fathers being white Christians. Or else you are defeating the dreams of the very founding fathers you are pretending to follow. 

Make very proactive effort to make minorities feel that the party truly understands their values and at least makes an effort to address their issues. For example, in spite of being a openly republican person, so many people ask me "If you don't like our values, why don't you get out of the country and go back you home country?" - It's both insulting and also closes the door for any meaningful discussion.  That question is stupid especially because, values of a specific religion do not represent values of the country.  


Illegals: Shouting slogans to kick every illegal immigrant out of country is not going solve the illegal immigration. Provide pragmatic solution to the problem and make genuine effort to involve the Hispanic community to provide solution to the issue.  I do not see any Republican leader providing any real solution to the issue or any attempt to involve Hispanics to find a solution. Form a non-governmental committee of Hispanic leaders to come with a solution within the Republican party. That way you are respecting the community and building leaders within their community that believe in Conservative principles.

Abortion:  The very assumption that every party member should be pro-life is just stupid. Why don't we just leave it to the individual opinions and respect it? Just like we respect religion. During primaries, if a candidate is not pro-life he has no chance of winning the nomination. It's almost like saying if you are not Christian, you can not lead the country! It is personal moral issue not a governing issue. In my opinion the party should totally drop that issue from the agenda. This is the right thing to do since the separation of religion and state if important for any "inclusiveness" effort by any leader.

Gays; This is another issue I strongly feel that it should not be part of a party agenda. It is OK to differ in opinions and still be in the same party. Again, let us stop trying to make the party a monolithic group that says yes or no to every issues in unison. If someone in the party is against Gays' rights it's OK, and vice versa. Similar to religion freedom this topic should not be deciding factor for anything within the party. Stop being nasty to Gays. That does not mean we approve everything. We can leave the decision to individual part members without penalizing them for being different. For example, I can openly say I am Jewish and get party's support but I can not openly say I am Gay and get party's approval. it is plain old fashioned. 

There can be many other issues like the ones I listed here. The basic thing is to stick to the core fiscal principles as party line and leave the rest to individual opinions. As a party if we can do this, millions of minorities would feel proud to be part of the conservative ideas. I know scores of people I talk to who agree with fiscal principles of Republican party but they feel they will be ridiculed and insulted if they are open about their opinions on other issues. 

We need to make this a simple contest between - "Tax to redistribute" agenda Vs "Feel proud to take Responsibility" agenda. Let the rest of the issues be personal as much as religion being one's own personal matter.  I thought Tea party movement is all about this. But it was again hijacked by religious right that looks everything in term of social issues! This madness cost us a few seats in the senate in this election!

It's time to break the Obama "minority" Coalition and build our own "fiscal" coalition just so we can implement fiscal discipline that s essential for the nation.  Please dump your social agenda to save the nation from the left!

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  • "We need to make this a simple contest between - "Tax to redistribute" agenda Vs "Feel proud to take Responsibility" agenda. Let the rest of the issues be personal as much as religion being one's own personal matter.  I thought Tea party movement is all about this. But it was again hijacked by religious right that looks everything in term of social issues! This madness cost us a few seats in the senate in this election!"


    This election was NOT about the religiousness or lack of religion on the part of conservatives! It was ALL about vote fraud and cheating.

    If we can't be religious I don't want to be a part of it. If we have to "moderate" our religious beliefs as the liberal progressive democrat machine are ADVOCATING, we have LOST!

    We don't win by becoming the enemy!

    I want to save our nation, not change it into some slobbering welfare magnet paying everyone that asks for a handout because of any and all perceived minority status or disability!

  • Ven, you said,

    " I thought Tea party movement is all about this. But it was again hijacked by religious right that looks everything in term of social issues! This madness cost us a few seats in the senate in this election!"

    Liberty and freedom are not acquired at swap meets. The way you direct your life is your bussiness. Our Constitution insures we both have the right to direct our own lives according to the rights given unto us by our Creator. I do not have a "theory" to live by. I live by the grace of God knowing that he loves all mankind unconditionally and so must I. You show some disdain of parts of our Constitution by placing more importance on parts of it. Does it irratate you that our rights are given to us by God?

  • Well said, Mr. Konuru. My parents taught me years ago that the job of the federal government is to 1. Defend the borders (strong military); 2. Print the money (fiscal responsibility); 3. Deliver the mail (which requires good roads) and 4. Protect our national treasures.  That always made sense to me. The government has no right to be a part of our private lives!  And, btw, thank you for promoting that people of the same party can have differing opinions. 

  • Mr. Konuru, we do not need to change who we are. Our core convictions are what leads us. This is not a baseball game where we change our strategy when we lose. We lost because of ignorance. Our biggest enemy is the media. They have lied about who we are and what we stand for. We are the party of freedom. We are the party that helped stop racism in this country. The problem is there are too many ignorant people that believe the lying media. So if we need to change anything we need to educate educate educate...and keep speaking truth about who we are and what we stand for. We have no reason to lie about that. We need more alternative media that will tell people the truth. Our election just showed how ignorant our country has become, and the media won this time.
  • This a bunch of Liberal trash. If we compromise on our core values then we habe turned into the thing we fight against and God will withdraw from us as well. I do think that we need to work with minorities especially the Hispanic and Black communities. We must be a moral majority uniting all Christian faiths and put doctrinal differences aside as well as other religions that share common beliefs. We need to organize n demonstrations to show we are still here but also provide service in our communities. If we win the hearts of the people then we can retake our country. One nation under God !
  • I am not willing to change my views about abortion, gays and illegals entering the country.  And everyone in America should adopt to the American way and speak english.   Sorry.  It appears the country is divided in 2 ways the far east coast and the far west coast and the rest of the country.  Perhaps we should split into 2 nations?  The parties can't agree on anything in DC anyway.  At least both parties in Texas can come to some sort of a compromise to do what is best for the great state of Texas.  Wouldn't it be nice if our elected officials thought the same way instead of doing what it takes to get re elected.

  • Van Nolan, you said: "We believe sin seperates us from God and intolerance is sin. We are here to win the sinner. You and others use the word "religious" to loosely lumping Christians in with bassers." 


    What if I don't believe in this "theory" ? What if I am not a Christian but consider our Constitution that binds us all but not religious beliefs?  When I say dump moral issues from party agenda, I dont mean dumps the morals! my moral value is very simple - Be Kind. Anything more than this simple value is redundant. "Be Kind" to people it takes care of all other values. 

  • If agenda of Tea party is only to impose so called religious values of certain religion - I am out of here! I thought it was all about fiscal discipline... maybe I am wrong! Of course lot of people already asked me to get out and they are going to the extent of calling me leftist mole! This exactly how republicans are losing huge chunks of vote groups.  Now i feel I should have voted for Gary Johnson a true fiscal consertvative! 

  • Dumping moral issues from political agenda does not mean we are dropping moral issues. Dropping entitlements does not mean we let "let fortunate" people suffer or we become less charitable. 

    The "state" deciding to mandate certain morals is no different from state deciding how to spend my money! True conservatism is getting government out of our way - as much as possible - in every aspect of our life. 

    We can't pick and choose - you can decide my morals but they can't decide how to spend my money! That becomes Sharea law! 

    STATE NEEDS TO GET OUT OF LIFE TOTALLY ... except protecting me from thugs - both financial thugs and physical thugs!

  • This is a very well put topic, I do not approve of these things, but I do agree with what you have said here. We do not have the right to tell people how to live their lives or what choices they have to make. That is why we are a free nation. We need to let people make their own choices and not attack them for them. We need to just let people do their own thing and not judge them for it. The bible says love thy neighbor, he did not say because of their religion, color, sex choice or nationality. Its time we make a big change in the way we think and move forward. GOP is the government of the people....all people!!

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